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Physics 205A, fall semester 2014
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "keep" resolutions generated by responses from Physics 205A students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2014 (http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/8261739/Untitled).

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "quit" resolutions generated by responses from Physics 205A students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2014 (http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/8261741/Untitled).

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "start" resolutions generated by responses from Physics 205A students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2014 (http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/8261743/Untitled).

Students were asked to answer a "keep-quit-start" online reflection (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com) on their studying strategies/pitfalls (Mubayiwa, 2009).
Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to keep doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to keep doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
quit doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to quit doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
start doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to start doing to study for this class).
[Word tags have been edited to consolidate related common subjects; student explanations are verbatim.]

Keep word tags:
      ask questions to where i can see an example of each incident and be able to solve that problem.
      Get ready to know me well. Im gonna be asking a lot of questions.

      I need to keep up with the reading assignments, homework problems, and coming to class so I can obtain as much point as I can to make up for my low midterm score.
      The reading is difficult a lot of the time I don't understand until you clarify. The homework enforces what you do in class but I have better success when you lecture first before I attempt the homework. The flash card questions are similar to quiz questions.
      I need to keep taking notes in lecture and keep doing the homework as well as start studying more and possibly getting outside help.
      Doing the extra credit, reading and homework assignment. Attention in the class. Working on problem and asking for confusion.

      Well I don't know what I did, other than the questions seemed to line up with what I know. Hopefully this keeps happening for a while longer.

      Honestly, I struggle with this particular textbook- I don't find it to be very well laid out in terms of definitions, mathematical relationships, and examples in comparison to other science texts I've had. So, coming to class has been my main method of getting exposure to concepts.
      I can't succeed if I don't attend in the first place.
      I should keep going to class because the practice problems given during class time are helpful.
      I intend to KEEP coming to class consistently so that I absorb material from the lecture and examples, and so that I can take advantage of peer learning offered in class.
      I intend to keep going to class to reinforce the ideas and topics discussed in the book.
      I find the blog and the textbook interesting, but for me most of the knowledge I have picked up in this class has come from notes. There is something about visually seeing an explanation that makes a difference. Also having peers to converse with helps me sort out confusion.
      I've only missed one class and I intend to keep it that way, I know that if I miss a class I will have no idea what is going on, plus the book really isn't that helpful so its not like I can even read about it and catch up.
      I plan on attending every class possible to maximize participation points and get good example problems.
      continue to come to class every class
      It is helpful to see examples worked out on the board, and to get a little bit of exposure to the concepts we are expected to know. I wish the textbook and online presentations were as easy to follow; usually lecture is the only time I feel like I have a slight grasp on things. When I'm left to my own, I end up getting a little confused and a lot frustrated. Since I have little to no experience with this subject, I often don't know where to begin or even what questions to ask. I need a little bit of guidance, and showing up to class is the only way I can get a little bit of direction.
      I need to keep coming to the lectures, because it clarifies what I don't understand, and answers my questions. Plus, I get points toward my grade when I come to class.

      I need to remember to take the survey quizzes for the reading and Homework assignments. I have an alarm on my phone to remind me now.
      i intend to keep onto of the homework assignments to be able to understand the concepts learned in class and know how to solve a problem in real life.
      If I complete assignments like homework and labs, I will keep up points in the class and be exposed to the material for the class.

      Im going to keep interacting on the questions we get asked during the class and discuss with my peers

      By not staying behind, I wont need to relearn everything before an exam or quiz. This wil highly help me succeed.
      I need to keep studying the material and stay on top of doing the homework and the reading assignments. There are lots of little assignments, but the little assignments add up to lots of points that help in the long run.
      Need to better manage my time and procrastinate less to have time to better understand the material. And keep doing my study groups.
      I've found if I plan ahead and accomplish the homework ahead of time I understand more in class.
      Keeping up with the pace in this class is crucial. By doing homework on time, not only I get the points but I also understand the basic concepts that build up for more complex concepts in the subsequent classes.
      I intend to keep doing the homework and showing up to class. I feel like showing up to class really helps me patch the holes of things I don't get to a point that I am very comfortable with the material. The homeworks are free points so I will try to keep it up.

