Online reading assignment question: keep, quit, start

Astronomy 210, fall semester 2017
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

"2017-07 Astr 210 keep"
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Wordle.net tag cloud for "keep" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2017.

"2017-07 Astr 210 quit"
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Wordle.net tag cloud for "quit" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2017.

"2017-07 Astr 210 start"
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Wordle.net tag cloud for "start" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2017.

Students were asked to answer a "keep-quit-start" online reflection (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com) on their studying strategies/pitfalls (Mubayiwa, 2009).
Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to keep doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to keep doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
quit doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to quit doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
start doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to start doing to study for this class).
[Word tags have been edited to consolidate related common subjects; student explanations are verbatim.]

Keep word tags:
     I find that most subjects become more and more interesting the more I learn about the ways in which they are both philosophical and practical.

     I feel like I am doing pretty good in the class, but definitely as not well as I could be. But for the most part, I pay attention/understand the material in class, as well as do the homework.
     I am working avidly to get a biology degree, I have been studying at cuesta college for the past year or two. I make sure to show up to class on time, to take notes when the instructor is giveing out information, to do all assigned work, and turn my homework in on time. I do my best to study before quizzes and tests, when I have time.
     I intend to keep pushing myself to understand the text, lectures, and do well on quizzes. This class is only hard if I allow myself to get lost in the wide range of information that is presented to us.

     I have been using notes/flashcards for notes in while reading chapters. I write down important info. and its easy to study while I'm on the go (my life).
     I made 110 notecards to study for the midterm and am very happy with my 89%!

     I am going to continue attending classes as consistently as possible because I feel as though that is the number one factor to doing well and keeping up with the coursework.
     If a student is in class, he/she is more likely to keep up with homework, quizzes, and exams.
     I learn the most when I come to class. When you explain everything in class I learn the most from that.
     Being present for class is one of the most important parts of passing any class because if you miss class than you probably won't know what is going on and you will fall behind.
     I need to continue attending class in order to learn the material that I did not understand from the Powerpoints or book.
     I intend to keep coming to class every time because that is where important messages or clarifications are made. The in-class-actives are also vital for points in the class.
     I missed one class and I was completely lost for a whole section of our work. It is extremely important to go to class so that I can understand what I'm confused about.
     I plan to continue to show up for class, awake and ready to participate.
     Attending every class and paying attention during class explanations
     I need to continue coming to class (which I am).
     It's important to go to all the classes since we only meet once a week and be active in the discussions.
     Attending class is helpful because the in class activities help to understand the material better. Sometimes some of the reading from lecture can be a little confusing without further explanation. However, having in class discussion/demonstration helps to understand the concept.

     Homework is super-important to keep up your grade and to be prepared for the upcoming class! If I keep it up and turn in all my assignments I'll be okay.
     I've actually done really well so far this semester to make sure I complete the reading assignments. I have missed one and I don't intend to.
     I will continue to complete all of my homework assignments on time in order to keep my grades up and get an A in astronomy this term. Plus I actually really like your style of doing our assignments with the surveys. It allows me to really take interest in the assignment plus I get a preview of what we cover in class so I really like being prepared. that is a way to gain easy points to help keep a good grade.
     I haven't missed a homework assignment and it seems to be helpful and directly related to the quizzes which is helpful.
     I haven't miss any yet,and I'm not going to stop now.
     I intend to continuing doing the readings assignments because I've noticed its helped me understand the material a lot.
     I need to keep doing the reading assignments because they're easy points. for me to pass this class I need to keep doing my homework because if I do not then I will fail the class.

     It would be easy to slack off, but taking the time to study or do the homework even when I don't want to is the essential thing for me.

     It is important to study during the afternoon of a Friday and not postponing it to the last day before a quiz or homework.

     I intend to participate in the in class group activities and online homework.

     I study the practice quizzes to prepare for each quiz/midterm.
     It helps to know what the right answers are on the quizzes as they were also in the test.
     Something I've found helpful is reviewing past quizzes and looking at the quiz archive online to review for future quizzes and the midterm. It has also been helpful for me to look at past midterm questions and sample responses so I plan on continuing to use this as a tool to help me study.

