Online reading assignment question: keep, quit, start

Physics 205A, fall semester 2016
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

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Students were asked to answer a "keep-quit-start" online reflection (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com) on their studying strategies/pitfalls (Mubayiwa, 2009).
Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to keep doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to keep doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
quit doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to quit doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
start doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to start doing to study for this class).
[Word tags have been edited to consolidate related common subjects; student explanations are verbatim.]

Keep word tags:
      If I do not understand something I will seek help by asking the teacher, other students and/or the tutor to help explain.

      I will keep going over the notes, read the sections in the book, read the blog and do all of the practice problems provided.
      So far I have done all the readings, and have been able to do the problems for each of the topics and it really helps to do the reading before class and try to come to class looking to understand more about what I didn't understand in the reading. Going to the tutor to help with what problems I don't understand always helps.
      I've been going to the tutor everyday before class.
      I need to keep understanding the concepts behind what we are doing in class. This means paying attention in class and reading blogs.
      Study, reread, ask questions, focus, study groups, rework problems over and over.

      I think that when I pay close attention during lecture I understand the material much more than me just blatantly reading the book.
      Although I have difficulty understanding the subject, and I'm a little overwhelmed in my other courses, I wont give up and I'll keep trying my best to keep up.
      I need to put in the work outside of class to be able to absorb the material and actually remember it come test day.

      Make sure that I came to every class even if I believe it would benefit me not going for another class.
      I don't think I have missed a class yet and I don't want to. I think what we learn in class is very important!
      I've only missed one class day. I think that's advantageous.
      I will not let the temptation to "just skip one class" throw me off track. I go to every class and I will keep it that way.
      I need to keep attending classes to get the maximum potential of learning the material. Class participation points add up and will help my grade.
      I am going to keep going to every class and taking diligent notes. It's hard to get caught up on something with out an introduction.
      I come to every lecture and I try to be engaged with the material we are going over in class. I also try to help out my classmates near me and ask them questions on anything I might be confused on.

      I intend to continue going to the tutor and having him explain everything that I don't understand.

      Follow up with homework and website everyday on time and write out examples
      I intend to continue studying and working on the homework class to help me succeed in class.
      I have been doing reading and homework assignments but also doing more of booked examples as well.
      Doing the homework has given me a basis and understanding of what to expect in class and on quizzes. This has helped me understand the material better and also get points.
      I do all the work for the class which I think is a big contributor to the success in any class.
      I'm going to keep doing the reading assignments and homework consistently.
      I intend to keep up with due dates with homework.
      I intend to keep reading all of the blogs and doing the reading and homework assignments.
      Not only do I get points for consistently doing the homework but it is very helpful and the blogs are a good preview before the in class lecture. These two things have been helping me in this class.

      I have a natural love for physics. I spend large amounts of time thinking and talking about concepts involving primarily quantum physics or dimensional physics. I have to make sure I continue to carry my interest through the important but boring aspects.

      I intend to keep doing practice problems and better understand physics that we are learning in more of a conceptual way rather than just pure math.
      Going over all the previous quiz and midterm questions on the site is really helpful to get examples.
      I want to keep going over new and old midterm and quiz questions to test my skills to make sure I am getting the right answers, even if I've already done them before. They give me a good idea of what I'm lacking in and need work on.
      I intend to keep reading the assigned chapters along with the blog posts. However, I will make time, even if its a small amount, to read the blog/chapters more frequently throughout the week rather than doing it all on the weekends when I have more free time.

      Studying lecture notes and discussion seems best to do before the end of each day while the information is fresh. The minor details can be forgotten after a few days or when you try to catch up a day or two before quizzes and exams.
      Studying the midterm/quiz questions, and really trying to figure out why things are the way they are was very helpful in preparing for the midterm and quizzes.
      Before I move on to a new concept, I will ensure that I understand all previous concepts and practice all given problems.

      Helping the people around me makes me understand the maternal.

      I intend on continuing to complete all of the reading assignments on time as well as work out the problems given throughout each week. This way the information stays fresh throughout the duration before the next quiz or midterm.
      I'm lways at home when I'm in-between games with friends I take the time to look at the worksheets and at past quizzes.

