Online reading assignment question: keep, quit, start

Physics 205A, fall semester 2017
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

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Students were asked to answer a "keep-quit-start" online reflection (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com) on their studying strategies/pitfalls (Mubayiwa, 2009).
Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to keep doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to keep doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
quit doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to quit doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
start doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to start doing to study for this class).
[Word tags have been edited to consolidate related common subjects; student explanations are verbatim.]

Keep word tags:
      I intend to keep asking questions and working with those around me to better understand what I am learning in physics. I intend to continue attending every class and absorbing all the information.

      I need to just maintain what I am doing now to get a B, I'll need to increase by 50 points to get an A. Maybe, just maybe. thoroughly get through the homework and show up to ALL classes and get help when needed.
      I need to keep doing my labs and homework
      I just need to keep doing homework and studying
      By this I mean that I will continue to do all of the homework, show up to class, and show up to lab to get as much points as possible.

      I learn the most during class going over the examples and listening to lecture. When I'm at school and in class i am the most focused and am able to learn the best.
      If I didn't go to class on a regular basis I would probably be failing miserably however I've gone everyday and somewhat get the concepts of physics.
      Keep coming to class everyday to stay current.
      I intend to keep coming to class so I don't miss any more in-class points.
      It is very important to attend all classes and helpful to be able to ask questions.
      I so far have attended most of all the lectures and I plan on continuing that.
      I haven't missed a single day of class which I believe is very important for doing well in a course like this. Also studying the concepts multiple times a week also really helps.
      By coming to class it helps me work out problems by using the examples we work on and applying it to homework problems.
      These things (especially taking detailed notes) have been mainly to credit for the success I've had in the class so far.
      I plan to keep going to labs because they further my interest and understanding of the course as a whole.

      Doing the reading assignments and homework problems will prepare me for class discussion and allow me to grasp in class concepts and problem solving skills more efficiently.
      I have done almost every homework assignment and it has kept my grade fairly high, so I assume that it is a smart thing to do.

      Always making sure I understand what is introduced right away, if not, via example problems.
      I have continued to believe that I need to do more practice problems to really understand the concepts in class. At this point I need to do more focused library work to nail the problems. It is an extremely short class, I shouldn't expect to get mostly everything I need from lecture.
      Reworking the problems presented in class helped me gain a better understanding of the material.
      I normally print and solve all of the blog problems and compare step by step my process with the answer.
      I have noticed that drawing out past examples and in-class problems with classmates as if teaching the material has helped most. This prepares me for the answer planning on tests on quizzes.
      The only way to master the material in ANY course is to familiarize yourself with the concepts and steps necessary to solve problems. This comes from repetition.
      I will keep practicing the homework problems and worksheet problems that are given so that I can keep up with the new concepts and ideas we learn.
      Something I should continue to do is to do the homework problems that are assigned to us. Not only once but multiple times. It is important to solve the problems. Preferably before the beginning of the class, but also after having gone to class it is good to review those same types of problems. It would also help if I started to mark off errors by following the rubric used to grade our exams.

      I've always previewed all the materials before going to class and that has been helping me a lot.
      It helps immensely to preview the Powerpoint presentations. This really focuses in on what you need us to know and what is the most crucial information; the information from the book can sometimes be overwhelming, so it helps to have the information synthesized by you first.

      I print everything, from the blog contents to twitter, the book, online definitions. It helps me be organized and study contents in order. Also, I label every exercises that I'm not succeeding the first try so I can come back to those later.

      Review notes and examples from class. Review homework problems and posted quizzes. And review the blogs, going back and re-reading them really helps me understand things better.
      I plan to continue reviewing prior years quizzes and midterms to succeed in this class. I have found it to be the best way to prepare for a quiz or exam because it shows you a broad overview of the type of problems.

      I need to keep staying motivated for the rest of the class in order to achieve the grades I want. It is easy to slack off and get behind and this is something I need to avoid and keep making sure I understand the reading and assignments.
      Trust in myself to be confident in my understanding of physics and continual belief in my ability to achieve.

      This is what a struggle with, because if I don't know what a symbol means or the definitions for key terms I am completely lost when it comes to problems.

      There is a lot of information in this class and just doing the assignments and showing up to class won't be enough.
      Keep my studying and preparation for quizzes.
      I must keep on trying my hardest to keep up with all of the material and do at least one practice problem per day.

      Take good notes during class, from homework/ reading, and review them outside of class.
      I always write down everything on the board while I listen to the explanations to the problems which makes referencing back to the practice problems a lot easier.

      See a Cal Poly tutor more to learn the material.
      It helped me the most to have a tutor outside of class helping me understand everything.
      I started seeing a tutor that my boyfriend uses for engineering classes and he is able to explain everything to me conceptually in a way that works for me.

