Online reading assignment question: keep, quit, start

Astronomy 210, fall semester 2016
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "keep" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2016.

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "quit" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2016).

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "start" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2016.

Students were asked to answer a "keep-quit-start" online reflection (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com) on their studying strategies/pitfalls (Mubayiwa, 2009).
Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to keep doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to keep doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
quit doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to quit doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
start doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to start doing to study for this class).
[Word tags have been edited to consolidate related common subjects; student explanations are verbatim.]

Keep word tags:
     Paying attention during the lectures and when reading the text book will help you learn.
     I believe my best bet at grasping and passing this course is by committing to doing what is required of me. This includes, completing the weekly reading and homework assignments, reviewing the material regularly and NOT JUST BEFORE AN EXAM OR QUIZ, continuing to attend lecture, to add to the last detail, I believe coming to class with a full stomach, and open mind is the only way that the material will be retained, this requires me to eat a healthy and balanced meal throughout the day, remain hydrated, as well as receive adequate amounts of sleep prior to class...which includes not procrastinating material from other courses. Finally, I truly believe completing the pre-test/quizzes that you provide, helps better prepare me for exams and narrow down topics/ideas that will be visited during our exams.
     Staying updated with my grade should keep me moving in the right direction.

     I think going to class really helps with questions from the reading assignments and it is also important to earn the in class activity points.
     Attending class to work on the in class activities and put in practice the topics discussed on the slides.
     Going to class really helps me go over the stuff from the blogs. Also, doing the in class assignments help me see how questions may be asked and how to answer them.
     I need to make sure I am attending all classes in order to get all points on in class assignments, as well as take notes during lectures.
     I need to be sure to attend each week and complete the in class assignments. It's easy for me to attend as I work in south county and I can go straight home after. I live in Paso.
     I need to keep attending every class in order for me to be successful. It is important that I don't miss any class so that I don't miss important lectures or activity assignment.
     I am going to keep showing up for class, and taking notes.
     I've only missed one class and I feel like if I keep attending class I should be able to get a good grade.
     If I keep going to class and pay attention I will succeed in this astronomy class.

     I only really come prepared to class when I have done the homework the day before. That way I connect with what P-dog has to say. He also can clarify what I don't understand.
     Looking over the powerpoints and doing the online reading assignments helps with understanding what is being talked about in class.
     I need to keep completing the online surveys!
     I make sure I always do the reading assignments before they are do. This will continue to help me to do better because I look at the material before class so I understand it a little better and I get the much needed points.
     I think I have only missed one of each (one reading and one in class assignments). I intend to keep up that consistency or better in the second half of the semester.
     If I keep up on the homework its enough to keep me involved and doing the task and goals I need to achieve to pass.

     I'm going to keep watching crash course astronomy as a study tool it really helps.

     I will keep reading twice the same chapter, I have more possibilities to understand the material better.
     I need to keep reading and stay ready for my exams and quizzes.

     I found that by going back over my quizzes each week I end up learning all of the information on them so I do not need to cram before the midterms.
     Reviewing the flash cards prepares you for the quizzes, reviewing quizzes allows you to learn what you missed so you can change your understanding of that concept. Making a notebook with the missed questions makes you learn the concepts you are not getting.

     All the above and continue to ask for help with study group and instructor.
     Studying with a group has helped me out a lot this semester with keeping up with my work.

     Remember to study before mini quizzes and midterms.
     I haven't spent enough time studying, and I've noticed that when I do I tend to listen better in class and do well on the quizzes.
     Budget my time effectively for studying. Study my class notes, homework, quizzes and tutorials on the course website. Reread the portions of each chapter that are difficult for me and ask questions for clarification in class.
     I need to keep studying for every quiz, test, and midterm as well as continue to study for each weeks lecture before hand.
     I have been putting astronomy as a priority in relation to my other classes. I have to study a little extra for the quizzes and the midterm than I normally do to feel prepared and yet I still get B's and C's. So I need to keep studying to get a good grade in this class
     If I keep studying then I will learn the material and succeed in this class. Studying enough is a bit of a challenge for me. I tend to think studying a bit is enough to pass the test and I always end up winging it.
     I need to keep studying the quizzes and the presentations.
     I have to admit when I first started this class I thought I didn't need to take it so seriously because I had a basic knowledge of science but now I know that isn't the case. Also, the way I handled studying for this class needs to improve from now on.
     I haven't been studying as much for the quizzes, but I really spent time doing so for the midterm and I noticed a huge change (obviously).

