Astronomy current events question: Mars Express software upgrade

Astronomy 210L, spring semester 2018
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

Students are assigned to read online articles on current astronomy events, and take a short current events quiz during the first 10 minutes of lab. (This motivates students to show up promptly to lab, as the time cut-off for the quiz is strictly enforced!)
News release, "Mars Express 2.0" (April 11, 2018)
The European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft will undergo a software upgrade to:
(A) reformat memory.
(B) increase photo resolution.
(C) conserve battery power.
(D) fully extend its solar panels.
(E) reduce gyroscope wear.

Correct answer: (E)

Student responses
Sections 30679, 30680
(A) : 4 students
(B) : 6 students
(C) : 4 students
(D) : 1 student
(E) : 19 students

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