      I will KEEP pushing to understand worksheet examples because that is the main way I learn in this class other than attendance.
Quit word tags:
      I have a hard time in flipped classes and physics is a hard class. The way it is presented is more understandable than I make it out to be. The material is online and tutoring is available for me and the fact that the workload unbalances the rest of my workload, I still should be doing better in class.

      This isn't a class where I can just sit back and passively take in material. I need to stop just showing up to class and expecting all of the concepts will simply fall into my lap. With a lot of classes you can certainly have this mentality and receive an A, but not in this one.

      I will QUIT assuming my grade is entered correctly in lab, quit assuming that I am getting the grade I deserve, and instead be diligent with the professor about discrepancies.

      If I continue to follow problems in which I don’t understand the basics of, it is hard for to know what’s going on even though I can do the math.

      I'm not sure if I need to quit anything. I try to study and review as much as I can.
      I am not doing anything that is preventing me from learning, I love this class and intend to continue doing my best in it.

      I tend to over think problems and that has costed me some bad judgement in a problem.
      I am confused about every little differences (abreviations, terms, variations) that the book has over your blog. When I write a summary of the book and a summary of the blog, everything looks different even though it's explaining the same thing. I will only read the book from now on without taking notes from it.
      I need to quit doubting my abilities to succeed. I often overthink things and get overwhelmed with reading if I do not understand it all right away and stress myself out more then I need to.

      I panicked about learning the info and then I retain nothing.

      Not put off homework and study till the last minute.
      I need to stop procrastinating on post/pre labs.
      I always wait last minute to do other homework from other classes which interrupts studying time I could have for physics.
      I wish to quit stalling on my homework and studying. Overall improve my working morale a bit by being more proactive in my studies.
      I need to quit procrastinating studying for quizzes and midterms
      The sooner I start to study for exams, the better I do on them.
      I need to quit waiting until the last minute to do my homework and reading.
      I end up doing the homework assignments last minute and I don't read the textbook too much which makes me feel like my general understanding of the topics is too basic.
      I have been so busy with my other classes that I have to rush my homework.
      I tend to wait tell the last minute to do the homework assignments. It affects the amount of time I get to really digest the material we are supposed to learn.
      I always procrastinate on doing the homework and it always puts me so behind.
      I need to work harder on doing problems out of the book and really reading the sections that are assigned. It helps doing repetition of these problems.
      I've been very procrastinating on the homework, I've actually been loooking over the chapters, it's just I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot and I get confused on the questions and I hate to guess but to be fully honest I've done it before on the earlier homework questions.
      I need to stop putting off homework until the last possible minute.
      I am very good at procrastinating and I want to stop and be better prepared so that in the end I will have less stress.
      Waiting until days after lecture to work on practice problems isn't helpful. If you want to succeed, it usually involves being proactive about retaining information from ten minutes ago, rather than information from 10 days ago.
      I tend to not do all the suggested work on time. Instead i will wait until the last minute to do some things and it has become a bad habit of mine. it would be good to stop procrastinating and instead start doing my assignments on time before lecture. this includes the textbook reading as well ass all the homework problems.
      I typically wait until the last minute to do many things for this class and I think that I should start doing assignments much earlier.
      I really need to quit procrastinating. I sum a lot of it up to work and school making me feel tired, but that isn't a good enough excuse. I really need to buckle down and get it done.
      I tend to think I must do the assignments on Sunday or Tuesday after I put my kids to sleep, but I fall asleep without completing them about half the time. I think doing them well in advance (submitting them at least 24 hours prior) will help with this mistake.

      I need to read the text more comprehensively and not just look at the examples and definitions.
      Skimming the reading instead of thoroughly reading it would help my understanding.
      I feel the one big thing I need to quit doing is only skimming the chapters in the book, unless directed to do so.

      Even though skipping one class may be okay. It's the fact that it's the start of a bad habit and can easily lead to MORE classes skipped. Which is NOT okay.

      I have been pretty lazy about not doing the reading assignments and the online hw in time so I will be much better at that from here on out.
      I used to remember homework but with my work schedule changed that and threw me out of the habit. I can't let myself forget homework.
      If I think I fully understand a subject I sometimes won't do one of the homeworks on that topic but it might have a slightly different approach that I'm missing out on by skipping it.
      I need to quit forgetting to do pre- and post-lab assignments.
      I will quit not doing my homework. It isn't helpful or fair to myself or my grade.

      I usually just try to answer the homework questions with the information I already know, So I intend to change that and actually read and maybe even study what is assigned.
      I forgot couple times to do homework.
      If I quit skipping the homework and reading assignments, my grade would be higher and so would my understanding. I learn everything while in class just fine but doing the homework would really give my grade and knowledge a boost.
      Study for quiz more to succeed on quizzes.
      I have been familiar with the concepts and formulas, so I have not studied much. The midterm was sort of a wake-up call, as I seemingly lost points for my explanations being too wordy, even though the majority of my answers were correct. I need to be less wordy with my explanations and show more numbers.
Start word tags:
      I always try to understand the information myself the best I can and if I don't get it I tend to stress out and keep trying to get it on my own until I do. This is not the best way to handle the situation and I need to start asking more questions when I am struggling.
      Asking more questions, communicating more with my peers and with the instructor!
      I could start asking more questions or making comments in the homework to clarify things I am confused on.