     If I keep taking notes and paying attention in class I should be alright.
     When I listen without taking notes I'm able to understand the concepts and all, but I don't retain information as well. Having notes also makes going back and studying for tests/quizzes an easier process.
     I will continue to take decent notes and participate in the group problems.
Quit word tags:
     If I put my phone away, I will have less distractions, and probably I will concentrate more.
     I'm always getting distracted and losing attention in class on Wednesday because its late and after water polo practice.
     Talking distracts everyone around you.

     I'm going to stop forgetting to study and do my reading assignments by setting alarms.
     I need to start doing the homework every week. it is and easy and very fast thing to do. It has been something I have not been doing due to being lazy.

     Currently I have health issues but my main focus is to pass the class.
     Due to my work schedule I'm missing more class than I want to but I'm trying to work it out with my manager.

     I will try to quit settling for not understanding something and actually go to office hours or ask someone if they know how to explain it.

     I have 2 jobs, kids, and other classes that sometimes push the assignments for this class to the side. I need to make more time for the at home assignments.
     I have been studying but I need to make specific times to do it each day being that I work full time and carry 11 units this semester.

     I really need to quit not studying for quizzes because we get to drop three but I'm at the point where I've had more than three bad quizzes so I need to get good scores on the rest of them.

     To focus on not checking assignments till the last minute (like I unfortunately am doing right now).
     I usually only review the material on Monday nights when I am doing the homework and need to instead look at it over multiple days.
     I should be more determine and actually complete the flashcard questions.
     I keep procrastinating on my pre quiz reviews, if i study earlier I won't stress out as much when quiz time rolls around.
     I need to quit leaving the reading for last minute, really I need to quit not doing the reading assignment
     Usually it's every Monday night I do the online reading assignments. I need to stop procrastinating so I can go through the assignments with plenty of time to write notes.
     My schedule is crazy, I work so I don't have much time during the day for homework or anything really. So homework always gets pushed to the last possible minute which causes stress and then the material I'm reading doesn't stay in my head.
     I need to take more time to study and review before quizzes. I haven't been doing that well on quizzes and school is very important to me. I need to buckle down and focus more.
     Between going to classes and going to two jobs, I tend to push everything to the last minute. I'm still learning to adjust to the college system, and I'm still learning my limitations as to how much I "actually" can handle. More often than not, because of my chaotic schedule, I wait last minute to do things I should be spending more time on (like astronomy). I guess its all about balancing time management.
     Procrastination will only lead to falling behind, if you fall behind you're screwed.
     I usually study for quizzes before class or the night before. Quizzes are important and I have been scoring very poorly on quizzes up to this date. Because of this my grade is not at all where i'd like it to be.
     I want to stop putting the homework off until the last minute.
     I need to stop waiting until Tuesday night to do the reading and quizzes. When I do this I don't have enough time to really take in all of the information.
     I wait until the last moment to study or do the homework... it is not working as well as if I had a more frequent study of the material it would stick better.
     I need to quit doing readings and activity assignments the day before they are due so I don't get overwhelmed.
     I would not say that this class is the worst procrastination I have experienced, due to the interest I continuously have for the topic. However, waiting until the last minute to complete these reading/online assignments could harm me by causing me to rush and not take the ample time it requires to answer fully and most intelligently.
     I need to stop waiting until the tuesday night to do my online readings.
     need to start doing my work earlier in the week so I don't forget about it.
     I always procrastinate on studying for tests and quizzes. I know that if I spend a good amount of time during the week studying, I can do way better!
     I need to get things done sooner and not wait to study until the last minute. I think I can get better grades if I stop procrastinating.

