Online reading assignment question: keep, quit, start

Astronomy 210, fall semester 2014
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "keep" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2014 (http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/8261740/Untitled).

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "quit" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2014 (http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/8261742/Untitled).

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "start" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2014 (http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/8261744/Untitled).

Students were asked to answer a "keep-quit-start" online reflection (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com) on their studying strategies/pitfalls (Mubayiwa, 2009).
Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to keep doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to keep doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
quit doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to quit doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
start doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to start doing to study for this class).
[Word tags have been edited to consolidate related common subjects; student explanations are verbatim.]

Keep word tags:
     Midterm 1 came around and my points total to 304 or something like that. Halfway to an A and halfway through the semester seems good to me so I plan on keeping up what I'm doing. I've completed all the work and if I max out reading assignment points I will still follow along with them to understand course material. I'm satisfied with my grades on quizzes and the midterm as I'm halfway to the A I desire. Keeping in mind the Reading Assignment maximum and potential fall off of nice extra credit I'm pretty sure the final will be worth about 100 points which be more than enough to make up for it if I'm just as successful on it plus i have to study for midterm 2 anyway.

flashcardquestions ("peer instruction," "think-pair-share")
     I print out the flashcard questions and work through them. It takes a long time but it is worth it.
     I have printed all of the quiz and midterm flashcard questions, and I have made some of my own flashcards with definitions. I go over them when I'm in between classes and occasionally on the weekend. The flashcards really seem to help. I know the information, its the anxiety I get when I'm taking a test that messes me up.
     I intend to keep printing out the quiz flashcards and previous mid-term exams to study for quizzes and mid-term exams.

     Attending and doing these online things seem to be sufficient to keep me in a high grade. So I'll keep showing up and occasionally ditching out on these surveys.
     I missed a few classes this semester and my lack of attendance mixed with a hectic schedule and not-so-good planning/studying on my part has affected my grade much more negatively than I anticipated for this subject. So I'm going to keep attending class and work extra hard to earn a higher grade.
     I'm going to continue to come to class so I can get all my points
     if i continue to not miss amy classes, i will have done all of the in-class activities and have learned what is explained in class better than in the book, and also benefit from talking to peers whom might be able to better clarify if i am confused by something
     If continue to attend the rest of the classes, I will not miss any in class activities or quizzes.
     All the powerpoints are online so it would be easy to miss class here and there but going to class help me better understand the material.
     I find attending class extremely important. Being able to participate in group activities and hear how my fellow students process and understand concepts helps me understand them as well.
     I intend to keep attending class because I do not want to miss any information that I learn in class and I am going to continue studying because unless I study, I will fail everything.
     I wont miss any class and I will continue to complete online surveys.

     I plan to keep doing my reading assignments and studying for quizes.
     i have always done the online assignments and the group work assignments which seem to help me if I dont do good on the quizes.
     Homework to keep up with reading and passing the quizzes as well as attending class to do in class assignments and quizzes and tests. Plus the quick lectures that expand on the readings.
     Reading the material from the book really helps to put the topic in order before learning about it in class. It is helpful to know the basics of the subject prior to the in-class time.
     I have done ever single homework assignment and I need to keep doing that to get my grade up.
     These online surveys are easy points in the class, and give a good, brief preview of what next class session is going to bring.
     Completing the homework and attending class.
     Doing the homework helps me be ready for the in class discussion which leads to greater understanding of the material.

     One of things I believe helps me the most in this class is working in groups on in-class activities. I feel like this is where most of my learning takes place as I am able to think through, practice, and discuss the material.
     I have gone to all of the classes so far this semester, and completed all of the in class assignments. I intend to continue to do this because it definitely helps my grade.

keeping up
     Sometimes i forget to do the pre-lab as i tend to get bogged down by other homework and extra curricular activities so it is important that i stay on top of that. Secondly it is important that i keep showing up to class because as we get further and further into class we continue to cover more and more subjects but a Wednesday night class from 6-830 is so easy just to blow off.

     I am going to continue going to the office hours because it is a very helpful way to review information and get immediate answers to my questions.

     The practice problems really help for being prepared for quizes
     It helps me to look over the practice quizzes we take in class and that are online.
     I will keep going over thw quizzes before an exam. It helped to pre test myself and have you look over it.

