Online reading assignment question: keep, quit, start

Astronomy 210, fall semester 2012
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "keep" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2012 (www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/5961339/Untitled).

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "quit" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2012 (www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/5961344/Untitled).

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "start" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2012 (www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/5961428/Untitled).

Students were asked to answer a "keep-quit-start" online reflection (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com) on their studying strategies/pitfalls (Mubayiwa, 2009).
Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to keep doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to keep doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to quit doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to quit doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to start doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to start doing to study for this class).
[Word tags have been edited to consolidate related common subjects; student explanations are verbatim.]

Student responses
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Keep word tags:
blog posts
      Reading the blogs online helps to present the information in a different way that helps me retain it, and then seeing the presentation in class cements it in.
      Reading over the old blog posts and presentations always helps me, as it goes over the textbook concepts but also relates the concepts to relatable topics and clarifies many topics.
      I printed out the presentation from last week and it made the whole discussion easier to understand and made the in class activity easier as well.

flashcard questions ("peer-instruction," "think-pair-share")
      I try and read the flash card questions when there's a quiz so i can get a good idea what's on the quiz. But I think I need to read the chapters more than once to get all the flash cars questions right.
      It is very helpful to go over flashcard questions because many of these questions are on our quizzes and tests.
      The questions you post online are very helpful in preparing myself for quizes and exams. I just look them over and make sure i get the answers right and its a good refresher. I also compare my answers with my peers too but not very often.

      I put focus, because since this is a once a week class sometimes its hard to stay motivated and prepared to keep on top of all the reading, homework surveys, going to class, and studying for quizzes. I've been trying hard to stay focused and make sure I get everything done and am well-prepared.

go to class
      I feel that the in class work we do gives me a better idea of the principles im trying to learn. If I was tested on everything in the textbook, It would be extremely difficult.
      I feel it is important to get my grade to go up.
      i am going to keep showing up to class. i have had a few moments of laziness and when i miss a day of class, i don't feel like doing homework.
      I missed one class this semester and I feel that it hindered my learning and also I missed out on some in class activity points which i could really use. So I have not missed a class since and I do not plan to in the future.
      by going to class and getting points for the activities i learn more.

      I want to stay on top of the homework and try to make sure i finish all of them. I need to keep striving to study more and so better on the quizes and test.
      the online homework adds up to a lot of points in the class so it is important to keep doing the homework in order to not miss out on those points.
      Although i took this class for my requirements, i have found it to be more interesting than what i expected which is what helps me keep myself motivated.

      I intend to keep doing all the homework and going to class.
      Doing well means putting in the effort, that means doing the reading assignments, looking over the study objectives posted before each quiz and understanding them, and doing practice quizzes that are posted, if this information is available to me, i will use it to help me
      I plan to do all my homework assignments on time and attend every class on time.
      I need to be dedicated to remembering to do all online assignments and study harder for quizzes.

      I try to keep up with all the assigned reading for your course, and take notes on sections that I find confusing or complicated. This really helps me to have a better understanding of the material during lecture and retain the information I need for quizes!
      I plan on continuing to do the reading assignments.
      I intend to keep reading all the information because i actually like to learn about astronomy so i want to keep reading more and more about it.
      Read. Although I am lost for the duration, I enjoy our class. I hope that reading more will unlock success.

study group
      I find that printing out and answering the flashcard questions helps me to better understand the concepts being discussed during lecture. Also study sessions with other students helps to make sense of the complex subject matter.
      The study group helps me because I can't back out of studying without looking like a flake.

