Online reading assignment question: keep, quit, start

Astronomy 210, spring semester 2017
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "keep" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, spring semester 2017.

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "quit" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, spring semester 2017.

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "start" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, spring semester 2017.

Students were asked to answer a "keep-quit-start" online reflection (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com) on their studying strategies/pitfalls (Mubayiwa, 2009).
Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to keep doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to keep doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
quit doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to quit doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
start doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to start doing to study for this class).
[Word tags have been edited to consolidate related common subjects; student explanations are verbatim.]

Keep word tags:
     I find my self the most motivated to put forth effort in this class when I am intrigued. When I think of each of the school subjects and each of my obligations and gauge it by its inherent wonder and overall significance, I find astronomy to be high on the list. This sense of intrigue motivates me to put the time towards the discipline of astronomy, while so many other matters are on the docket.

     I need to keep on keeping up on the homework, quiz, tests. Keep on goin to classes and get good grades.
     I do all the reading and presentations ahead of time, as well as take detailed notes about them while I read. I review all my notes before tests/quizzes and check out all the posts online. I usually study for several days.

     I intend to keep attending class for the in-class activities and group work, in order to succeed. The in-class activities are very helpful for me, and I feel like they are great reviews for all of the material that we learn prior to the class.
     when I come to class I get answers to things I don't understand and can get clarification on them. this is vital to passing the class.
     It's something I do good so I'm going to keep doing it.
     I think one of the most important decisions a student can make in having a successful experience in this class is to show up. There is clarification of concepts, additional lessons on subject matter and group activities, all of which solidify the materials mysterious properties.
     i won't miss any new material being lectured and i won't miss out on in class points
     by going to class and doing the activities and taking the notes, it helps me fully understand what i completely understand and what i need to study some more.
     Well if I fail at doing anything else, at least by showing up I can kind of succeed.
     I think attending class is one of the most important things to keep doing, in order to succeed in this class. Everything is expanded on during class, questions may be asked & answered to help me understand what I find confusing. The In-class activities are very important to participate in, and help get a better understanding of what we're learning in class.
     I attend class every week and get a beneficial amount of information from every class period. I intend to keep attending.

     ...as opposed to just letting teammates do the work.

     The work online directly corresponds to what we learn in class. It helps to do the work. I can't imagine showing up to class without an idea as to what we are going to learn.
     I intend to keep doing the homework and extra credit assignments in order to ensure that I get as many points as I can before the tests.
     So far I've got into a good habit of filling out my online assignments. I can keep this up and keep doing well in this area.
     I intend to keep studying the practice quizzes and in class activities. I also intend to keep doing every homework assignment that is asked of us.
     I have yet to miss one and will keep on making sure that my record of completing homework stays on track.
     Keeping on top of homework and extra credit helps me keep up my points. Even if they are small, they start to add up.
     I intend to keep working on the reading assignments and study longer when we have quizzes.
     It is incredibly helpful to prepare for the next class and points are good.
     I intend to continue with keeping up on the reading assignments and homework that is given.
     I plan to keep doing my weekly reading assignments and homework. They are pretty easy points and get me prepped on what I need to know for the upcoming class.

     As long as I pay attention I can understand what we are covering, and if I get confused with anything I can pay attention to your explanations and understand things better!

     It gives thorough info through explanations and pictures

     Since this class only meets once a week I need to stay on top of my reading and studying before class to be engaged and know what is going on so I can actually learn instead of having to be briefed on the material. It allows me to focus on actually learning the material rather than just hearing it for the first time.
     Taking notes before class is key (though a hard habit to keep up) seriously is the only reason I am doing well in this class. You understand so much more when you come to class, even if you think you know nothing!

     I intend to keep trying to read entire chapters and summarize them.
     I need to keep reading the book chapters so I have a frame of reference for your lectures during class. Otherwise, I end up confused as to what we are talking about because I didn't read the material beforehand.
     I need to keep understanding the material and making sure i know the concepts
     Keeping up with the textbook readings
     Reading the assigned chapters and previewing the material in class helps you to really solidify learned material that we need in class activities and quizzes/tests.
     I think a huge step to success in any class is simply showing up! I really enjoy class and look forward to it every week.