     Reading the book and also the blog is important. Also reviewing the chapters, blogs, and previous test/quiz questions helps to study for the exams.
     I find that I need to read things a few times and take more note on my reading comprehension
     I need to keep assimilating the information.
     I find it very important and helpful to always fully go over and study the blogs and textbook readings before class. By getting to learn the content before class it gives me a better understanding of concepts I found more difficult when you explain them in class.
     Reading my notes, PowerPoints, and book really helped me get a great score on my midterm.
     I intend to keep reading all of the assigned materials in order to succeed in class. This will allow me to potentially retain everything I'm expected to know, regardless of whether or not it's currently needed to answer an immediate homework question.

     I will review previous practice quizzes before actual quiz days, or exam days since I know there will be a few questions from prior quizzes that will be on future tests. So I will go over each question carefully.
     I usually study the material and do the practice quiz a couple hours before class so it's all fresh in my head.
     Studying is the way to succeed in school and it helped me get a good score on the midterm. Studying the quizzes and in class activities are very helpful and I plan to keep on doing this.

     It helps me remember the material to write my notes more then once.
     When I started to not get what was going on, it helped to draw out what was going on and then review the visuals later on. It helped me connect certain ideas and definitions together rather than just writing down ideas on paper, and helped me remember key points in the tests later on.

     When I studied really hard for the last midterm, I got an A, so if I keep doing what I did to prepare, I should be able to keep doing better.
     I feel like with this class, studying entails reading the assignments, preparing for quizzes and tests, and also just the general doing well in the class. Studying keeps good grades.
     I intend to keep studying thoroughly for the quizzes and midterms
     I will continue studying the night prior to quizzes. I believe studying closer to the time of the actual quiz helps me remember the information better.

     I am going to keep taking nice notes with visuals, color coded, etc. That seems to be helping me.

     Keep trying to read through things that are difficult, keep trying to do finish the study guides, and keep trying to make time to at least look over the study guide questions to keep the information fresh.
Quit word tags:
     I will sacrifice enjoyment from watching Raiders/Lakers games when I have to study for an exam or quiz for not only this class but any class that I need to actually study for. I will force myself to do that. (I have a great amount of will power)
     During class I check my phone a lot and it distracts me from listening in class. I have started to not do that during the last few classes and it has helped me pay attention a lot more in class.

     I have missed two classes, one because I was super sick and the other because my kids were. I can't miss class because of the points and because we cover so much it feels like I miss weeks of class.

     I always forget about the surveys for class, I don't remember them until the last minute and by that time its too late. So I decided that I'm going to do them ASAP so that I don't forget about them.

     I intend to pay attention more in class and make sure I ask questions on subjects I am not exactly a hundred percent sure on, and make it a priority to really get the information rather than blowing it off and say "oh I'll get it later."
     I intend to stop hesitating to ask questions during class when I do not understand something.

     I have strange tendencies to forget the things I don’t understand, which hurts me in the tests later on. I need to focus on those topics and search for their answers rather than focusing on only the things I find interesting.

     When you participate in the class the teacher knows that your paying attention and you retain the information a lot better.
     I could participate in discussions more, which could help me understand what the correct answers are.