      Keep memorizing the formulas.

      When I have things organized it helps me focus better. For instance grouping things such as notes for quizzes and notes for midterms, I know what to focus on instead of getting confused.

      I intend to keep paying close attention in class in order to understand the material.

      Since day one of this class I have maintained a work ethic equivalent to an "A" student.
      I give my all to every homework assignment, every exam and each lab. I am motivated to learn and have an insatiable appetite for knowledge.
      Honestly just putting the time and brain cells into the class is what's given me the grade I have.
      As long as i put forth the effort I will do well in this class.
      I just need to keep putting the time in studying and working out problems.
      I need to keep at my study habits and not stray too far. Even pick up the pace of what I am already doing so that I can exceed my own expectations.
      I just need to keep up my study habits and effort and more A's will follow on my tests.

      I find the online presentations that are put together very helpful. Especially after I have attended the lecture on the material. Reviewing for the midterm by reading these presentations was also very beneficial.
      Reading about topics before they are discussed in class has made learning the material much easier. Normally, it is stressful and pressuring because I feel as though that when I put down the book I am suppose to completely understand it. By reading ahead and knowing we are going to talk about it in depth the next day, I am much more comfortable with the way we learn. I intend to stay ahead by reading early enough in the week so that I can learn at a comfortable pace and be able to practice as much as needed.

      I will keep reading and studying every chapter in the book. I will also keep paying close attention in class. I will also keep doing well in labs.
      I intend to keep reading the chapters before each class as I feel like it helps me understand the lectures and example questions the next day in class.

      I'm going to continue looking at the online materials and explanations to what we go over in class and examine why each subject is the way it is.
      I tend to look over my class notes before a quiz or midterm in order to remind myself of what we went over in the days/ weeks prior.

      Studying and learning the material on my own as well as it being explained in the class keeps me successful.
      plan better study habits, keep getting the homework assignments done.
      Read all notes, assigned readings, blog posts and work out all assigned problems.
      i underestimated the midterm. I need to study, study, and study some more
      although my study level is low and i havent been reading much of the chapters, i have done some of it. i intend tom improve myself on this point
      For test one I studied for around 7 hours and ended up getting a 75/75. So if I can keep studying that hard, I should be able to keep succeeding on the tests, and therefor, in the class.
      The amount of time you invest in something such as school will appreciate exponentially.
      I need to keep on studying and even though I did not do as well as I thought I would on the midterm, I need to prepare for the next one and continue to study.
      I need to review what i learned with someone that knows physics on a regular basis.

      I have been struggling in this class even with some tutoring once or twice a week. My plan is to review physics every day for a little along with some tutoring. If i keep looking at it daily I think it will become more clear.
      I have gotten a tutor in order to help better explain what I am having trouble with in this class.
      Hopefully be going to the Tutor lab to see if someone who knows this stuff can help me through problems

      In this class I feel like it is really important for me to not just "do" the work, but take the time to comprehend what I am doing as I go along. That way when I get a question I have not had yet, I am able to figure it out on my own because I have understood what I learned previously and can figure it out.
Quit word tags:
      When I show up for an exam, no matter how much I have prepared and studied, I "FREAK OUT" at the moment I am taking the exam. I am taking steps to overcome this unwanted condition. I am reading studies on the subject and speaking to friends and professionals.

      If you're able to maintain concentration on school work and not become distracted you'll be able to do much better in school.
      end my netflix account.

      what ever i was doing before was not working.

      Again, being honest here- I also struggle with this flipped-class idea. I'm just a student who prefers to come to the traditional class where I'm lectured to- that's how I learn best, at least with science and math classes. I struggle with it because I find myself not knowing what questions to ask in lecture, or what I'm expected to know (compounded by the textbook's tendency to show a plethora of mathematical relationships and concepts I don't hear about in class), because I suddenly come to a class where were expected to be more autonomous. I guess I just have to deal with it and get it done.
      I really don't like feeling confused. And, thus far, I've been very confused by physics. It makes me very frustrated when I can't understand something, and it makes me want to quit. Although I haven't (and won't) quit, I have allowed myself to get frustrated and not push myself further to try to understand. So I'll quit letting myself get frustrated.

