Online reading assignment question: advice to future students

Astronomy 210, spring semester 2014
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

Students have a weekly online reading assignment (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com), where they answer questions based on reading their textbook, material covered in previous lectures, opinion questions, and/or asking (anonymous) questions or making (anonymous) comments. Full credit is given for completing the online reading assignment before next week's lecture, regardless if whether their answers are correct/incorrect. The following question was asked after the last lecture, but prior to the final exam.

Tell a student who is about to take this course next semester what he/she needs to know or to do in order to succeed in this course. (Graded for completion.)

The following are all of the student responses to this question, verbatim and unedited.
"Attend every class and participate. Don't buy the book. It's a waste. Read the sections in the library before class."

"Just to pay attention. This course is fun and quite challenging but if you just pay attention and do what you're supposed to do, you'll succeed!"

"I strongly agree to do your reading at home before class because it helps. If you do this you won't be so lost in class."

"Do the reading assignments!"

"Remember to do the reading assignments!"

"Reach out to other classmates and form study groups. I found them very helpful."

"Just the basic the course will cover every important aspect."

"You should definitely use all resources given to you and take pictures of the in class activities to study from. Also pay attention in class and try to utilize the time to understand the material."

"Don't be shy when working in groups. I found that is when I did most of my learning; explaining concepts to each other during in class assignments. There are also a lot of really easy points so stay on top of doing reading assignments and show up to class. Attendance makes a big difference. Don't forget to do the online reading assignments!"

"It's pretty simple - come to class! The one week where I felt lost was one where I didn't come to class."

"Do the reading"

"Study like no other. Flash card questions are your friend and don't be afraid to email your professor."


"Have internet, read, and be ready for group work! :)"

"Show up to class! and do all the extra credit even if you don't think you'll need to!"

"Read the astro book and be very active in the classroom, you meet really cool people and they can help you out when you're lost."

"Either bring your own copy of or take pictures of the in-class activities, they help greatly with studying for tests."

"Always always always utilize the online material (flashcard questions, past tests etc) and don't forget to do the surveys!"

"The most important thing to do to succeed is keep up. Go to all the classes and set aside time every week to study and do the assessments outside of class."

"Do the reading and the flash cards! But not last second... Leave time to address the concepts you don't understand and take those questions to office hours if necessary!"

"Study the previous semesters quizzes and email your answers to P-Dog of the flash card questions!!!!"

"To succeed in Astronomy one should take the necessary time to ask questions on whatever may be confusing as there are many ways and many possibilities of answers in regards to topics presented in the course."

"Study study study! My grades improved a lot from reviewing the material."

"Do the reading."

"For this this course you need to make sure you are in class, do the class activities and when your at home do the pre lab readings it will help you a great deal when trying to pass this course. Also respect P-dog!!"

"GO TO CLASS! i think i missed one class in the begining of the semester and it totally threw me off for the rest of the semester. i felt like i was always one step behind. Its not Hard, just go to class!"

"Smoke weed before class. It gets really trippy"

"For someone to succeed in this class, just make sure to study the flash card questions! Also, I would recommend doing the reading! This class was overall an easy A!"

"Go to class! I definitely learned the material through lectures and in class activities."

"Well really self explanatory stuff its really important to do all your reading assignments and don't fall behind. I've never taken a course where you learn everything before class so extensively and I think that is a really cool way to teach. So defenatly understand how to use the technique learned at the beginning of class regarding how to study."

"Go to class, and do your readings. Other than that just have fun and learn"

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