      As long as I give myself enough time with all of the study options we have, I can manage to make myself do it.
      There are a lot of ways to study in this class, from reading your notes or taking past quizzes. It's important to know what to expect.
      Review the material that i need to review when i dont understand it as clear as i should. Show up to class and pay attention every meeting
      I need to keep studying for astronomy , because it's not easy as it seems.
      I want to keep studying for this class so I can have a better understanding of our universe, and get a passing grade.
      I need to keep studying so that I am better prepared for tests and in-class assignments. Studying with others, especially, has helped me to be successful in this class.
      I am not the smartest person in this class or any other class, in fact I know I would be lucky to consider myself average as far as IQ goes in comparison to the other students in class. When people ask me how I do so well in my classes, the answer is simple, I study.
      the more you review the text and your notes the more repition your getting which makes it easier to understand the harder concepts
      By studying hard and often I hope to succeed in this course. It is my belief that by repetition and hard work you can succeed at anything.
      I need to succeed in this class, I need to spend more time studying, and making sure i UNDERSTAND what im learning.

take notes
      The notes that I take during class help me out quit a bit. I look them over before I take quizzes and it seems to help.
      i have to have notes that are more descriptive than the power point notes in order to study for tests
Quit word tags:
      I know everyone has busy schuldues but if I looked over the reading once a night before I went to bed I would not have to study as hard when I cram it all into one night.

      It is important to quit using my phone during class so that I can focus my full attention to learning the material.

      I have done all I can to follow class lessons. My grades surely do not represent my efforts.
      there is nothing i am doing excessively when it comes to studying at this point.

other classes
      Fortunately my other two classes at La Verne will wrap up this week for the rest of the year, so I will be able to focus all my studies on Astronomy and only Astronomy.

      I usually do the reading assignments on monday nights and end up behind on theory.
      Sometimes I wait till the last minute to study - this does not help me to retain the information that we are learning about.
      This is pretty self explanatory. It's better to know the information ahead of time without having to study right before a quiz.
      Well i tend to get lost in face book and not finish answering the questions till later then i would want to. It doesn't help when I'm studying either.
      study the night before quizzes so that i am better prepared.
      I have came to the conclusion i tend to procrasinate sometimes, although i study and try hard to understand what i am reading think perhaps if i took more time or went to office hours it would be a major plus for me.
      I keep putting things off until the last minute, and if I were to not do that and study more, I might finally get the 100% I want on a quiz!
      i intend to quit procrastinating on homework till the last minute. sometimes i put it off till the very end and even then i someitmes i dont have time to get to it.
      I tend to read everything late at night, and i am usually not fully awake.
      I should probably not wait till the last minute to do what i'm suppose to.
      I intend to prepare myself well before lecture, quizzes and exams.
      I need to stop being lazy and study more for this class.
      I intend to try to quit procrastinating because i really do actually like reading about astronomy, but i still seem to put everything off until the last minute, then i rush to get everything done.
      I am very busy and have very little time to really focus on things. I study, but I need more review because I forget easily. I can put studying off till the last minute.
      Procrastinating leads to unnecessary stress and I'm sure I could get a few better scores if I wasn't in such a rush.
      I need to quit procrastinating so that I have ample time to study for tests in this class. When I procrastinate, I am barely able to finish reading and feel stressed and unprepared before quizzes and tests.
      i have a habit of procrastinating until the night before a quiz to get everything done, im taking 22 units and balance is key to helping me succeed in each class. I need to manage my time better and make sure that i am reading the material at the beginning of the week and not Tuesday night
      I study a lot for each quiz and test but usually i give myself only about two days to study. Now I would like to give myself a few more days to study and review.
      Plan to study online power points and study guides more closely.
      I need to stop waiting until Tuesday night to study for the quizzes on the following days.
      I always wait until the last minute to do my homework, and sometimes I don't do it because I want to go to bed.
      Put more time into studying and less time into playing around.
      I want to do the reading assingnments NOT just the night before, before that!

Red BullTM
      i become overly awake and cant focus.