     Studying everyday has allowed me to review and not forget anything since its my first astronomy class its very hard for me so I tend to be slow on knowing everything and getting help and studying everyday has helped. The reading assignments are clear examples of what we should know. The answers are easier to find than in the book.
     Reviewing and going over assignments really helps me remember the content. There is a lot of different information we need to remember and constantly reminding your brain of all of that information is and important part of learning the content.
     I like how I study after every class and I hope to continue with this.
     Before any test or quiz I review the power-points form that specific chapter or section to remind myself what the main topics are and to help me focus on what information I need to know before the Test or Quiz.
     When I re-read my notes, it helps my retention and usually there are more examples that I can relate to. The textbook contains a good amount of information and even though it is very dry and I usually don't read it until the night before or day of class.
     I need to go over the answers i got wrong on my quizzes and see what i didn't understand and also go over the ones i got right to make sure i understand.

     If I keep rewriting my notes and color-cordinating them then it will help me to remember the material better. I rewrite my notes after class with different colors to help organize information and process it another time.

     I am going to keep trying my best to succeed in this class. Graduation is only a few months away and I need to succeed in this class to get to the next step.
Quit word tags:
     I need to pace myself more when balancing my obligations. I tend to prioritize my other obligations in front of astronomy class. I think I do this for two reasons: 1) Class is very late in the day, after many of my other tasks. 2) The rewards from success in this class are less tangible than say, a paycheck or other resultant gratification. I do not pace myself sufficiently, and I expend most of my energy before Astronomy class. I need to manage my time and energy more effectively, and quit burning out.

     I tend to have a hard time focusing for long periods of time so I will get distracted with other things. I plan on trying to not do studying while doing other things and trying not to be distracted. Today I did most of my studying without getting distracted and it was so much better.

     Obviously I make this class harder for myself by not even attending the class meetings.
     I really need to stop skipping class, I've only skipped twice but it's not good.

     I have always hated test and I over study and go blank when a test comes up. I intend to stop overthinking and over studying.

     waiting until the last minute to do the online work isn't helping because by that point im extremely tired and it doesn't leave enough time to actually digest what im reading and learning. I've been doing the bare minimum and it is really showing up on my quiz scores and midterm. im only understanding half of the material. i know i can do better.
     I feel like I am doing pretty well in this class. I need to get back to my routine of getting the homework done each Thursday instead of waiting til Sunday or Monday though!
     To be successful, I need to stop procrastinating on my assignments. When I wait until the last minute to do my assignments, I rush through them and I don't focus on the material as much as I should. I can usually grasp the big picture, but I don't always process the details of the material.
     I intend to quit procrastinating because I seem to wait until the last second, leaving me no time to actually study the material.
     I intend to quit procrastinating on my reading material that is assigned to us through the homework. I eventually read the material, but because I procrastinate and wait till the last minute to read, I overwhelm myself.
     I often find myself doing the homework late at night. I need to get on top of the assingments and do them ahead of time.
     I always wait until the last minute to study and I don't retain that well.
     I need to stop putting off studying until the last minute. I'm very busy and I know this about my life. I need to take the time earlier in the week to complete assignments just in case I get called into work or have a sick kid and cant study.
     I usually am not a procrastinator, but I've been noticing that I've been getting into that bad habit. I intend to quit procrastinating about reading the chapters and studying for the quizzes/tests.
     i need to put homework assignments first and study right away instead of last minute
     Quit procrastinating homework and studying, so i can get even higher grades on quizzes and tests.
     When i procrastinate it tends to hurt me in the long run. Having to jam pack all the info about a quiz the day before is not cool.
     I tend to wait until Monday night's after I get out of night classes to read/study. I tend to be tired and less alert by then.
     I always forget to check the calendar before homework is due so from now on I will try to check it more often and remind my self to study with time
     I'm always stressed doing the readings the night that it's due and it would be a lot nicer and probably more beneficial to do it ahead of time.
     A lot of times I wait till the last second to do my assignments just because I know that I will get them done. But I do really need to change that and start completing my assignments ahead of time. It will likely relieve a lot of stress that I feel when it comes to school and not only improve my work, but lighten my stress load.
     I am going to quit waiting until the last minute to complete these online assignments!
     Sometimes I procrastinate to look at the material for a quiz test or lecture until the last moment so I don't get too much out of the preview. I also don't look into the material too deeply and only briefly go over it which I intend to better.
     I need to stay on top of studying and keeping the material fresh in my mind throughout the week. On weeks where I have been swamped with other class work from other courses I have tried to jam the information into my brain last minute and that is never a good idea.
     If I keep procrastinating the reading it will probably hurt me in the long run, I just don't like leaving reading to the last minute.
     I've noticed that I wait until the day before or day of when it comes to studying for the quizzes and I want to quit doing that. I haven't been doing as well on the quizzes as I would like to, and I think it's directly correlated with the fact that I wait until the last minute to study!
     I need to put more time and energy into doing the readings and fully investing myself in this class
     I often wait until the very last day to do my homework or study for the upcoming quiz/test. The scores have shown that this is not working out for me and I need to devote some more time to the class.
     I always procrastinate to the very last day to do the readings/homework. I need to stop procrastinating because I don't always have time to finish all of the readings, or homework, etc.
     I need to stop waiting till Tuesday night to do assignments.

