Online reading assignment question: keep, quit, start

Astronomy 210, spring semester 2013
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "keep" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, spring semester 2013 (www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/6561735/Untitled).

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "quit" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, spring semester 2013 (www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/6561737/Untitled).

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "start" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, spring semester 2013 (www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/6561737/Untitled).

Students were asked to answer a "keep-quit-start" online reflection (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com) on their studying strategies/pitfalls (Mubayiwa, 2009).
Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to keep doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to keep doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to quit doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to quit doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to start doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to start doing to study for this class).
[Word tags have been edited to consolidate related common subjects; student explanations are verbatim.]

Student responses
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Keep word tags:
flashcard questions ("peer-instruction," "think-pair-share")
      doing the flashcard helps prep so there aren't surprises.
      Reviewing the flash card questions
      Whenever I've done well on the quizzes, I know it was because I found almost all the answers to the flashcard questions. Also, I struggle with taking my ADD meds regularly and I forget sometimes...so I struggle with motivation and my ability to focus. I know I need to continue to do the flashcard questions though because I failed the last quiz miserably and I read and took notes, but didn't do the flashcards. Plus I was unaware of some one the info that would be on quiz 4.

go to class
     I will keep showing up to class every day and paying attention. I will continue to do the work as well.
      I will continue to show up for the in-class assignments
      Being in class is what is really keeping my grade up paying attention and listening to your lectures is really helping me. because i don't have the patience and competence to read the text book
      Well attending class is 95% of sucess because the other 5% is paying attention and learning.
      making sure I'm in class to do the in class activities it not only helps to practice what I learn but to do it in a group setting so you can have people correct you or you can correct them.
      Keep attending lecture
      Coming to class is one of the easiest things to do to maintain a good grade in the class. Majority of the time there is two in class activities which are pretty much free points towards your grade
      By not missing classes I will be able to receive more points for the in class activites as well as understand the material better.
      As long as I show up to class each week, then I will retain more information than if I didn't.

      I intend to keep doing next weeks homework on Wednesday, so that i wouldn't have to remember to do the homework before the next class and i could take my time on it
      I have only missed one online assignment and those are easy points that help my grade alot!
      I intend to keep doing the online assignments, reviewing the online presentations, and taking notes off of them.

      By participate, I mean engaging and participating in in-class activities. I definitely learn the most from in-class activities.

pay attention
      Have to pay attention to succeed
      It's the only way I seem to be able to remember because when it comes to doing the reading, I cannot remember what I have read.
      if i do not pay attention, i wont retain any of the information that P-Dog says, which is bad, and if i dont do my work in the class i wont learn as much and i wont get a good grade.

      I preview the presentations and take all the notes down so that when I arrive to class all I do is listen and try to understand the importance of the notes. This really helps me because I do not worry about taking down the notes during class; I get to listen to you and under what the lecture is actually about. This was hard for me because to start I could not write down notes if I did not understand the meaning of them. But I tried it and it really works well for me now! Love LOVE the flashcard packets. Wish you could email the answers or put them online a few days before the test that way I know I got the same answers.

      I will continue keeping up with all the reading
      I dont read enough
      As long as I keep reading the blogs and textbooks, then I will be able to contain more information that will help me to pass the quizzes and exams which will allow me to pass the class.
      The book is really important because it has details in it that a few hours of class could not possibly get to. Additionally, I can read at my own pace and re-read things I believe are important. It is also really important to study for quizzes and tests.

      For the following quiz, I review all of the past material on the other quizzes and find out what I need to review on.