     Keep reading, doing the assignments on time.
     Although it' really tempting to not read the book, I know that the information is really helpful in understanding the concepts. Plus, it's interesting.
     I need to maintain my self-discipline abd read each chapter in order to keep doing well on the quizzes.
     I intend to keep reading the textbook and the power points and try and take as many notes as I can in order to help myself strive to do even better in this class.
     I have found i get a better understanding when i read through the assigned reading and take notes. This helps me because if i get confused in class i can look over the notes i took out of the text book and it helps me understand better. Taking notes on the presentations also helps me
     I need to read the book more, and more often.

     I not intend to keep reading my textbook, but I hope to read it more in depth to gain a better understanding of the class so that I can succeed better in your class.
     it takes me a couple times to understand the material so I have to reread it.
     I need to keep rereading notes on the reading and from class.
     I find myself either not reading or jumping all over when I do read. This did not work so well on that last quiz.
     Days I spend reviewing the material before lecture help me a ton. After reading it once and reviewing it in class the material seems to stick a whole lot easier.

     Just doing online assignments and taking notes without going back from time to time to review the material covered isn't the most helpful! Revisiting the material is what helps it stick!
     Constantly review the online presentations
     The blogs and book work helped me quite a bit on our first midterm. I did very well by reviewing that for a few days before the test.

     What I mean by studying is actually studying. I am doing the required reading and taking notes as watching the PowerPoint blogs but after I take the notes I don't go back and read them like I should. I have to keep pushing myself to review something even when I think I know the material because studying is actually reviewing the material more than once.
     Make sure i pass the tests
     Studying for the midterm really made a difference in my confidence and earned me an A
     I am going to continue studying for the quizzes and tests, because it helps ingrain the information in to my brain.
     I quiz myself before every quiz which helps me understand the information plus know what kind of questions will be on the quiz.
     I want to study the material that's given online for us, and use it to study for quizzes and tests. The practice quizzes online are really beneficial for me.
     I am going to not only study for midterms, but also study for quizzes to ensure success.
     I intend to keep doing the work necessary to maintain a high grade.

     Taking notes for both the reading and in class during discussions. Taking pictures of the worksheets are helpful too.
     I intend to keep note taking on the presentations before class as well going over the reading material to see if I can understand the concepts of the week before the next class session when it will be explained and clarified.
     Taking notes during class and about in class activities.

     To do this i go over the readig assignments or the presentations over and over to make sure the material sticks but i also know how to explain it when asked.
Quit word tags:
      I try to study in my apartment and then get distracted by the smallest thing

      It's time to be a winner! (and not fail because I need to pass this class!)

      I am going to stop being annoyed with group work because I can learn from others and we can help each other grow and learn and that will help lead to success in this class.
      Getting frustrated when I have people in my group who don't even try to help or participate in the group

      Quit sleeping all weekend.

      I did not see this question, but as I said in my previous answer I'm satisfied with my performance in the class as is and if anything I'll study for quizzes and tests just a little bit harder as per necessary to get 300 more points. I haven't had to stress about this class too much.

      I rarely take notes, and have noticed that although I understand what you are teaching us while you are I often forget aspects of it later.

      The last few quizzes/ test, i figured i knew the material well enough to get a decent score, but clearly turned out the opposite. The questions that I don't go over are always the ones that come up, so i need to start studying a little more in depth, rather that thinking its just enough.