      I've often forgotten or had trouble finding homework surveys.
      I need to remember to do the hw assignments because those points add up.
      in the beginning of the course I had trouble accessing the survey monkey website and didn't become accustomed to doing the homework before every class.
      I had trouble accessing the survey monkey website in the beginning of the course and didn't become accustomed to doing the homework the night before class
      I have missed the last couple of reading assignments and homework questions just because i forgot about them. I need to stop that before it becomes a habit.
      Missing out on the key stuff. Not practicing enough for the the test.

      I would like to quit not asking for help when I don't understand the material. I am kind of shy and I don't like to ask questions in class.

      There is nothing in particular that I want to change because I am pretty happy with how the class is going so far.

      I believe that what I have the most trouble with is fully understanding equations, and I need to get a better grasp on all of the equations.

      I have been procrastinating or forgetting to turn in assignments or finishing lab write up.
      i intend to stay on top of what is needed to be done in this class such as homework, lab reports, and studying for quiz/test
      i usually procatinate alot on my physics homework and studying because i have alot of units this semester. I tend to lag in the subject because i feel like i should do more in class studying.
      I wait a long time to finish writing my lab reports. I think it's best to do them as soon as possible after the lab while the material is still fresh in my mind.
      I need to QUIT procrastinating in order to have enough time to do my assignments and learn the material the way it is laid out for me. This is a difficult one to overcome, as I work 40 hours/week and my main study space at home is in the living room of my apartment.
      I often procrastinate and wait until the very last minute to do the reading. This hinders me from really mastering the concepts. I notice that I have the right general idea but I cannot elaborate on these concepts because I have not put enough time in to master them.
      on the last exam I let the HW slide because I was busy with work and other classes. I still managed a 96% but was kinda stressed the weekend before.
      I have micro biology lecture and lab on Tues so I read but not as well as I should plus I feel rushed. I think rushing causes me not to retain what I should
      Procrastination habits keep me up late and stress me out before big assignments.
      I have a pretty big problem with getting distracted and pushing stuff till the last minute. I need to stop doing that and just finish assignments when they are first assigned.
      I need to be up to date in all my work. I need to read more of the text and try to compare all to what i learned in lecture class.
      I intend to not procrastinate as much on my homework in this class because I think it would really benefit me to have actually finished the homework before we discuss it in the class (which is the way the class is designed anyway).
      I am a huge procrastinator and wait until the day before tests and quizzes to study. I believe that this is one reason I am not happy with my grade thus far.
      Stop waiting until the day before classes to look at the homework and reading.
      I notice that if I do not look at my physics homework and notes over the weekend is very hard to remember small details. I tend to do my monday homework last minute on sunday evening. I need to start doing a little bit daily with a lot of detail and taking my time not just flying through it. If i stop doing things last minute it will greatly help.
      I tend to procrastinate on my studying, so I am not as efficient as I could be when studying for quizzes and exams.
      I need to quit waiting til the last minute to do the homework and need to stay on top of the reading and re read it every once in a while to keep it fresh in my mind.
      Stop being lazy and study the ideas and concepts more.
      I need to quit putting this class on the backburner and start putting more time and effort into really understanding concepts
      Putting off work till the last minute hurt because I don't always have the needed time to learn something.
      It is easier to retain information for me if I have reviewed it long before class.
      Stop leaving physic work till the last possible minute.
      I tend to skip the reading assignments until after lecture. I find myself falling behind in class now, and I want to stop that habit.
      I need to buckle down, and do what I need to do to get stuff done
      Although i do get the work done, procrastinating is a problem of mine... it just causes unnecessary headaches.
      This is something I am dealing with right now. I seem to do less urgent tasks then do physics till the last minute. I regret not finishing Physics with the other professor. I believe I was doing fairly well and completing the assignments, but I decided to find a job and work and lets not forget that the world cup was on as well. I dwell on the past and hurts me to think back about past mistakes about life.
      I need to do homework with enough time to really understand what I am doing.
      I need to stop waiting until a couple days before a quiz or test to really bare down and study.
      When I am doing my homework or studying I can get easily side tracked. I need to keep focused on the task at hand.
      When I wait until the night before a homework assignment is due to complete it, I always rush through the practice problems. I want to quit doing that and begin completing them the night before so I can be thorough with my understanding.

