Presentation: instructor background

(Slides shown introducing the instructor for the first day of class.)

...let's talk about the most important component of this course...me.  So let me introduce myself--I'm Dr. Len, which is a bit formal, so I'm kind of just 'meh' about that.

If you want to get a bit less formal and more friendly, I'm okay with being on a first-name basis in class.

And if you really want to get on my good side, you can call me...'P-dog.'  Remember, there are only two types of students in this class--those that can call me 'P-dog,' and those that just can't.  You'll figure it out soon enough.  It's not that hard.

Some deep background about my education.  I was born and raised in Hawaii, and I graduated from my hometown high school in Aiea, which is the notably the only city in the U.S. that does not have any consonants in it.

Then I went away to Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and took a lot of math and fine arts classes, until declaring a major in physics at the end of my second year.  As a result I have a B.A.--a liberal arts degree--in physics, along with double minors in both math and fine arts.

Since I wanted to be able to teach physics, I needed to get a graduate degree, so after seven years of evil doctor school at UC-Davis, I got my Ph.D. in physics.

After getting my Ph.D. at UC-Davis, I also taught introductory physics there for six years as a lecturer.  My UC-Davis students freaked me out, because they were in a very competitive pre-med program, which made them very sensitive about their grades.  And they were just weird, in general.

Which is why Mrs. P-dog and I decided to move to where students keep it more real.  Which would be Cuesta College.  We've been here more than 14 years, and we like it here.

Now now we delve into the too-much-information territory.  I wear a hearing device in my right ear (that's my dead ear on my left), and identify as Deaf.  In the classroom I just need you to get my attention (Deaf hand-wave) and speak just a little louder usual while facing me.

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