      I should start the HW thursday when I get out of class and not wait so long.
      I put off doing the textbook readings and online quizzes until the last minute because of my work schedule. Homework in general is at the bottom of my schedule. I really like this class and I plan to get a degree in medical science of some kind so the fact that I put fascinating homework aside for work bothers even me. I hate my job by the way.
      With work and school sometimes it's hard to either find time or find the energy to work on homework and study although it is very important.
      I plan to quit putting off the reading assignments to the last second.
      I always forget to do my homework until the last minute so have to semi rush
      Always putting off homework till the last minute isn't really helping...
      delaying homework
      I really wait to the last minute to do them... then I get stressed out.
      Tonight, for example, I was doing other stuff until 11 tonight, I NEED to stop this. IT doesnt benefit me at all
      I need to stop putting off the textbook reading until the last minute because then I don't read it as much and as thoroughly as I should.
      I do study but maybe i dont study enough of the material sense i wait too long and dont have enough time
      I need to get right on the reading and surveys so I can go over anything I'm unsure of a few times.
      Procrastination is my worst trait. I tend to put things off for a while and then try to cram at the last second.
      i need to stop putting off textbook reading and doing online assignments the night before they are due.
      I procrastinate with my readings, i intend to start reading them when we are assigned them to do
      I work a lot and when I'm not I try to go see my parents and end up doing homework late after work the day before it's due.
      I tend to put things off for as long as possible before cracking down the day before it's due... Not the best decision sometimes.
      Procrastination makes it hard to retain the information
      I need to quit procrastinating in some things and just get things done when I have them so I don't stress about it when I am completing it because then, I can't focus because I'm just worried about getting it done rather than how well I actually do on it.
      I know avoiding procrastinating when it comes to the textbook reading would help become more successful in this class. If I took the time to read and summarize the content in the chapters thoroughly it would help me to reinforce the material and be prepared to discuss it in class.
      Waiting last minute to study or do HW adds unneeded stress and is easily solved by just planning ahead
      Because this is only a once a week class I sometimes put it off knowing I have time till the next class.
      I always wait until the last day to do the reading assignments, which has led to me not completing a few of them. Not the smartest decision on my part.
      I just do all the homework and surveys on Tuesday night rather than looking at the material 3 to 4 times a week.
      I usually spend time with my family and then study or do the reading. If I can do the reading between classes I can do the homework earlier leaving more time for my family and studying.
      I tend to leave the reading for last minute.
      I intend to quit procrastinating on online assignments and studying for quizzes. I need to stop waiting until the last second to look at the material provided for us.
      Need to be prepared for class before class, have read material and have any questions answered in class, not right before a test.
Astronomy isn't as class where the information sticks in my brain, I need to start studying earlier.
      Remembering the homework the night before can be very stressful. Doing it a few days ahead is the way to go.
      If i read material periodically instead of all at once ill have a better chance of memorizing it.
      I intend to quit putting off studying and late night cramming to better retain information.
      I usually do the blogs late at night on the weekends so it's difficult to focus
      I intend to quit procrastinating because it seems that every week i tend to be cramming trying to get all my work/reading done by the 12 deadline. As you can see i am doing this at 11:13 at night right before it is due.
      No more doing the online survey on Tuesday. I want to get it done earlier so I have more time to focus on concepts I don't understand.
      I found myself crunching in the reading the night or day of class. Or sometimes ill tell myself i will read it later and then never do (only sometimes)
      I need to stop putting off reading the book more.
      I need to set aside more time so I am not reading my book late at night or just hours before class.

      I'm going to quit skimming the chapters and start reading them.
      Assume I'm smart enough to skim over everything.
      im gonna stop skimming the material and actually read it.

      I need to quit having poor attendance, because I am taking this class to learn. I don't learn the information nearly as well when I teach myself, and there is really no point in me taking classes unless I attend them.

      I need to quit not-doing surveys because they're extremely easy and it's just lazyness and quite honestly I'm going to keep at it.
      I need to stop only doing my homework and make room to do other studies as well like studying for our quizzes and tests.

      I get really distracted because the class is so late and I usually work an eight hour shift before class so I need o be as attentive as possible.

      I need to stop worrying about everyone else and how well they are doing in the class. When I start to compare myself to others, I panic and feel like I'm not as smart as them and I just get caught up in my emotions. Like during a quiz or exam, when I see people finishing and leaving and I'm not done yet, I feel like I need to hurry and not be the last one. So I need to stop thinking about everyone else and focus on whats in front of me in that moment.
Start word tags:
      I need to ask more questions to my peers and you when i do not understand a topic
      Sometimes during class a question will come up and I will not ask it because I feel like it is too basic or too far in the past compared to what we are currently working on. I know I shouldn't hold back and should start asking any questions I have when they come up because other people may have the same question.
      If I have more questions I will stop being intimidated and ask for help.

      I really hope I can start doing a better job at taking quizes, ive never been a good test taker, but i really need to be.
      I need to get a good test grade because I cannot afford to fail this class.

      I tend to focus mainly on the vocabulary terms and anything that appears on the study cards in the back of the textbook. I used to take very detailed notes in my high school AP classes. My notes for this class are not what I want them to be but again with the heavy work schedule i just don't feel like I have the time to make them what I want them to be.