      I wasn't doing very well on my quizzes. Once I started to study hard for them, I think I'll do better. I studied a lot for the test and didn't do as well as I should.
      I need to keep studying all the material that I'm learning about so I can know the basics and do well on tests. I can also use the information that I learned to apply it in life. An example would be the moon; I would know its moon phases when I see it.
      When you tell us what will be on the quizzes or exams, I will focus on those tasks and study them and try to take out as much as I can from them and by doing this it should help me do better in this class.
      i need to study a bit more then i have been to do better on the quizes.
      study the past quizzes for the up and coming tests.
      I read the assigned reading and take notes I take lots of notes in class I find the answers to the flash card questions and I make my own flash cards and study them and it seems to be helping.

take notes
      I get wayyyyyyyyy better grades when I take notes in class. The two quizzes I scored poorly on were caused because I didn't take notes for those chapters.
      I get the most out of the lectures and in class activities and I do most of my studying from my notes and that has been working out for me thus far so I intend on continuing that.
Quit word tags:
      I know everyone has busy schuldues but if I looked over the reading once a night before I went to bed I would not have to study as hard when I cram it all into one night.

      Not paying attention isn't helping much
      Sometimes I don't pay enough attention so I need to quit zoning and focus!
      I talk to much and get off the subject. And i look at time too much idk why sometimes.
      i am a normal college kid... like many i am addicted to my cell phone. texting, snapchat, facebook, tinder... they are all so addicting to check!
      Class is long. I notice that I start to space out a lot. Bringing coffee to class is actually very helpful to keep me up and concentrated.

      I will try to answer more questions instead of always putting unsure/guessing.
      there is nothing i am doing excessively when it comes to studying at this point.

not asking questions
      I am normally very shy even if it doesn't look like it, and I don't ask the teacher in person if something isn't clear to me. I need to go to the teacher and ask questions about the things I don't get in class so I will know them better.

      If I quit anything I wont learn anything :)

not reading
      I will read the assigned chapters in the textbook.
      i need to start doing the reading again before lecture so i can understand better the brief explanations we get in lecture
      I haven't been reading from the book as much as I should because I feel the information confuses me more and Professor Len explains the information much better.
      I should start reading the textbook more in depth

only vocabulary
      I need to recognize and study the key concepts of the section, and not try to memorize every word just because it's in bold.

      i will alot of time put off doing my work till the last minute and i occasionally run out of time to do it so i need to stay on my game
      I work weekends but i should really spend more time studying and not waiting till the last minute to do my studying.
      I will quit waiting till the last minute to complete my online assignments.
      I will stop procrastinating. I do every reading assignment pretty much right before it is due. I need to quit doing that. I do all the lab stuff right before it is due as well. I need to quit procrastinating.
      I know the quizzes are coming up, but I procrastinate on studying for it. I feel like I understand what is on the quiz, but I know I could definitely study more and harder each time.
      I want to quit doing everything last minute like hw and studying the night before its due
      Procrasting the readings. I could spend more time on it and not wait til the last minute
      For the first two quizzes this year I only studied the day before the quiz and by doing that it hurt my grade. So from now on I am not going to wait til the last day.
      I usually skim the reading before class but I don't actually go back and read it until a night or two before the exam or quiz and it just ends up being too much to read and I never finish it. on reading and studying
      ive been leaving the studying for the last minute some times.
      If I stop procrastinating on work, then I will get more things done.
      Procrastinating is my problem because I get distracted easily and I put off studying/homework until the last minute. This strategy barely works out for me...
      I tend to wait till Tuesday before class on Wednesday evening to begin homework, reading and studying and it stresses me out I just work so much and have other classes!!

      I do much better on quizzes when I actually read the book.
      By skimming the chapters I only pick up the information for a short period of time instead of retaining it for long term

skip class
      I find the class boring sometimes and lose motivation to go, but I need to pass

skip homework
      Since some times i do the homework the night before class, so i some times don't take as much time as i would usually do for the homework.
      A lot of the times I will forget to do the online reading assignments, or i'll remember at like 12:30-1am and at that point the survey is closed

      If I stop slacking on my school work, then more will get done in a reasonable amount of time.
      For example, for the midterm and quizzes I dont study as much as I should. I usually just read the chapters, but I want to change this habit and know everything from front to back and get better grades.
      Sometimes when I do well, I get overconfident and start thinking I don't have to try as hard and I get lazy and of course the end result is a lower grade which sucks. My motivation begins to lack at the halfway point in a semester.