     I think I need to read the chapters better to gain more info I tend to skim the book and pay more attention to the online slides. Just a lazy thing that I could probably stray away from.
     I would like to pay more attention to the actual reading assignments we are given. I started to just scan through the chapters and I want to take more time reading it like I did in the beginning.
     skimming isn't always the best thing to do. I notice when i do the surveys having to go back and re-read cause i will have missed something. I need to fully read the pages so i don't miss anything.
     If I stop skimming the material and start taking notes on the material that I read it'll help me understand concepts more.
     I will begin to read the chapters and sometimes ill leave out a couple chapters.

     if i study longer i feel like my quiz scores will be higher
     Not taking advantage of office hours, not throughly going over practice quizzes
     I've missed only one or two readings, but to miss more would negatively impact my grade for sure.The readings go along with our class activities and presentations, and they go along directly with the quizzes and tests.
     I intend to quit missing homework assignments and quit avoiding the reading. I am missing many homework assignments and it is harming my grade. Also it is very hard to take quizzes and test without reading the textbook.

     There is just no more time for sleep, I can sleep when I am dead.

     It is so hard to keep my eyes open sometimes, but extremely comfortable.
Start word tags:
     I suppose I can start asking more questions about the material that confuses me. I just feel like the other students ask my questions before I do or they ask the questions more clearly than I can. Sometimes I have trouble getting my thoughts out.
     When I don't understand a subject I try to help myself in order to not ask for help but its okay to ask for help especially when I need it.

     I know that if I am excited for something, I am less likely to expend all my energy at work (if I can help it). If I can get myself excited by something astronomical in the morning of class, I hope to maintain that thought throughout the day as a reminder to conserve some energy. In other words, I intend to start getting STOKED by astronomy.
     The more I invest my energy into doing the homework, the more I'll care about the subject matter and the better i'll do

     This way I can get a jump start on things and not feel so behind. My brain is so spot on in the a.m. I need to make a greater effort to promote greater retention in the early dawn.
     I need to start studying earlier for exams then the break before class.

     I try my best to stay focused all class period but a lot of times it is hard because the class is so long. I usually am focused so that I absorb all the content reviewed and talked about, but I could do a better job of maintaining that focus all class period.

     I want to start going to every class from now on.