      I intend to slow down and take more time on the reading material. That way I can have a better idea of what is going on in class.
      Sometimes I find myself skimming when reading the assigned chapters or problems. This doesn't help me fully understand some concepts and I end up going back to understand better, actually wasting time.
      Sometimes I'll skim a hw question that is too difficult for me.

      Yep. Double negative. I haven't studied for a quiz yet and got a pretty horrible score on one, which shouldn't matter much in the end since a few of them get dropped. But I'd like to quit taking the quizzes so lightly and start studying for them harder so I can rack up them points!
      I sometimes don't try during the reading assignments. I read, but some of the problem questions that require work I don't do. And I need to because they help with understanding the chapter more.
      I've been in summer mode, and my grades show it. I need to stop being lazy buckle down and focus on this class so I can do well.
      Im going to quit overlooking the flashcard questions given during class and treat them more as test questions when doing them
      overlooking the flashcards and actually doing them more in depth.

      Cut my work hors down to 20 so that I have more time for studying.

      I worry about my grade too much. Right now I don't really have to, so that should help.
Start word tags:
      While I understand the benefit to this pseudo-flipped classroom idea, I do not have the time to teach myself physics. I need some of these concepts (the majority of which are brand new material) to be explained to me. Since lecture is primarily devoted to working out a few examples, and the textbook has been less than helpful, I need to start finding other sources. I know I could benefit more from this class if I knew which questions to ask. Teaching myself physics has proved unsuccessful thus far, so I need to start putting effort into finding alternate resources.
      I will start reading other physics textbooks. I tried it for one chapter, and it helped a lot to clarify some of the material. I do not like the textbook that we use for this class, so I will start reading some other ones in addition.

      Im gonna bring in the flash cards, and quiz reviews to prepare for test and quizes.
      I do the homework and reading, but then don't ask questions about things that I find confusing or difficult. I need to start getting my questions answered
      I need to get help from you (the teacher) or from classmates when I do not grasp all the material. Even when I understand the concepts I should broaden my understanding by getting more help.
      I find that I have lots of questions, but I don't usually think of them until after the professor has moved on from the topic he was discussing. At that point, I don't want to stop the lecture to ask.

      I work a full time job due to my financial situation. Its really hard to be keeping everything i learn in track. But I keep believing that if there is a Will, than there is a Way.

      Start being more diligent about when and how much I study.

      I intend to start today. I need to stop procrastinating everything in my school life. I think I'll start tomorrow.

      Read the book more and more, not only do the homework problems, but other problems, and maybe get a tutor.

flashcardquestions ("peer instruction," "think-pair-share")
      I am going to more carefully examine the flashcard questions and work out each one to practice and get a better idea of what might be on the next quiz.

      I will start doing every homework assignment and extra credit opportunity
      I will start doing every single homework assignment and extra credit opportunity. I will also start to study harder and put more time into the class.
      I intend to START placing more emphasis on completing the homework exercises thoroughly, so that I can gain a better understanding of the fundamental concepts being taught, and the mathematical side of working problems in physics.
      I will work to be better at finishing more homework assignments before the class time and also before my study group. I think having my homework complete FIRST would help me to have more worthy discussions instead of feeling confused by concepts others already understand and I do not yet.
      If you start doing the homework and applying the knowledge you learn from the book and lecture it can only aide you in understanding the principles of physics.
      I will start paying more attention to each hw problem.

