Online reading assignment question: keep, quit, start

Astronomy 210, spring semester 2016
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "keep" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, spring semester 2016.

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "quit" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, spring semester 2016).

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "start" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, spring semester 2016.

Students were asked to answer a "keep-quit-start" online reflection (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com) on their studying strategies/pitfalls (Mubayiwa, 2009).
Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to keep doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to keep doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
quit doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to quit doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to
start doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to start doing to study for this class).
[Word tags have been edited to consolidate related common subjects; student explanations are verbatim.]

Keep word tags:
      I am not doing well at self-taught Astronomy, but coming to class, hearing the lecture and being able to ask questions really helps solidify my understanding of key concepts.
      I will continue to come to class and do the homework. These are easy points and help clarify things.
      The class pre-work is helpful but the concepts don't come together until the in-class exercises.
      I will keep attending the classes, studying for tests/quizzes, and doing surveys/in class assignments
      Most of the points in this class it seems are based off of classwork or things done in class. (this includes quizzes) Also the lectures have helped me understand everything that we have read about on out own
      I will plan to keep study for quizzes and also attending class to make sure i receive all points possible for in class activities.
      I want to keep being present in class to receive the most knowledge from you as I can. I find being in class and having you explain things clicks more in my brain than reading the assignments.
      I intend to keep attending classes frequently in order to better understand the material.
      Even though its hard to motivate myself to come back to Cuesta every Wednesday night, especially with spring break and summer right around the corner, I need to make sure I keep my attendance up because its hard for me to learn and understand everything by self teaching and hearing the lecture helps for clarification.
      By going to class every single time, I am getting class points [worksheets] that I wouldn't get if I didn't go. That's 100 points right there and at the rate I'm going, I'm going to need every point I can get. being there is the best way to keep from getting zeros and with my grade so far I need to be there
      Continuously attending the lecture class helps clarify any confusing material from the reading assignments, and it helps me retain the information better.
      Attending class is the most important because P-Dog goes over info that's ridiculously confusing sometimes.
      Don't miss any classes and do all the reading assignments and in class activities.
      Interacting helps learn the material better
      When I focus in class I am able to absorb topics better.

      I had previously said that completing all assignments, and I think its important because it helps understand everything that we are learning and we also get credit for completing them.
      I need to do the homework before it's due and read it in depth and take notes
      I need to keep up on the weekly reading assignments and make sure that I fully understand the concepts. I was a little behind as far as understanding everything before the midterm and had to cram to understand everything. If I stay on track and keep myself interested and in tune with the topics at hand it will be a lot easier to succeed in class.
      The homework assignments make sure that you read the blog for the upcoming class and count for more points then we think when they're added all up at the end of the course and they don't take a lot of time.
      I realize that the homework and classwork are worth not only worth a lot of points, they also help me understand the material better. Doing the homework and in class assignments is smart because I can accumulate points and test prep at the same time.
      Completing the online assignments really helps me understand the material being taught in class. If I keep this up it will result in higher test and quiz scores, as well as points from doing the surveys themselves.

      P-dog is a great teacher. It all makes sense when he explains it. It's when he stops talking that I get lost. But I'm starting to get the hang of things on my own. I still need his help every now and then, but overall, I think I need to keep on learning by myself so that I can be more independent.

      I have been doing a very good job at completing the weekly readings and the quiz that follows. Along with attending class. I know that the weekly readings help because I'm able to understand the material a little better. And if you don't go to class you miss a lot more material. It all adds up quickly. And if you miss anything you pay the price.
      I did not had a lot of time to read the material over the past ten weeks due to an extremely difficult Math course. Now I have more time to dedicate to read and understand the material.
      I intend to stay focused and continue reading the reading assignments to do better in the class.
      I've always had trouble keeping up with the reading in classes and suffered for it. However, in this class I've been able to keep up with it and it's helped. I am going to keep reading the chapters assigned for every class to succeed in this class.
      I noticed that just previewing the online presentations (which I previously did) did not help a lot because I didn't own a textbook, but when using the textbook in the library and reading the material alongside with the online presentations, I realized that I understood the material better and was able to apply what I learned from both the textbook and presentations onto the in class activities.
      I feel like when I actually read the assigned chapters I do better in class, and I understand more of the in class assignments
      Well it'd be dumb to not read the notes provided for us. I will continue to read the textbook in this class.