     In group activities, I'm very quiet. I don't always get completely involved, I let people take over if that's what they start to do. I need to start asking questions when I'm confused, instead of letting the "smart" kids do all of the work. I usually feel too embarrassed to say anything so I just stay quiet.

     If I start the practice quizzes as soon as they are available then it'll help me with the quizzes and midterms more.

     Until now, I had been reading everything out of the book, but wasn't really digesting much. I started reading the blogs that are up online and they have been very helpful to me in grasping the lecture better.

     I intend to start planning my week better so I can get a better handle on my assignments.
     The only other evenings I have free are Friday and sometimes Saturday, Sunday. These are unrealistic times to study as "free" only refers to mandatory activities and not my social life.

     I am going to take the book somewhere away from home so i have nothing else to do but read the book. hopefully.

     I could have benefited more if I reread certain book passages, especially the historical names.
     sometimes I know I need to reread things to retain them better but because of my schedule I don't always go back to get a better understanding

     In order to be successful, I believe I need to start reviewing the online presentations of earlier subject materials before tests and quizzes. When I get questions wrong, they are mostly from the earlier subjects that we learn during the section, and I believe the online presentations are a great way to review the material.
     Going over previous reading assignments, practice quizzes and questions, presentations I need to start reading and relating things to my life or real world examples more during the week rather than Tuesday night when the homework is due and Wednesday when we have class.

     I need to start on my projects.

     I would like to talk about what I'm learning with someone like a study buddy or other Astronomy like minded group or individual. Tutor? This way I get to apply it and test out my new language.
     Studying with others is a great way for me to better understand what's going on in class. It makes it more fun, and I can ask other people if I am having trouble understanding something and help someone if they need help understanding. It really makes it so I have to understand what I am teaching or explaining.

     I haven't been very consistent with reading the textbook before classes and I will start reading the chapters to better learn the material. I haven't studied for the class yet and it isn't making it impossible to take tests and quizzes but it would definitely make it easer if I did study. I need to allot myself time to re read the sections in the textbook and do the practice quizzes and practice exams.
     I thought i totally had it for the midterm, but when i looked at my grade i realized i should studied some more before the test. So i'm going to start studying more before test and quizzes.

     i need to start reading the book and go over the power point slides in more detail and let the info digest, and think about the information and ask questions in class. or when there is something i don't understand fully, i know that going over the chapter or slides will clean up my understanding a bit. i need to actually go over the information when a question rises.
     I intend to start studying more in order to ensure that I understand all the material and so that I can achieve better grades on the assessments and quizzes.
     I feel like I would be less stressed and would better understand the material if I just kept up on my reading and did it daily. It would probably help me in asking the right questions and not feel lost as often.
     I find myself surprised that I there is a quiz when I should have know about it. I need to remind myself and study more often for these things, or make myself a reminder for them.
     i need to read the textbook and power points more thoroughly and take notes
     Start studying after each class to better retain the new information, and be able to better retain all information when studying.
     I need to start really grasping the concepts with the reading assignments.
     More studying hope it will help test scores.
     I have been doing well on the quizzes and tests, but I honestly haven't studied much. I gotta keep that from going to my head and start studying as the material gets more complicated.
     I plan to make flashcards to study as well as doing all the examples and practices quizzes to prepare for the quizzes. This will also be better because I will be more prepared for class as well and have stronger ideas/understanding about the concepts.
     i will have a better grade in the class
     I plan to start spending more time on work for this class. I thought I was doing just fine in the beginning and was on top of the reading, etc. But then I started getting overwhelmed (not just this class but others and home life issues) and put some things on the back seat. I am going to spend more time for each class then I currently am.
     I want to make a point to take a look at my notes everyday even if it is brief. I have found this helps me with my memory and I do not get as stressed when it comes to tests.
     I want to start studying more efficiently. Whether that means studying with other peers or making flashcards, I think I need to come up with some more effective ways to learn the material.

     It will help me remember the things I've read better I want to start to take notes on the reading and in class more, so that way it's a lot better and easier when I need to study.

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