      Setting at least an hour of physics studying every day. This will allow me to me to keep things I have previously learned fresh in my head.
      I have to keep at it and not fall behind.
      I need to study earlier before a test and every day go back through it all, so instead of cramming I'll have it all down to the point of just review.
      i plan on staying ahead of my studies.

      I intend to start setting more time aside for physics homework and study time so i can do better on quizzes and exams.

      Up until now, I have mainly focused on the conceptual aspects of the class, to the point where my math and problem solving skills are falling behind.
      I need to start working through more practice problems as I feel like thats what im struggling with the modt.
      I think if I can work through these I learn more and I should send my answers to you for correction
      Doing practice problems helps get familiar with problems you see on the test. Doing more then assigned problems.
      Sometimes they're too complex/I'm too tired so I just give up. Perhaps I should try harder.
      I fell if i did more homework problems, i would of had more practice, and done better on the midterm.
      Working on previous problem and have mastery one the concept. To know complex Relations
      I have a whiteboard at home and I don't utilize it enough. I want to start drawing out these practice problems on my board every single time so that it will be illustrated in my head.

      Not really gonna change anything to be honest. I am happy with my grade and feel I am understanding all the material fine (except for one thing I totally missed on midterm, but I get it now!).

      I need to start making a schedule for my study time instead of just studying randomly though out the day. This will keep my procrastination down and give myself goals.
      buy a planner.

      I usually study the day before quizzes or exams but tend to not focus in class. I sometimes understand better by self teaching because it helps me organize things better in my head, but don't understand some things, so paying more attention during class would probably help.

      I intend to be more proactive by doing the reading earlier, taking more time to understand the concepts, and seeking help when I do not understand something.

      Need to start doing more of the reading and pull apart the conce9ts more to better understand them, the math ksnt difficult, but the concepts are what i struggle with.
      I know that I haven't done the reading to the level that I need to in order to understand everything that is going on. I also need to study the information week by week instead of waiting until right before a quiz/test
      I need to read all the pages for the chapters in the book that correspond to what we are learning.
      i need to start really reading the material instead of just skimming it and moving on to the homework
      Reading and understanding the material by myself
      read the book a second time after the lecture to better understand the material.

      I think going over my notes will help me retain the information better and hopefully I will do better on the quizzes.

      Kind of building off what I just said, the "real world" expects people to be self-starters in a lot of lines of work, so I guess I can't complain too much about the flipped-class thing. I came into this class being kind of excited about physics, since a lot of my experience has been with chemistry I thought it'd be enlightening to learn about how objects I can actually see interact and all the rest- but I find myself disappointed by counter-intuitive concepts. I talked to my brother about it who is a mechanical engineer and he said from his experience only engineers seemed to enjoy physics when he was in school. So, if nothing else, becoming more autonomous with my learning could make other future schooling easier.

      I find that going to places like the library helps me study more effectively

      I've made a few friends in the class and we work well during lecture, but we should start meeting outside of class in order to study

      I need to spend more time with the material in general. Doing more practice problems.
      i generally don't feel the need to study but don't always get the best results so i will begin studying concepts i am not confident on
      i intend to work alot harder in the second part of the semster since i have been laging way too much in this specific course. i also skipped alot of the homework during the first part of the semester, which i did my best to catch up on before the midterm 1 however, it did not help much. now i will do it sequentially and try and understand all i do better insteadof rushing through it.
      I skim the book but I don't read in depth.
      I need to study more than I do right now and actually ask more questions in and out of class.
      need to start studying more and going over the material more. If i looked at the notes more often and just ran through them, that would be better than nothing as far as familiarizing myself better with the material and some of the equations.
      Working harder toward success in this class is starting to be important, because I am on the verge of an A, and I need to pick up the pace if I want to end up with an A in this class.

      Take far more in class notes, and notes from the assigned reading and blog posts.
      I am probably going to start taking my own notes from the book as i read it.

      I have signed with a tutor with the hope that it will help in overcoming the "Test Anxiety".
      I plan to start using my tutor to help me have more success with studying for this class.

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