      This helps me to know the material in test form as well as knowing what us important to know.
      going back through and re-reading the lectures was really helpful for me when I was studying for the midterm.
      I'm going to keep going over my old quizzes and practice quizzes to study for future exams.
      I want to keep on reviewing the practice quizzes we do in class and the ones that are available online. They help me understand what type of questions might be asked.

      I will continue to study as much as I can before each quiz or exam for the simple fact that if I don't I will do extremely worse on everything.
      You can never go wrong with too much studying.
      well i have not done well in my quizzes and i know if i study harder then i will do better on the quizzes. i have been getting lower then 12 on the quizzes and that has severely effected my grade. so the only way to pull my grade up is to do better on the quizzes.
      I spent a good amount of hours studying and reviewing for the midterm. I need to keep doing this, and do it more often.
      By studying I mean really working to understand concepts, not just memorizing information. This is what makes science so challenging but also rewarding
      Studying is a proven way to succeed in academics. Studying the quizzes and my notes have helped a lot.
      Make sure that when I have spare time in between classes or not going to work that I spend a satisfactory amount of time to learn what is necessary for this course by studying, instead of distracting myself with distractful activities.
      I plan to keep studying the material in order to succeed in this class! So far forming a study group with classmates has made a difference in my quiz scores and studying before class makes a difference as well. There was a significant difference in scores on a quiz I forgot to study for, compared to one I did study for. I do although plan on devoting more time to studying!
      I am going to continue studying the material.
      I study from the textbook before quizzes and tests and it seems to help a lot.

      helps with reviewing instead of skimming a text on a whim
      I do the weekly reading in the book and take notes on the terms as I go in order to remember all of the information and to have another study technique. Notes help me a lot and always have; without them I would not be surviving what so ever in this class.
Quit word tags:
      I want to quit getting so distracted when I go to study for quizzes or midterms. I work so much that sometimes when I have the time to study, my mind can easily wonder off to something else. I need to focus on the schoolwork and just think about what I'm needing to learn and not what's going on at work or in my social life.
      Although I hate to admit it my phone has been a distraction to me in class. I find it hard to ignore a text for a whole two hours. I have noticed that my phone has kept me from being present in the moment and I plan on turning it off while I am in class! I know with just this simple device being shut off my focus and scores will improve in class.

I want the credits for the inline surveys, so I have to commit to memory that they must be done.

      i've missed class a few times, and i need to stop missing class because i'm missing out on group work points.
      Things will keep me from attending class. I've lost my motivation to attend class. I've been attending college for two years straight. I've taken even the summer classes. I remember my first year. I was so eager to go to school. It felt like waking up to go to the first day of school every day. But I've lost my drive. Family and friends are also a big distraction. Throw in car problems and you've got the entire team together. I want to quit making/using excuses for not coming to class.
      I've only missed one class but especially since it's only one day a week it makes it hard to keep on track if you miss it.
      I do come to most classes, I think I've missed three, but they all happen to be classes before quizzes so I need to be present so I can prepare for quizzes and do better on them.
      Just missing one class can result in the loss of valuable information that could appear on a test. I'm going to try to quit the occasional absence in order to be as prepared as possible for examinations. Plus this maximizes participation points!

      I haven't done a great job completing reading assignments through out this class not totally completing the online assignments (mostly the sections about interests and questions)

      After getting my mid-term back , I noticed that I had missed points on both the mid-term and the quizzes by not Xing the impossibilities as part of the directions on these tests. Can't believe I was so foolish to miss that and lose out on much needed points!

      I have a tendency to only do the flash card questions I know or are easy to find in the text/lectures, and it is affected my quiz grades negatively.

      I work 30 hours per week at a bank, I take 5 classes for 19 credits. I am extremely busy and quite often there is not enough hours in the day to stay caught up on my schooling. I do recognize that this class is not insignificant, and that I do need it as a grad requirement. I cannot keep putting my other classes before this class. well if you start failing in a class that your not going to pass, and you continue to try. that would be stupid because you will start failing in other classes that you could have passed.
      Sometimes, i am busy with the other stuffs and don't have enough time to study. I should make the planing schedule and follow it strictly.

      I prioritize my day classes because its a more normal schedule for me so I tend to forget to take time for this class. Plus I just hate reading textbooks. The information doesn't stay with me, but it would be more helpful.

      Sometimes I study for a quiz or test a week or so before the quiz/test. Before the day of the quiz/test I tend to forget to review the materials I had studied a long time ago and I end up forgetting some of the materials.