studying alone
      study with people in the class

      I've learned this week when I show up late to class, I usually fall behind in the lecture or class work (like quizzes) and I feel I must rush to catch up. This is a self-inflicted wound on my part, because I usually know the material and do very well on the quizzes, but when I rush through the material quickly, I sometimes miss key words or do not understand the instructions. And this usually hurts me in the long run.
Start word tags:
      When I don't understand something I feel stupid asking if it's an obvious answer to others. I think if I ask more questions and stay involved I can get the A I am really wanting I'm this class.

checking answers
      Sometimes on quizzes and exams I rush through the instructions or miss key words. This usually happens when I'm behind or I feel I know the question already. With my test taking style, I'm going to need to go back and check my answers at least once, if not twice. If I do this, then I should do well.

      I want to start my hw on Thursday or Friday with plenty of time to finish and take notes on the assigned reading to get an a in the class
      I want to start reading the assigned sections earlier and over a few days so it is not such a big load all at one time and it will hopefully relieve some stress and keep me refreshed.

flashcard questions ("peer-instruction," "think-pair-share")
      I will start doing more flashcard questions to help me study for quizzes and tests. I need to start answering the flashcard questions at home. That way, I can be absolutely prepared for the quizzes and I can start getting better grades on all of my quizzes.
      I intend to printing and reviewing/studying the practice quizzes/flashcard questions, and class activities. I feel this will help me further my understanding and really help do better on quizzes.
      I'm going to start trying to answer the flashcard questions that weren't done in class to make sure I know the material on my own.

go to class
     i want to make sure i go to every class day.

      I need to start doing them in anywway i can
      complete the online quizzes

office hours
      I did really well on one of the quizzes and before I'd gone into your office to go over the material that confused me. I know I need to make it a point to do this again because I know it helped me succeed.

      I will participate in class and be the leader in the groups we get split up into so that I can understand even more what we are doing. I feel like that will help me get a better understanding of the material.

pay attention
      Haven't been paying enough attention

      I will not be late as much.

      I admit, I dont read the entire chapter of the book. But I don't skim it either. It's kind of a combination of both. I loose my concentration in the text and before I know it im halfway through and I don't remember what I even read.
      i hadly read textbooks... i feel like there is more info i could get if i would read the book.... starting now i shall read the book!
      avoid procrastinating so much
      By reading the chapters more carefully I will have a better knowledge of the subject matter before going to class
      The more I read, the more I likely I will pass the quizzes and tests.

      If i start reviewing after each class what we learned that day i think the information might stick a little more.
      reviewing flashcards, text, slideshows helps my memory stay fresh, so if i review after each lecture than i wont have too much studying to do later
      I should start going over everything especially going back to the textbook and re-reading the major topics again so I will know them by heart. I also should start going over more of the questions in the in-class activities because they serve as a useful tool when it comes to test taking.

      I will start studying better than I have. I will go more in depth rather than just skimming.
      i hate to say it but i study for this class less then my other classes and that defiantly needs to change.
      i should take more time and study a bit more before each quiz and midterm
      I studied for the midterm and got a good grade! But I don't study for the quizes. And I get bad grades.
      Spend more time on the readings and flash card questions
      I would like to get an A in the class, so I need to start studying more than I usually do for the quizzes.
      I study a little but I need to study lots more and read the chapters
      Studying even harder
      The quizzes has seemed to be the most difficult part about this class, and a lot of the time it can be unpredictable on what's on them, so I just feel like I need to review more material so I won't be as lost on some questions
      If I study more than I do now, then I will retain even more information that will allow me to pass more if not all of the upcoming quizzes and exams.
      I want to and will begin to start studying for quizzes and tests more thoroughly and memorize all of the key and important topics.
      I need to prepare my work ahead of time because waiting until last minute affects quality. I also need to start making better use of the website because you post some extremely helpful shit on there. If I study earlier and make better use of your website, then I will easily get an A in your astronomy course!
      study for longer periods of time

take notes
      It'd be easier if you could write down things that we'd need to take notes on because I can't keep up and that is the best way for me to learn and remember the things that will be on the quizzes, tests, etc.

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