     I'm so bad at this. I wait until the day before something is due before I start it which is a bad habit I have to break if I want to do better in my classes.
     I plan to stop forgetting to do my homework. My life is super busy and I have been forgetting to do some homework. I set an alarm on my phone every Friday after work for me to sit down and make sure all my Astronomy class hmw is done.
     I am taking four classes right now so it's hard to focus on all them !! Procrastinating doesn't help in studying especially with exams.
     I have a tendency to put off my reading assignments until they are due. This causes a crunch in time, resulting in not being able to spend enough time on the material.
     Procrastinating on beginning the reading assignment, because if I push it off till the weekend, it feels like a lot more reading than it actually is.
     I tend to do the reading assignments one or two days before the online reading assignment is due, which is not a smart choice on my part since sometimes I have other things to do and I may end up stressing over having to finish them.
     I always wait last minute to do the homework, and I need to start doing it earlier in the week rather than later.
     I tend to put some of this class work off because I'm struggling in statistics
     I need to quit procrastinating in order to succeed. I know I have a very busy schedule but I need to remember to do things with time and it will pay off in the long run.
     I intend to quit procrastinating as I often wait until the very last minute to complete assignments, and this is not ideal for counterbalancing stress. (Even when I get straight A's, it still is not good for ones health).
     I am probably the best procrastinator ever and love to wait till the very last day or hour an assignment is due to turn it in which can sometimes be pretty stressful. Studying one day before a quiz.
     I tend to procrastinate for studying for quizzes or tests and I need to instead continuously keep up on studying so that the information sticks and isn't crammed just for the test.
     I usually wait until the last minute to complete homework assignments.
     I need to quit waiting until the night before to begin a task because that causes me to stress out/stay up late.
     I tend to procrastinate the online assignment for a while, so i'm going to quit procrastinating it.
     I need to study and do the post and pre-online assignments. I have a million excuses as to why I try to cram reading the text to the night I do my assignments. I need to go through the text sooner and several times to really have a deep understanding of it.
     Break down the reading so it doesn't make it too painful to get through in one a couple nights. stop waiting for the last minute to study, and or read through unfamiliar items.
     I intend to stop submitting the assigned homework the night it's due in order to succeed in class. My procrastination in completing the homework has not been doing me any favors.
     I plan to quit procrastinating because I hate cramming everything until the last moment and it could be detrimental to my success in this class.
     Stock trading.
     I always wait until I'm stressed out to study, so I will start studying earlier
     I tend to wait to the last minute to do assignments and the required reading.
     I procrastinate ALL THE TIME, every single semester. I need to stop procrastinating on studying mainly. I normally get my reading assignments done in time, but I have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to quizzes. Procrastination is not great because it leaves me stressed with all the amount of work I have to do the night before it's due.
     This is the worst thing I could do it doesn't benefit me at all. So I am going to study throughout the week.
     I intend to not wait to study. I tend to put it off until the event is relatively close.
     I am going to stop procrastinating when it comes to the online surveys, so that I have more time to study for quizzes the night before class.

     I intend to keep working and reading. Quitting is not an option.

     I have only read one or two book chapters for the sections and glanced at another one or two. This is bad because I feel like I'm not getting everything I need really (or enough repetition at least) to retain the information.
     I intend to quit being lazy when it comes to doing the reading and homework assignments. Some times I find my self rushing through the content I need to be studying in further depth and then end up confused when reviewing it in lecture.
     Sometimes when I'm reading the textbook chapters I find myself skimming over some parts that I don't think are as important. Instead, I should thoroughly read over every part of the textbook chapters because I could be missing relevant information.
     I am not the best at reading the textbook, so I hope to try to do the reading since I know not all the information is in the reading assignments.

     I am going to prepare more for the tests.
     I plan to stop trying to do the homework without reading the chapter first
     Trying to wing quizzes and not reading anything.
     If I did study better I am sure I would do better on exams/quizzes.

     I think sleep just helps focus in general and considering it's a later class I feel like getting some sleep would help me stay awake easier.

     I tend to stress out, and that will not do me any good.

     Cheap pencils inhibit my learning ability. There is nothing more that I hate, than cheap crummy pencils. I like the Ticonderoga #2 pencil. It is the pencil I use.
Start word tags:
     I always hate asking questions cause I get so nervous, but there's a lot of things I need clarification on, so I really need to start asking in order to improve my grade.
     I want to start asking more questions during class, so that I am able to understand some of the information more.

     I will continue to do the things I have been doing as far as reading/reviewing materials.

     I am going to start the reading earlier during the week each week. I think this will help me break the reading into smaller chunks rather than one long reading session.
     If I start to do assignments several days before they are due it will help me to reduce my chances of procrastinating which will help me to obtain a good grade.
     Remember to do my online work.
     I tend to procrastinate and that puts a lot of pressure on at the last minute, so I need to give myself enough time to study before a quiz.
     The earlier I do my homework, the more time I have to study and prepare also, instead of procrastinating to a later time.
     I intend to start completing the assigned homework the night it's assigned in order to succeed in class. This way, if I experience technical difficulties submitting (again) I will have time to find a way to fix them or work around them.
     I study at the last minute and need to give myself more time to study/practice
     The reason I need to start planning ahead is because I need to be ready for test before they come up not the day they are up.

