Online reading assignment question: advice to future students

Astronomy 210, fall semester 2014
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

Students have a weekly online reading assignment (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com), where they answer questions based on reading their textbook, material covered in previous lectures, opinion questions, and/or asking (anonymous) questions or making (anonymous) comments. Full credit is given for completing the online reading assignment before next week's lecture, regardless if whether their answers are correct/incorrect. The following question was asked after the last lecture, but prior to the final exam.

Tell a student who is about to take this course next semester what he/she needs to know or to do in order to succeed in this course. (Graded for completion.)
"Logic/math/physics may help but it was a really unique subject in my opinion."

"In order to succeed in this course you must be prepared to come to class with the readings done and have a basic understanding from the pre-lectures."

"You need to do the reading assignment before class it will help you do better on the in class activities which make you do better on the quizzes and tests. If you do the work, it isn't hard to get at least a 'B' in the class."

"Stay on top of your homework (reading assignments, reading the presentations), take a look at in-class activities ahead of time, and ask questions. Do all that and you will succeed."

"Read the textbook and show up to class."

"Go to every class session and do the in-class activities, they are helpful, take photos of the work so you can study, and of course do not miss the quizzes and exams."

"Take the group work seriously and ask P-dog questions when he walks around to help."

"You need to show up and be ready to learn. Study for quizzes and tests. Figure out what you need to work on and work on it."

"Read on time or ahead if possible and do assignments on time."

"P-dog isn't super demanding, just do the readings and the reading assignments and don't get lazy!"

"Just come to class every time. The teacher doesn't make it hard to pass, and is very nice and smart."

"Read the text, and study for the quizzes."

"Just do the work and don't forget about the quizzes and online readings."

"In order to succeed in this course it is important to do the online reading surveys and review the slides."

"I would tell them to go to every class for the in-class activities and keep up with the readings for the homework."

"Ask questions! If you need clarification, no one will judge you! They may be just as confused as you are and it will benefit them too!"

"Read the blog presentations and do the group activities!!!!! And be thorough about it too!"

"One thing I would like to tell a student who is going to take this course next year is study more then usual it is the only way to truly understand what is needed to know in this class."

"The most important thing to know from my experience and observation of the teaching method and student interaction, is that you need to do the reading and focus during lecture. Spending time on your phone, while possibly more interesting to you, will only result in a poor grade. The universe is astounding, and it deserves your attention."

"Attendance really helps!"

"Don't be afraid to take this class because its fun. All you really need to do is take practice quizzes seriously because they help you with quizzes and quizzes help you with exams. Taking each of those and studying them, well help you pass!"

"Take notes, focus during lectures, study a lot for quizzes, do reading assignments, and try to go to every class."


"Do the reading assignments and homework. Show up to class and participate in the in-class activities."

"I found it really helpful to take notes on all the lectures/blogs that are online before completing the reading assignments, this way you have it written down and can easily look back on it. Do all the reading assignments and take vigorous notes on them. Be prepared to to struggle with quizzes."

"Go to class."

"Go over the flashcard questions online!!! Would have helped me so much."

"Print out flashcard questions and bring to them class to get questions answered, then use it and previous quizzes to study for the quizzes."

"Study and do work. Don't follow my example.""

"Yes! Keep up and go to every class."

"Pay attention and go to class or else you will be very lost."

"Attend every class, complete the readings and online assignments, pay attention and ask questions in class, do all the extra credit provided, and go to office hours for extra explanations."

"Attend class and focus on in class activities. Stay on top of things."

"Do the reading and study flashcard questions."

"Read the chapters."

"Actually read the book, it works wonders for your grade."

"Go to lectures, it explains things so much better than reading the book can."

"Do all the online stuff it's easy and it will help you a lot through the course"

"Show up for class and do the homework and you'll be fine. And study for the quizzes and exams by going to the office hours for extra help."

"Do the online reading assignment!!!!"

"Take advantage of the course website. Go in depth and look at P-dog's 'boring but important' blog. It's everything the name says it to be but sometimes the class period doesn't touch on everything needed for tests/ quizzes and the blog will help."

"Don't forget the reading assignments!"

"Read the material, and ask questions if you're confused."

"Read each chapter, do all the online assignments, and going to each class is very important because of all the material you learn and all the points you receive for in class assignments."

"Study for every quiz and study hard with a group for the test! The study group I had was fun and we helped teach each other a lot. (Well one classmate in particular helped teach us a lot haha.) This class was really fun and you will love P-DOG!"

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