SPCI pre-test comparison: Cuesta College SLO vs. NC campuses

The Star Properties Concept Inventory (SPCI, developed by Janelle Bailey, University of Nevada-Las Vegas) was administered to Astronomy 210 (one-semester introductory astronomy) students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA during the first week, at both the main San Luis Obispo campus and the North County campus at Paso Robles.

NC campus
(section 30674)    
SLO Campus
(section 30676)
N31 students*50 students*
low  3  0
mean      6.4 ± 2.0  6.5 ± 3.2

*Excludes students with negative informed consent forms (*.pdf)

Student's t-test of the null hypothesis results in p = 0.88 (t = -0.416, sdev = 2.78, degrees of freedom = 79), thus there is no significant difference between the pre-test scores of these two sections.

Later this semester (spring semester 2014), a comparison will be made between the pre- to post-test gains for both sections, separate and combined.

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