Physics quiz question: rotational inertia of Solowheel wheel

Physics 205A Quiz 5, fall semester 2013
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

Cf. Giambattista/Richardson/Richardson, Physics, 2/e, Problem 8.2

"Riding the Solowheel to work - every days obstacle course"

A Solowheel motorized unicycle[*] rolls without slipping on a horizontal road with a wheel that can be approximated as a solid disk of radius 0.21 m and mass 5.0 kg. The rotational inertia of the Solowheel wheel is:
(A) 0.011 kg·m2.
(B) 0.11 kg·m2.
(C) 0.22 kg·m2.
(D) 2.2 kg·m2.

(Given: Idisk = (1/2)·M·R2.)

[*] solowheel.com/solowheel-specs/.

Correct answer (highlight to unhide): (B)

Since the Solowheel wheel can be approximated as a solid disk,

I = (1/2)·m·r2 = (1/2)·(5.0 kg)·(0.21 m)2 = 0.11025 kg·m2,

or to two significant figures, the rotational inertia is 0.11 kg·m2.

(Response (A) is (5.0 kg)·(0.21 m)/(100 kg); response (C) is the rotational inertia (5.0 kg)·(0.21 m)2 for a ring (instead of a solid disk); response (D) is (1/2)·(100 kg)·(0.21 m)2.)

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(A) : 6 students
(B) : 32 students
(C) : 10 students
(D) : 13 students

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