Online reading assignment question: keep, quit, start

Astronomy 210, fall semester 2019
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

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Students were asked to answer a "keep-quit-start" online reflection (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com) on their studying strategies/pitfalls (Mubayiwa, 2009).
Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to keep doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to keep doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
quit doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to quit doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
start doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to start doing to study for this class).
[Word tags have been edited to consolidate related common subjects; student explanations are verbatim.]

Keep word tags:
      I need help understanding stuff, and I should help myself get help.

      I will continue to go over the presentation to succeed in this class.
      I think the textbook itself is quite saturated and not easily taken in; it has a lot of complex ideas that aren't explained for the simple-minded (like myself). For the most part, the blogs give very simplified and direct explanations about complex ideas in the textbook. So I always pay the blogs a visit. And when some topic is so complex that even the blog doesn't help explain or clarify it, P-Dog's lectures and notes/doodles really help understand the complex ideas.

      This course is way more in-depth than I had expected. There are specific topics that I wasn’t expecting to exist in this course such as the breakdown of volcanos and the different materials on planets.

      If I keep coming to class, I will not miss on lectures that are important for my learning. I plan on continuing to be present during this class because I believe that it allows me to better understand the material that I am learning and answer any questions that I have.
      It is my goal to attend every class session, and I haven't missed any yet, so I expect myself to continue on that streak.
      Attending class and participating in the in-class activities is important to be thoroughly prepared for quizzes and exams.
      I learn a lot better when I have someone talk about the concepts and taking notes in class rather than just reading.
      I intend to keep attending class and engaging to my best ability to pull out as much information as I can and use the class time as a good homework or quiz prep.

      I've been keeping up with the reading assignments, which are helping my grade.
      Doing the textbook reading assignments make me feel more confident when I come to class.
      I'll try to keep up with the reading assignment and homework to try and improve my grade.

      I've kept all the past quizzes, notes, and assignments in a binder for easy reference.

      Reviewing quiz questions helps me understand what I know and what I don't.
      I usually print out the past quizzes and answer the possible questions and study it. I feel like it's a good study tool to know the possible questions that'll be asked on the quiz/exam.
      I need to keep studying our previous quizzes as they help me remember the covered material better. I find it helpful to retake the quizzes too to see what I need to work on.

      You go over everything we need to know and can answer any questions, so long as I continue to pay attention I'll succeed.
      I intend to keep paying attention in class because a lot of the questions I may have from the reading or looking at the quiz packets is answered in class when you go over the presentations. This allows me to succeed in your class.

      Being able to be prepared for the lecture helps me understand what I am going to learn as well as hear something for a second time.

      I find studying past quizes to be helpful. I also find making flashcards to be helpful. Doing the online homework is also a key factor in succeeding in this class.
      Reviewing past notes, presentations. A majority of the time I don't retain information the first time I read something. Especially if the material on quizzes/exams involve the use of specific models, practice is key.

      I am willing to continue to study for this class and try my best to get an 'A' as my final grade. In order for me to accomplish this I will have to study and understand the topics more, so if I have trouble understanding something I should simply ask for help.
      A lot of the topics in this course needs deeper review, not just skimming. In order to succeed, lots of in depth studying is needed.
      The success of this class seems to come down to how much time I put in to it. For the quizzes I have taken a lot of time to study for I have done really well, and when I give myself little time I have done poorly.
      My quiz grades are what is holding me back in points. I need to work a little harder and study for the quizzes to get the most points possible.
Quit word tags:
      The one downside of the groups being formed every class is having to start all over in building relationships. This hinders certain people from asking questions around content they might not fully understand. I like the idea of socializing, but at a certain point I think it can be a bit much.

      I want to quit worrying about my pastimes as much (like art and social media) so I can focus on this class and other better.
      I have a bad habit of getting distracted easily in class and while studying.

      Stop criticizing myself and start being grateful for what I know and for how far I have come to in my life.

      Not helpful.

      My grade falls below average because I don't keep up with online homework assignments which are helpful for extra practice. I plan to complete all the upcoming homework.
      I always forget the due date of these assignments since I'm used to going through Canvas and having assignments due on Sundays.

      I feel that I have been lacking in practicing key concepts. I need to write down the concepts in which I'm struggling in and practice these concepts over and over again until I get them. For example, I struggled with the sun path. I began to write the sun path over and over again until I got it down. I need to apply that to everything that I may be struggling with.

      Between school and a 55-hour work week I'm not prioritizing my time properly. I intend to fix that.

      To be honest I don't even have the book and I've never looked at it. I think you can succeed in this class without even looking at the textbook.