      Reading the blogs helps me understand the units better, also by taking notes off of them and then recalling what I know by answering the questions on the reading assignment helped me a lot.
      I need to keep taking notes because it is nice to have something I have written to refer to and the things I understood the most were the things I took better notes on.
Quit word tags:
      Sometimes I don't understand the material and instead of trying harder, I wait for the instructor to explain it more. And sometimes he has to move on to another concept so I never really understood the last concept because I was waiting for someone to make it easier when really I should have just tried harder.
      I am living on a ranch taking care of many horses, dogs, chickens, llamas, and my family. There are many struggles involved with living here that have made me miss some assignments and classes.
      I spend great deals of time procrastinating for things I need to do with my phone. I just need to put it away and work and practice and study more.

      I need to be on top of the homework, and stop forgetting to do the lab reading assignments.
      I need to stop doing my HW and reading assignments late. I'm not consistent with getting my work done before class and that's something that needs to change in order to be better prepared for every class meeting.

      I am going to quit giving up on a problem instead of just calling it a day if I don't figure it out the first time.

      It's too easy to go through the blog and deduce an answer. I need something that requires more critical thinking and different scenarios.

      I've only missed two days of lecture but that is almost three hours of class time which could have been used for a much better purpose than trying to study up on what I missed.

      Instead of pondering too long on something I am confused about I will immediately seek help.
      I am going to quit limiting my resources- for instance, just relying on reading instead of seeking more guidance/perspective/problems to help me understand the material better.

      I honestly don't think there's anything I need to quit doing. I've been working so hard in this class.

      Based on my performance on the midterm vs. quizzes, its clear I simply don't spend enough time on the latter. My problem is that I just assume I know the concepts, which often times I do, but not really how they may be applied.

      When I don't re-read my notes the next day or two after class I will more easily forget what we learned. However, if I do re-read them within the next couple days I will remember them a lot easier.
      Due to other school classes and work I often have limited time for homework and studying. I will sometimes skim the chapters and homework, and will not go back to the material prior. I plan on quitting this. With my lightened work schedule, I plan to study more and be able to review each topic in depth.

      Sometimes the concepts are simple, but because I don't quite understand them from the reading the concept appears like it is much more difficult. Going to lecture and having it explained in a way that is more understandable makes it better.

      Get my homework done right away, but cram too.
      Waiting until the last minute to complete homework assignments and labs.
      I plan to stop procrastinating by doing assigned problems the night before they are due.
      Sometimes I forget and just not read and forget to do both of them.
      I am going to quit ignoring the homework and reading assignments.
      Waiting last minute to do homework. Or study.
      Most of the time I just glance over the readings. After the first test, I noticed I didn't know the material as well as I thought. Also, I need more practice with the quiz questions to prepare myself for the test.
      I don't intend to keep procrastinating on lab reports and studying for quizzes and tests.
      I need to stop waiting till late at night to go and read the book. Its making me not understand the material and I just graze over the words. Due to my job and hobbies I often begin the homework assignments the night they are due at 11:19 (that is what time it is now). In order to do better I need to manage my time better.
      I wait until the last minute to do the lab reports and by then its sometimes too late if i have work and such.
      This will help me do better by making it so I have more points.
      I usually wait until the test is almost here to start studying, but if I study during the other times and don't push it all until the end I will be more successful.
      Sometimes, I put off the reading, so I need to place physics reading at a higher priority.
      I need to quit putting physics on the back burner and cramming last minute.
      I need to quit procrastinating because I am putting less effort into studying and more energy into hoping that I'll get it when the time comes.
      I currently don't spend any time on homework. I need to stop doing this and actually do the homework.
      I did not give myself enough time to study before the midterm and it hurt my grade. I will give myself more time to prepare next time.

      I think switching seats to the front will cause me to be more engaged and also sit next to a different person.

      I need to stop just skimming the text book portion of the reading and start reading it thoroughly.
      I will not continue to skim through the blogs and reading assignments and doing the problems just to get them done.