      Not studying makes my quiz scores low

      I always wait until the last minute!
      I get frustrated rather quickly if I don't understand. And once I don't understand I either stall or give up. With some topics in this class I have a hard time understanding. With that being said once it gets close to test time I get frustrated when trying to study and end up giving up. I need to work on really applying myself. I know that I can do it it's just a matter of making myself do it. I learn a lot slower than my peers do and I need to spend much more time on topics. I guess my point here is that I need to make more time for myself to study. Even if that's in smaller intervals. I need to push myself to do better on tests and stop giving up on myself so quickly.
      I'm going to stop waiting until the latest moment to study for quizzes and exams.
      last minute preparation does not help me at all to be prepared really. bad habit.
      I need to do homework and study earlier than just the day before.
      Especially with the homework, I procrastinate until the last hour or so which typically leads to homework assignments not getting done.
      I will stop procrastinating to achieve a better grade in the class and learn more effectively about astronomy.
      Although I will continue to study, I want to stop procrastinating and only studying the night or few nights before, especially when it comes to the larger exams like midterms.
      i need to stop doing my homework late at night because that is effecting how much i actually spend on my homework .
      I think I just need to procrastinate less and prepare myself more than I usually do.
      Be more on top of my time management
      Waiting until the last moment hinders me because something always happens at the end which prevents me from getting it done.
      I have a bad habit of waiting till the day before class to start studying or reading. I need to start earlier and pace the amount of studying more evenly.
      I save a lot of my work for the night before or the day of and it doesn't leave time for me to ask questions and understand everything.
      I feel like it would be better if I did the readings earlier in the week.
      Stop waiting until the night before to do the homework for class
      Its easy to think you have more time. I want to do a better job at getting the assigned reading done on time.
      I'm going to stop waiting until the last day to study for quizzes.
      Since I tend to do the pre-assignments the night before it is due, I realized that I am unable to review a second time the material that could help ingrain that knowledge in my head deeper. By doing the assignments earlier and reviewing a day or two before the day of class, it might help my retention and do better with tests because of the constant repetition with the material.
      I plan on not waiting till the last minute to study, so i can do better on the quizzes and I plan on spending more time on the assigned readings.
      I want to quit waiting till the last minute to do online surveys and study.
      I intend to stop myself from procrastinating by making sure that over the weekend (the days I have no school or work) I do a combination of studying for tests/quizzes as well as doing the online assigned homework and readings.
      I intend to stop waiting till the last minute to study for quizzes and tests. Since we only meet once a week, I think that I'll have enough time to get it all in, but I always end up waiting until it's too late and it definitely shows on my quiz/test scores.
      I tend to put things off to the last minute and need to do a better job of getting ahead of the class like I'm used to because then I feel more confident in my work.
      I should space out the reading more through out the week, instead of reading all of it a couple of hours before class.

      I need to stop looking at homework assignments with the intent to get through them quickly. Real learning only takes place when I'm relaxed, focused and allowing myself to completely direct my attention to astronomy.

      I have very bad vision and have no glasses so I can barely participate in class.

      I have to study every day in order to understand the weekly concepts, if I miss a day, I will forget the readings or confuse the concepts.

      occasionally in class, I zone out and miss what was said.
      I need to try and focus more during our 3 hour class.
Start word tags:
      Making sure that if I don't understand something or I'm confused about a concept to ask questions and understand fully before moving on. All the topics kind of lead off each other so it's hard to succeed if you can't understand the basics.
      I have been depending on what we learn in class too much. since its only once a week and its "flipped teaching" i need to do a lot more studying at home. I also need to start asking more questions, not getting them cleared up is adding up.
      Start finding confusions and interests in the reading
      I need to ask more questions when I don't understand concepts. I definitely have a fear of looking dumb so this is something I struggle with.
      If I get lost, I tend to try to figure it out myself rather than just asking for help
      I tend to not ask questions during class because of a big class and I end up just making a side note and looking up my question in the textbook or online when I get home. Also I think that when I don't ask questions in class, I feel like I'm not engaging as much as I should be.

      time and space goes hand and hand. The universe seems to be expanding at an exponential rate, time is going faster and faster, so in my world it makes me feel like i'm getting slower. all the things i thought i can do quickly takes more time to do, and the time no longer exists.

      I need to not wait to the last minute to study the sections.
      Start them earlier in th week
      I'm hoping by spending a little more time studying and not waiting till the last minute, I am able to succeed and not be so stressed out about the class.