      In all honesty, I do tend to procrastinate when it comes to reading or doing an assignment and do the assignments last minute (not always I've actually improved). So, my goal from now on is to keep focusing on my class assignments and try my best.
      I intend to quit procrastinate to succeed in this class by putting all my distraction away.
      I missed two or three assignments because I procrastinated and I don't want to let that happen again.
      The truth is, we DO have a lot of time to study. We just space-out a lot (no pun intended). If you dedicate a good 1-2 hours a day to study and research astronomy-related stuff, you will get the hang of it. There are countless videos online explaining just about any subject we don't know. Generally speaking, there are no excuses to dedicating a fixed amount of time to this astronomy class.
      I have issues with focus and putting things off. It causes problems.
      I believe that if I finish my assignments on time then I will be better prepared to ask questions that I have and better understand the criteria that we are supposed to meet for the quizzes and exams.
      I need to stop waiting until the last minute to start reviewing for the quiz, I should review multiple days in advance not the night before.
      I keep putting off the homework and the studying I need to do, so it has been taking me longer to fully understand certain concepts.
      I have a bad habit of waiting until the day before or the day of the quiz to study for it. Procrastinating can lead to a stressful day and can often lead to a poor score when you don't allow an adequate amount of time to prepare.
      I often don't study enough or procrastinate on the most important studying for this class. I need to become more comfortable with the material on my own and not just in class. I need to force myself to study difficult ideas at home and understand them to the best of my ability.
      I intend to quit procrastinating on my preparations for class since I at times miss class then end up being unprepared, especially if there is a quiz. I feel that I should still be able to do well on the quizzes even if I miss class because I have put the effort into properly readying myself on my own time.
      I'm going to stop waiting so long to look over the material so that I can be more prepared.
      I need to study for the quizzes throughout the week, instead of waiting until the night before/day of to study.

      I spend too little time studying and it negatively confidence during tests.
      I find myself lost at times because I skipped a certain section of a book. If I read more intently then I believe that my grade should raise.

      I intend to not miss anymore classes. Unfortunately, I keep getting sick. I think attending class and participating in in-class activities is key.
      Attendance has proven to be highly important in this class. Missing one day has thrown me completely off as some things can't easily be understood by just reading the text--I need to learn it in person in order to truly grasp it.
Start word tags:
      I intend to start asking more questions when I'm curious about something. I can typically curb my curiosities by looking it up or conversing with other students. However, it would be good for me to get a better perspective from the instructor.
      I don't always want to ask questions in class. I feel like if I asked more questions in class I could be even more successful.
      I find myself confused during the lecture a lot and I feel that if I ask questions then I will better be caught up to speed with everyone else.

      I plan on making a study sheet for myself so that as the material builds upon itself, I have a "go-to" cheat sheet that I can use to study rather than going through multiple set of notes or old quizzes.
      When I take notes and go back to them to study for exams and quizzes they are very weak. Sometimes it is hard to remember all that I was taught with the skeletal notes that I carry.

      I missed some things because I wasn't studying the blog/links. I was just reading the assigned textbook reading, which wasn't enough. After thoroughly studying the blog/links, as well as actively participating in in-class assignments, my score increased.

      In class when we do the in-class assignments I don't communicate with my group very well, I tend to just get what we need to do done, I don't explain how I got my answers with them I just go and finish and leave them out to dry which isn't fair.

      I read, but i tend to wait till the last minute (i.e. the day before). It'll help if I space it out.

      Stop getting distracted by little things like peers and my phone. My mind needs to be focused on the class and what I need to be working on.

      I feel like studying our previous quizzes would significantly help my exam scores. On the midterm I skimmed through them and focused more on notes and presentations, which was a big mistake. Printing out the quizzes and using them as practice tests would be ideal.
      I am planning on doing more practice before the quiz.
      On top of just reviewing notes and the book, I'm going to start practicing sample questions and equations.
      I plan on reviewing the possible quiz question packets over the weekend and at the beginning of the week so that I am ready for the quizzes on Wednesday.

      Keeping a learning mindset is helpful and astronomy is very interesting to me.
      Setting aside a fixed amount of time daily to study/revise is a good idea. Especially in the weekends. I have gone through the textbook, and I have noticed the material gets more and more technical and complex– a nightmare for a person that's not good at math or chemistry like me. So, the only solution I see is to give my study of astronomy more time and genuine enthusiasm–be it through space documentaries, space-related articles/podcasts, or even sci-fi movies. Gotta cultivate that astro-gusto!
      I put in enough time to get an average grade but I want more than that so I need to put in a lot of time to get the material down.

      I currently don't have the book and I was not reviewing the presentation or the classwork. I will start reading the presentation and other resources.

      In order for me to have a better understanding of the subjects I should not only reread the class notes, but also read the reading assignments (not just skim them) and take notes on topics I don't understand.
      I will start doing my reading in part to succeed in this class.
      Intend to study the material more than twice, which is what I currently do. This would make me more confident.

      I need to start spending more time going over the notes and doing practice problems.

      I want to create a more consistent study group with my classmates. We created one before the midterm and that seemed to help.
      For the midterm, I studied with a classmate. It was very helpful to study with another person, because she answered questions for me and explained things. I plan to make study sessions more often with her to do better on quizzes.

      I plan to study harder for quizzes, because my quiz grades are bringing my overall grade down.
      I tend to not want to study or approach topics that are super-difficult for me to understand. In this class planetary motion has been difficult to understand so I intend on putting in the effort to mainly study the topics I'm struggling with.
      Will remind myself of some stuff I learned but forgot.

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