     I was reading just to read now I'm annotating and reading better.
     I need to stop skimming through the reading assignments.
     I usually skim and briefly read over the preview of the presentation and take notes on it before class but I think it would benefit me more if I came to class more prepared by carefully reading over the lecture and textbook readings. Then I will get more out of the lectures if I prep myself more beforehand

     I need to step up my batting average on the quizzes. I fluctuate between A's and F's, the only difference between the results being whether I brush up on the information for 5-10 minutes the night before. SO, the lesson to be learned here is to study a little bit more.
     There are a few times where I just don't feel like doing something and I need to shake that feeling.
     If I quit treating this class as if I do not have to complete the homework I will probably fail.
     By doing this, I intend to spend more time outside of class on notes and gathering information.
Start word tags:
     I have a chance to have most of my astronomy questions answered, if I could think of them! So I need to apply myself and make the most of this.
     My classmates might have the answers questions I may have about the course study that can keep me on the right path.
     Asking questions on the topics you do not understand will help you understand the material and overall make you more knowledgeable.
     I know it helps when I sit down and but sometimes I just get so confused reading the material on my own. That just means I should a ask more questions about what I am reading. So I am going to start reading out of the book more.

     I will try to start completing the assignments at least two days ahead of time in order to grasp the readings and lectures more thoroughly.

     Reading, studying notes study groups meeting with professor I want to get a decent grade in this class because I want to transfer to Cal Poly soon.
     It's hard trying to work full time and be there for my family. I have learned that after my first midterm I really need to make more time for myself and buckle down and focus and review my quizzes and note before exam time. Maybe ask more questions in class for clarification on certain topics.
     Checking MyCuesta, the course website, contacting and communicating with P-dog.

     I'm going to start making flashcards to use as study tools for key terms.
     Flash cards ARE the best. Hands down.

     I never sleep enough which keeps me from actually focusing in class.

     Revise previous semester quizzes and study off them. Show up to office hours to get more feedback when needed.

     I need to start being more organized with my notes so that I can refer back to them when I need to.
     I have the correct answers for each test/quiz but have not been keeping those in a small notebook that I can carry at all times. This will help, as I can look at the notebook whenever I have spare time.

     I always print out the practice quizzes/flashcards put up on the course website but I don't usually finish them all the way and I don't think I've ever gotten my answers checked by you. It would benefit me to start fully completing them and then getting the answers double-checked by you.

     I will start paying more attention to the online presentations because that's where most of the information we need is.

     I need to start setting aside specific time to complete the work for this class and to study for the quizzes/tests.
     I am going to start treating this class as if it were one of my "majors" courses.
     I need to start double-checking to make sure I am clear on the material I am about to take a test on or that I understand what we will be lectured on that day.
     Yes, I know all these piggy-back one another but that is because I know my strengths and weaknesses and staying on-top of things is definitely a weakness I strive to overcome daily. I mean who would rather read than go to the gym and complete an instantly challenging, high-energy work out and receive hundreds of endorphins and results? Therefore, prioritizing what is REQUIRED, and what is REWARD is going to be key in the success of me, in all that I do.
     I need to start to make more time to study for this class and keep up with the homework assignments.
     I struggle with staying on top of my online work.
     There's a fine line between simply reviewing and actually studying. I need to focus more time towards studying, and not just briefly skimming over notes/presentations an hour before the test. I also need to start referring/reading the textbook more often; I have a bad habit of letting my textbook collect dust in the back of my car.

     I need to read the textbook! There is so much to be gained from going over the information one more time outside of class, and getting a more comprehensive look at what we discuss in class.

     I have been reading the presentations in detail but tend to just skim over the book. I think I would grasp the concepts much better if I fully read the textbook.
     I need to read the book more carefully, instead of just skimming it briefly.
     I need to start reading the sections from start to end. I also need to start spending more time on the practice quizzes before class.
     I need to read the book more thoroughly that way I can improve my grade in the long run and will benefit my test scores.
     I need to start going back over the things I learn.

     I'll study every once and awhile but I really need to study before every test.
     I put off studying and then i never study and I got away with it kind of on the midterm because i did study a little and I just understood most of everything but I know that will not work on the next exam.
     I need to spend more time with the material. Quizzes need to be a higher priority for me. I need to review online slides and read the chapters multiple times. I need to get a much better grade on the next mid-term, in order to save my grade.

     I need to start taking better notes of the online preview presentations rather than just relying on the in class review to teach me the information I need.
     At the beginning of the semester I was doing great with taking notes from the book and presentations while outside of class. However, lately I have been slacking in that area. I intend to start taking more notes and putting in more work outside of class.
     I need to start taking detailed notes in order to refer back to them if I don't understand something.
     I will start taking more notes while I'm reading the chapter as well as in class
     I need to start writing notes about what I'm reading!

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