      I am going to start using flashcards and finishing the practice quizzes to broaden my studying techniques.
      Using the flashcards will help me decipher the important information I need to know understand the subject matter and pass tests and quizzes.
      I want to start to actually review all of the flashcards before quizzes and exams. I did this for the first couple quizzes and I did much better on them than the ones where I stopped reviewing the flashcards for.
      I have heard quite a few people talk about how helpful the flashcard questions are and I know I need to start utilizing this study tool.
      I need to start studying the flashcard questions more often and continue to go over them.

      I intend to make a conscious effort to really focus more in class. It is easy to get distracted with technology, other students, and other upcoming tests in other classes. I plan on starting to become more focused and in tune with the lectures to succeed!
      I plan to be more prepared for quizzes since they represent a decent portion of my grade. Also, it would be beneficial to take as many quizzes as possible to increase the likelihood of high chosen scores.
      Just like I mentioned above since I've been getting frustrated with the material I haven't been doing my best. So I ended up getting myself a tutor and we meet typically once sometimes twice a week to go over what we are learning in class. That has actually helped me more than I thought. And I'm finally feeling a little more comfortable. My hope is that now that I have a tutor I will now be starting to try more. And always be sure to study harder for tests and take my time really reviewing. I believe that I can do it now I just need to try harder in all areas and give myself time to really learn and understand the material.
      im always on my phone in class so i need to start putting away my phone until break unless im looking up something for the assignments. its effecting me not taking notes therefore i have little to study and understand anything.
      I need to improve as I go. I will make mistakes along the way. I'll take a C on the first quiz, but I strive to get an A on the next one. My goal is to only go up from here.

      I want to visit you in your office hours more to make sure I am on the right track.

      I have a really hard time thinking in this way so I am going to try a new angle and start trying to study even more in depth by watching more online videos and clips about each topic so I hopefully will start to understand.

      I will start looking online and work on practice questions and "reviews" to do better.
      Take the practice quizzes more than once or twice before tests and quizzes.

      reading the textbook ahead of time will give me an idea as to what will be discussed in class instead of learning it right then and there.
      I usually just read the online notes, and they're very helpful. But i'd gain a better understanding of the material if i read the textbook as well.
      I always skim over the assigned reading chapters, but I don't always read it thoroughly. I need to start reading all assigned book chapters thoroughly.
      I've been mainly reading only the online presentations and not so much the assigned book, although it didn't hinder my test score this time it has somewhat hindered my quiz scores, by devoting my weekend (free time) to reading the book I should be better able to succeed in this class.
      I should start reading ahead off time. Right after the class is best and keep reading. Ask to help if I don't understand or stuck.

      Like I said before, I don't review sometimes before a quiz/test and that's one of my weaknesses. I will start reviewing from now on.

      Throughout my three years here at Cuesta I have learned that study groups are one of the most beneficial ways of learning knew material. I plan to make sure we meet up a few times before the next exam.
      I have made arrangements with some classmates to start a study group, its always better to have more than one brain working together. It will also help to be able to ask question that maybe i don't understand and some one in the study group does.

      Start studying to get better grades on the quizzes
      I need to start putting in more time to study and prepare for classes
      Spending more time on the topics to get a better understanding of the material.BR>       My quiz scores are just awful and its important that I do well on the next 5.
      I don't really understand this class, so i need to study a little harder to be able to get a better grade.
      I don't make nearly enough time to study, and restudy the previous learned subjects. I don't spend enough time between tests reviewing and rereading.
      I always study for any sort of quiz or exam but recently I have noticed that my method is not working as it usually does, therefore I think I need to start preparing more days and probably will not do the study groups because it didn't really help me.
      that way I don't have to cram right before the next big test
      I plan on studying more than i have been in order to get the grade i want to receive.
      I want to start studying more and being more determined to learn the material.
      I do study but I could definitely do it more!

      I want to start taking better notes from classroom discussions so that I can use them to study.
      I do the reading each week, but it sometimes seems to go over my head. I need to start writing notes or highlighting in order to fully grasp the material.
      I think taking notes from the chapters in the book would be helpful in retaining some of the information, and it would help me to remember what parts of the reading were confusing so that I could clarify that better in class.
      I suck at taking notes as it is and being towards the back of the class isn't helping my case. If I sit closer to the front, I can take better notes.

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