      I procrastinate a lot of studying until the day before. It would probably soak in better if I started even one day sooner.
      I am going to start my homework as soon as class is done.
      i need to start being more consistent about getting the texbook reading done before the start of class.
      Figure out better times I could get my assignments done before out of class activities.
      No more laziness!
      I want to get started on studying the material that's provided for us earlier than the night before. Going over it a little each day is far more beneficial than trying to cram in one night.
      It gets busy with other classes and work to keep up with homework in this class sometimes..but i want to find a better balance of studying for this class. I do have a study group for this class but the studying usually takes place a couple hours before class.

      Last time I left early to get some In-n-Out for my husband and myself, so I didn't stay for the extra-credit. Next I intend to stay for the extra-credit.

flashcardquestions ("peer instruction," "think-pair-share")
      I never really used the flash cards because it doesn't show the correct answers, but I should train myself to look over those and make sure I feel confident about my answers.
      I haven't used the flashcards yet, because I haven't felt the need, but they would probably be helpful.
      I haven't tried flashcards yet and think they could be useful.
      Study the flashcards, in class activities and old quizzes to really keep up on material.

      I am going to start coming to every class so that I can learn the information to my highest potential. I will not let anything get in the way of my Wednesday nights for the rest of the semester.

      What I'm doing is working quite well, I'm satisfied so far.

      I intend to improve my time management to increase the effectiveness of my studying.
      I need to be more efficient with my time and setting designated time for Astro. Id like to use the online resources more as well.

      Because participating more will be helpful because being in groups is extremely frustrating and I'd rather be doing the work alone and figuring it out on my own, but I realize that for this class I have to change my preference and for that reason I will be even more active in groups than I already am

      I chose prepare because it can mean prepare for class, quizzes, or tests. I want to start spending more time on the reading to prepare for class discussions and activities. I want to start preparing more efficiently for quizzes and tests by downloading the flash cards and practice quizzes in advance.

      I plan to thoroughly read through the lectures and make sure I note what I understand and what I don't yet.

      work in progress
      Reading the chapters completely.

      I feel like I go through the book okay. I skim a lot, and read interesting sections, but I should probably be more thorough.
      I need to make sure to read over the chapters more than one time to fully understand the concepts.
      I have been skimming the book and I know if I want to succeed in this class I need to thoroughly read it.
      I rely to heavily on the lectures to cover all the subjects that we will cover in this class bbut doing this has caused my quiz scores to drop so reading more would help to improve my overall performance in class.
      read a little more everyday

      I need to give myself more time in my day to review the material in advanced so I'm not behind!
      I hope to revisit chapter and/or specific subjects to gain a better understanding for the parts of the class that confuse me. I need to gain a better understanding in order to achieve more in your class.
      Review a day before the keywords and phrases from the reading assigned.
      Possibly review my materials more then once or twice, regurgitate the information on a more regular basis.

      I tend to just read the information then do not look at it. I need to start going over the material, flashcard questions, old quizzes, etc. I AM going to start going over everything more often!
      Before quizzes I need to refresh my memory with the information learned over the previous weeks because when the quiz comes I sometimes forget the information.

      I need to start getting a better night's sleep in order to stay completely focused on what I'm doing in class or when I'm doing the reading.
      Sleeping more. It's a good thing.
      Sometimes i do not get enough sleep so the next morning i feel tired and cannot stay awake for class or don't want o get up and work on homework.

      I think that having a study buddy for this class would be extremely helpful, though it's always a matter of finding a time that would work for the both of us. Hearing something explained to me through another person always helps.
      I need to start creating or getting involved with study groups. I think that will help me to bonce ideas and answers off others. My flashcard answers could be wrong because its just me, but having others i can compare too and work together to finding and understanding the right answer would greatly help. So I am going to try and get a study group together.
      I want to start studying with other people.

      Putting more time and effort in studying before quizzes and exams.
      I'll start studying for quizzes. I haven't been studying for the quizzes and just rely on my memory.
      Quizzes take up a decent portion of the grade so it is important that i do well on them

      I do well but I could do better if I study more
      Well shucks I answered this in the previous question again. I'll start studying more as is necessary...
      I intend on studying even more for quizzes, midterms, and in general so I learn the information better.
      I need to study more often throughout the week to stay on top of this class.
      studying more creates ease on test and doing homework earlier in the week leads to greater chill time

      The material that is gone over in class is valuable and I should probably be taking better notes to use as a study tool for tests and quizzes.

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