Online reading assignment question: advice to self for next semester

Physics 205A, fall semester 2015
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

Students have a weekly online reading assignment (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com), where they answer questions based on reading their textbook, material covered in previous lectures, opinion questions, and/or asking (anonymous) questions or making (anonymous) comments. Full credit is given for completing the online reading assignment before next week's lecture, regardless if whether their answers are correct/incorrect. The following question was asked after the last lecture, but prior to the final exam.

Give a piece of advice to yourself at the start of next semester on what you should do (the same, or differently) in order to succeed in Physics 205A/B (or similar science courses). (Graded for completion.)
"Create a list of priorities and stick to it. I spent a lot of time working and going to class, and I thought I deserved some breaks, but that just put me behind. I need to stay motivated and get things done before breaks."

"Keep up with reading, studying material, quizzes and exams."

"Solve more practice problems and don't be afraid to ask questions!!!"

"I should, and definitely need to, buy the book and not solely rely on the reserve copy in the library. It is not always there when needed and if I had my own, I would be able to look at the book for more problems and for research purposes to figure out how to do something. "

"Work to stay focused a little more. Be more confident in yourself. You're smarter than you think."

"Take notes on reading assignments and textbook reading, even if the material does not make any sense. Then show up to class, and add to the notes to finish any concepts that didn't make sense before. Take notes on all examples in class (this is one of the ways to study for quizzes and future midterms). Don't miss any classes, and practice, practice, practice + office hours!!"

"I think I need to read more and maybe be a little more attentive in class."

"Keep working on some problems everyday (possibly at least 3 problems a day.) "

"Read the assigned chapters, go to office hours, ask tutors for help, do worksheet problems, review assigned homework problems."

"Use the time that you would spend reading the book on studying instead and just read the blog. The reading takes a lot of valuable time that you could be working on understanding the concepts instead."

"I need to complete more practice problems and ask more questions during lectures."

"Practice the problems more and don't miss any reading assignments. Set up a really feasible schedule of when to complete each of the assignments with excess time to spare. Also, try printing all the practice quizzes and exams and keep an organized homework folder, it's easy to not keep track of homework when it's mostly online."

"Understand concepts before doing practice problems with numbers."

"In order to succeed, I will start by attending the first two weeks of class :) especially the first day where the course syllabus is explained. I will also continue to practice problems rather than only memorizing the definitions and formulas--the application of these concepts was just as important to the course as the topics/definitions themselves. I will also stop trying to hold off on handing in labs until they're perfect/I'm satisfied, and hand in what I have at the time they are due. That was a big problem for me during this course. I will continue to attend every class and practice the given homework problems, both are the main reason I felt I learned in the class...I will continue to take most of my information/practice from the lecture and blog, and use the text as a minor supplement. I will hopefully have a schedule that allows me to more easily attend office hours, and I will schedule other times if it doesn't. I will try to first learn the concepts and the applications, and then apply what I've learned to real-life situations (rather than thinking of real-life situations and assuming the concept from that). I will try to finish my homework assignments earlier in the day so I can comprehend them a bit better. I will try to not be so forgetful about online homework that is due at midnight. I will continue to study in the DSPS office--they are awesome!"

"STUDY! Never take the blog for granted!"

"I would go to more office hours if my work schedule would allow."

"Don't procrastinate, and keep up with the reading assignments and do the problems ahead of time."

"Make sure and stay on top of the material, don't wait until the night before to study! Make sure you actually understand the homework and ask for help if you don't. "

"Skim the text for concepts, then take better notes in class and work through more practice problems"

"I should study all of the problems my professor gives me because that is what lead me to succeed in this course. "

"Please don't let the easy points slide if you happen to take this class next semester."

"Do the reading assignments because this is a point-based class."

"Take better notes in class would have really helped me down the road."

"Be active about the reading assignments, read the blogs. Relax."

"This class is taught differently than others so be prepared to adjust your study habits. We are expected to learn the info, for the most part, through the provided online blogs. At first it will seem frustrating that we do not necessarily have 'lecture' in class but that is how life goes. If you do not learn to adjust to new things then you will fall behind so never expect everything to revolve around you the way you want it. When we come into class, the instructor will help you work out kinks and explain concepts that you couldn't fully comprehend on your own. Overall he is a great instructor and I have learned a good amount from taking his class. "

"Do the homework."

"I'll just keep doing what I am doing currently."

"Read more."

"Read each online presentation before class. Do the practice worksheets throughout the weeks before a quiz."

"I should learn to keep up with the current material and not cram before quizzes and tests. "

"Do all of the homework."

"Do the reading for the blog, actually sit down and schedule times to do the problems before quizzes and tests. Talk to the instructor, he'll help you schedule your schoolwork and drop some knowledge bombs on you."

"Do the damn homework. FREE POINTS!"

"Maybe do more homework problems and study more for quizzes."

"Seek extra help earlier in the semester."

"A piece of advice I would give myself is stay on campus more often because I noticed that when I stay on campus more often, I'm more likely to study in the library and review notes. Instead of going home when class is over, go to the library and study for an hour or two. That way I stay on top of the material and won't procrastinate learning the material at home."

"Go to office hours more often for help, do not be scared to ask questions in class, and balance time more wisely."

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