FCI pre-test comparison: Cuesta College versus UC-Davis (fall semester 2015)

Students at both Cuesta College (San Luis Obispo, CA) and the University of California at Davis were administered the 30-question Force Concept Inventory (Doug Hestenes, et al.) during the first week of instruction.

Cuesta College
Physics 205A
fall semester 2015    
Physics 7B
summer session II 2002
N85 students*76 students*
low 2 2
mean    10.0 +/- 5.5 9.1 +/- 4.3

*Excludes students with negative informed consent forms (*.pdf)

Student's t-test of the null hypothesis results in p = 0.19 (t = 1.31, sdev = 4.93, degrees of freedom = 159), thus there is no significant difference between Cuesta College and UC-Davis FCI pre-test scores.

Later this semester (fall 2015), a comparison will be made between Cuesta College and UC-Davis FCI post-tests, along with their pre- to post-test gains.

D. Hestenes, M. Wells, and G. Swackhamer, Arizona State University, "Force Concept Inventory," Phys. Teach. 30, 141-158 (1992).
Development of the FCI, a 30-question survey of basic Newtonian mechanics concepts.

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