Black hole accretion disk "string theory" model

Kimberly S. Adams, Argyle Middle School, Silver Spring, MD

Astronomy 10 learning goal Q10.3

Simple model of mass transfer from a giant/supergiant to a black hole.   Conservation of angular momentum from the orbits of this binary system results in the mass transferred from the giant/supergiant forming an accretion disk around the black hole, rather than falling "straight in."


Spacetime, warped

European Space Agency

Astronomy 10 learning goal Q10.1

Short movie clip illustrating how the mass of a black hole and the masses of stars "warp" a two-dimensional model of spacetime.   This "warpage" is what is experienced as gravity--no gravitational forces, spacetime is "smooth," stronger and stronger gravitational forces correspond to stronger and stronger "distortions" in spacetime.