     I have been thinking about a different studying method because my current method of going over notes is not helping enough. I will start using flash cards since that was a method that had worked for me many times in high school.

     I am going to start studying in more quiet environments such as the library as compared to my house with all my roommates.

     I’m the type of person who stays up all night the day before a test to study (it's a way for me to remember for some reason) but this makes me worry over tests and doze off during class/es. I have important questions so I need to stay awake, and going to bed earlier should help me do this.

     Work with others to understand areas that might not be simple for me.
     That way my overall success in the class will improve.

     Participating in discussions helps to understand what the correct answers are.
     I tend to like to work alone versus in a group. I have had a couple bad partners in the the class groups. It has caused me to shut down a little and resist listening to the points of view from other classmates. I need to start being much more open to their input.

     I want to start reading the textbook more. While I have done some of the assigned reading I have not done nearly enough which I want to do better at.
     I have not been reading the book at the proper times (as in before class), so I would like to start. It seems that because this class is so straight forward, I have the tendency to prioritize this class last. However, I try to prioritize learning rather than simply reading.
     I would like to take more time reading the material because I sometimes feel that I don't spend enough time on it.
     I don't always read the textbook and instead refer to the presentation previews. I need to start reading the textbook more often.
     I usually honestly just very briefly skim the presentations. I feel like actually reading the presentations would help me a lot.

     I start to read but it feels like some of the reading has everything to do with what we are learning and the most of it has nothing to do with what I am learning. I just cannot stay focused on it.

     I haven't been revisiting information following the discussion in class. I primarily only revisit the info to study for quizzes.

     I will collaborate with students in the class before/after class to gather feedback on the material that was assigned to be read, whether that be in textbooks, or online presentations and write notes, knowing it will probably be on a quiz/exam.
     I could probably reach out to some people in class to form a study group and review concepts before our next midterm.
     Getting together with other classmates and go over the study guides for quizzes/exams.
     Find a study partner or group to bounce knowledge off and get knowledge from. Talking things through really helps.
     Small group communication.
     Studying with friends so that I can get better grades on the quizzes and tests.

     I haven't really studying,for any of these quizzes because I simply haven't had time. Now I know that I definitely need to make time for this to improve my test scores.
     I will also study the in-class activities.
     Setting myself a regular study routine, it helped me manage time, and it actually makes me want study.
     I intend on actually studying for the quizzes and exams.
     I need to actually go through the online portions and purchase the book so I can study that.

     Though I do actually study I can admit that I might not study as hard as a could so I would like to start studying harder so I can ace all my tests and be a really dope ass astronomer by the end of the term.
     I don't study as much as I should be, especially on the topics that I'm confused about.
     I hope to do more studying outside of class and homework assignments and not just before a quiz or test, so I am not cramming last minute.
     I need to review the material more than once if I really want to understand it, because sometimes I don't fully get it the first read through. And it's a good refresher before class even if I do already understand it. There's lots to remember so studying is important.
     I plan to study a lot more for test. Also, I have been re-reading chapter or concepts that I don't understand in order to comprehend what I am reading.
     I tend to study at the last minute for quizzes and I need to start studying earlier and more.
     I intend to study more and make sure I review the information on previous tests in order to be well prepared for the tests/ quizzes in the future, as well as being able to critically understand what the information is asking instead of just "understanding it." My goal is to get 100 on every test.
     I could study a lot better and get better grades on my quizzes/exams.
     Take practice exams and keep up with the required reading. At least two hours of studying for each of the upcoming quizzes.
     This relates to the procrastinating, I need to focus on studying more for the quizzes/midterm. With school and work it can be a lot because depending on my shift, I may be too tired to study/do homework. I should make time for studying, even after my 6am work shifts.

     I want to start taking notes of the assigned text book readings. The content can tend to be dry and boring. I find myself reading an entire chapter and not being able to recall what I just studied. So I think it would be best to take notes and I read along.
     In class I think I'll remember certain things, but then when I think back on what I need to know, I forget what you explained.
     I think that taking notes is an important part of learning, I am going to make sure to bring lots of extra paper to class, so I can take many good, in-depth notes.

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