      I didn't study that much for the exam and I was kinda bummed on my score, so I think I'll probably just study some more.
      I'm going to quit wasting my free time doing things like video games and TV shows, and study more.

      I get a lot of anxiety from this current school semester, I have to apply to transfer but I'm always worried about not passing a class and therefore not being able to transfer to, hopefully, Cal Poly.
Start word tags:
      I want to ask for help to challenge myself and to ask for help when I don't understand something and need someone who knows better than I do to help explain it to me better.
      When I am unsure of a problem that we are going over in class I will start asking more questions about it so I can understand the whole concept better and not just the specific problem.

      I intend to focus more on the conceptual part of physics in and out of class.
      Doing homework the day it's out and asking questions.

      Sometimes life gets really busy and I fall behind on doing the problems in the homework. So, I get confused on some of the topics because I didn't have the time to work through the problems and think through the topic that was being taught and apply it. So, being more disciplined in keeping up with the problems.
      I need to start doing homework earlier before it's due.
      After the last midterm, its clear that I wasn't fully prepared. In order to prepare myself for the next one, I will start studying further in advance to ensure that I'm ready for Midterm 2 and that will hopefully prepare me better for the final as well.
      Grasping the concepts earlier on will probably make studying before tests easier.
      I need to start to study earlier for the tests and the quizzes and not wait till the last minute so I can solidify the material into my head instead of just kinda knowing the material.

      Paying more attention, and trying harder.

      Going into the lab will force me to do problems and get more reps in before I take tests and quizzes.

      I want to go into the tutoring sessions as much as possible, and if I'm lost on a problem I need to start going into the teacher's office hours to discuss the problem.
      Whenever I am lost I should go talk to the tutor and/or go to office hours and get my answers cleared up.
      I have had classes with the tutor and I know how helpful he is so I really want to start taking more advantage of those study times he provides outside of our scheduled class. It can't hurt!
      I will attend tutoring sessions as needed to ensure I am keeping up with course concepts.
      I am going to start working with a tutor and put in extra hours to help understand the material and concepts better.

      I am going to start to do all of the homework and reading assignments.
      I intend to start completing every problem rather than just skimming it.
      This will give me a better understanding of the material and give me more points.

      I plan to work on more practice problems to help me for future quizzes/exams.
      I intend to start practicing the problems more and actually understanding them.

      I'm going to start managing my time better when it comes to free time and procrastinating on assignments.
      Quizzes are my weak point in this class. Spending more time preparing for them will be helpful.
      There's nothing that specifically sets me back in my work, but there's more I could be doing.
      I will focus more on what I need to do and understand in order to pass the class.
      I just started another class and in order to not fall behind in anything I have to start managing time more efficiently.
      I intend to find a time in the middle of the week to actually do online homework and lab reports.
      I plan on setting weekly goals and reviewing a little each day to stay on top of each chapter and be able to ask more questions in class.
      I intend to prioritize my physics homework and invest just as much effort into this class as I do with all my other classes.

      I need to start reading the textbook because most of my questions on things come from the information I didn't read about in the book.

      When this class began, a previous student told us he was starting a study group. I learned from him what days that takes place last class, and will start attending those.
      Now that I know some people in class, it would be beneficial to meet up with a couple individiuals to study as a group. Group study makes the time less intensive but still has a great affect on the retention.
      I intend to start reviewing problems with peers in order to be sure that we understand the concepts. If a problem arrises that is difficult it is much more likely that a group will figure it out instead of an individual. Also, there is more motivation to do well in this case.

      I need to start actually studying for tests and quizzes. I don't study at all right now, except for about 15 minutes before the test.

      Study more for tests, getting better scores on tests is always a positive. Do more practice problems.
      Study more for tests and quizzes.
      I do study but I feel that I need to start studying a lot more than I do now.
      I will start to study more each day and study the blogs and the practice problems more. I will also study more in advance for the next midterm as well as the final.
      I should start studying more for quizzes because they are more points than I originally thought and it would be good to keep getting maximum points for those quizzes. Studying more for them can help with that.

      Study more of worksheets--I printed them out to be able to do them along in class as we cover them.

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