      Study a few times ahead of the test day Instead of just the night before.
      I am going to start studying at least 24 hours earlier (before the midterm) than when I started for the first midterm.
      In order to stop my procrastinating I need to start working on a better time management plan.

      Asking for help when I need it. I’m so stubborn headed and always act like I understand when I don’t

      I should seek help when I have trouble answering a question.
      I usually meet with my tutor once a week to work on homework and ask about the topics we have covered in class instead of meeting with him before each homework assignment is due so I know what is going on before class and keep up with the examples.
      I saw the tutor the morning of the midterm and asked about a million questions about the practice tests. He was super helpful and I realized it would be wise to see him more often and in advance of the midterms to solidify my understanding of the concepts well before we are tested on them.

      Homework is a must on the top of my list, I've been going to the learning center to talk to our tutor, but I need to go a little bit more.

practice problems
      I'll take more time to do the reading assignments so that I can understand it and actually do all the practice problems.
      Do problems from old tests and problems from the book.
      I need to understand and be able to do more complex problems especially if it involves angles/trig as well as any unknown variables that require extensive thought.
      I feel that practice problems are the only way to grasp the material.

      I should read the procedure before lab starts so I have a better idea of what we are doing which will save time. So far labs are the only thing I have had issue with in this course.
      I really need to improve my lab score. I am not sure how to do this besides just attending and completing labs.
      Oh, labs! They seem so easy until you have to explain what you just experimented. Easy to follow the instructions but most of the time I don't have a real clue of the purpose of the experiment until I take a 20 min thought about everything that is going on. Therefore I will try to understand beforehand what is being asked; and what we are looking for and why.

      I would like to start really reading everything assigned and doing the suggested problems that we have before coming to class.
      At the beginning of the semester I was really on top of reading the chapters. Since about the last quiz I have dropped the ball and only been reading the blog which isn't bad because it summarizes the reading. But, I need to start reading the book again to increase my chances of success and understand the concepts better than I already am.

      I will start spending more time on the blog post reading rather than reading more quickly. Instead I will read more carefully for understanding.
      I mostly skim the book but there is lots of good stuff in there that I should go back and re read instead of reading my "fun" books.
      I need to go back and re-read the old homework questions every once and awhile. reviewing
      I think it will help to review what was covered in class everyday with my tutor.
      I think I don't take too much time on reviewing after class session and I need to start that more often so that I know my materials.

      Studying with others is a great way to get quick help on something you might be struggling with.
      It would help to form study groups for this class in order to bounce ideas back and forth with someone and see how other people work through practice problems you organize for us.

      I don't normally study for physics or any classes, to be honest.
      Studying before the day of tests and quizzes to remember more.
      I barely study for the quizzes, which is proving to be my greatest downfall in losing points in the class.
      I definitely need to make more time to study/review more often. I do have two other classes that require a fair amount of homework so I don't get to study as often as I probably should.
      I have done little to no studying for any tests or quizzes in this class, and I need to begin studying for this class.

      I don't really spend too much time out of the classroom focusing on this class other than doing the homework and assigned readings. If i start to do that, my quiz and test scores are sure to improve.
      I need to start reading in the book and understanding what I'm supposed to learn.
      Going over things as soon as I learn them.
      Need to have a better preparation for how im going to study. Last minute can only do so much. So let's start making more time for studying and working on problems that confuse me as well as remembering what I already know.
      It isn't my first instinct to draw diagrams. For example, I still don't understand the diagrams for Newton's laws in terms of directions of all forces.
      I feel as if I don't study enough for this class. So if I studied more I would be able to obtain an even better grade.
      Start putting time aside to study more, less time socializing more time studying.
      Every night after work or school I will spend an additional 30-60 minutes studying the class blog reviewing old questions and notes.
      It would largely benefit me to have notes from the Powerpoints provided but also notes that I have personally gathered from the textbook. It would help by allowing me to further review the concepts being covered in class. It also would not be a bad idea to do some extra problems from the textbook.
      I am not the best test taker, so I plan to try to improve the way I take tests and quizzes in order to do better in that part of this class.

      Before the exam, I went to the library and took advantage of the study rooms and utilized the whiteboards in them to work out the problems in the book. It was the first time I ever did that for any class and I really enjoyed it. It was so much more freedom than using a pen and paper.

      I will study and do my homework until I have a winning grade and I'm proud of my work.

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