      Sometimes I just skip a concept that I don't want to find out more about and then it ends up on a quiz or test.
      In the passed I didn't read the book as much and it hurt my grade.
      I put not reading, because I have a tendency on homework surveys to focus on the presentations to answer the questions and only look up what I need to immediately from the reading. Then I end up having to do all the reading the night before or day of a quiz, not to mention feel less prepared for class.

skip homework
      I often start online reading assignments without actually completeing them. Later in the week I remember starting the assignment and assume I have already done it. Or sometimes I simply forget to start the assingment at all. This has really hurt my grade in the class as each 8 point loss definitely adds up. It is especially frustrating that
      I have completed the reading and simply forgotten to turn in the assignment. I hope to stay more on top of these assignments in the future and not lose any more easy points!
      I need to QUIT forgetting to do the online assignments. by remembering to do the pre lab i will receive more points

      it i don't study for the quizzes and tests then i wont have as much of an understanding of what the question is asking me. and i'm more just winging it on what i know.
Start word tags:
      I think i should ask more questions before quizs and midterms so that I can clarify important things
      Asking more questions will help clarify any confusions that I have. The more questions I ask, the more knowledge I will be able to gain.

      Stay on task during class, ask questions, and stay up to date with reading.
      I need to START giving 100% in everything I do.
      It seems like there are a lot of study aids on the website that I haven't been taking advantage of.

flashcard questions ("peer-instruction," "think-pair-share")
      I need to start being more thorough in my studying...like going through flash card questions multiple times, etc.
      I need to do the flashcard questions and do the old quizz questions.
      I plan on studying the given flash card questions as well as the quizez from previous years

      I think it's better to be more involved in the class with the in-class activities as well as the lectures. I'm planning on offering more input and being of more use during the in-class activities.

      I am very busy with my other cuesta courses and several demanding jobs and I barely ever feel I have the proper amount of time to dedicate to studying. So far in this class I have not studied for a single quiz or test. I have simply hoped that completing the reading and attending lectures will be good enough. However, I feel that if I made a little extra time to study I could do much better on the quizes. I have been dissapointed at my perforance so far as I have made frustrating mistakes on the quizes that could have been avoided had I done a little review prior to the quiz. I hope to start studying more often!
      i am going to plan a set time to study.
      I plan on dedicating at least an hour a day to studying, so as to succeed in this course.
      i intend to spend more time really soaking in the information in class!

      Read the material more thoroughly I feel like Im understanding for the most part of what is going on in class. But keep reading over and over to refresh my memory I think can put me to the next level.
      I need to start re-reading the chapters when I don't understand the material we are learning.
      read the book to study not just go over notes and online stuff
      I intend to work harder at studying for quizzes and tests. I have not really studied for any of the quizzes or looked over notes to enhance my chances of getting a better grade. I will start reading the assigned text in more depth; along with the online reading.
      When you assign reading assignments i usually only skim them. It would help me more to fully read and comprehend the text so i should start doing that.

      I need to start sleeping more so that I can pay better attention and take better notes in class. If I stop procrastinating, I think I would have an easier time sleeping enough.

study groups
      I need to make friends :( and I need to start doing better in this class. So i figgure if i could combine the two things will work ou just fine.

      I need to spend more time researching and studying concepts that I find confusing. I am not naturally a very science minded person, but I think if I spent more time trying to better understand, I would enjoy the subject more. This in turn would help me to do better in the class.
      i want to study more and really understand my material. although i understand the concept of what i am learning i want to be able to explain my answers without doubting myself,because i've realized i second guess myself many times.
      I want to study more, and use the book more than I have been doing.
      I think making flashcards of the key terms and drawing out small diagrams will help me visually to remember class concepts.
      I have been studying already of course, but I think I could do even better on quizzes and being prepared for class/ group assignments if I made sure to study and review the material before class, and make sure I actually read and understand the material from the textbook.
      I intend to study all course material to be well prepared for exams and quizzes.
      I need to study more for this class in order to pass it.
      I intend to start to actually STUDYING, i really need to take my time while reading so i can understand the reading more
      I mostly only study with my study group, but I should be studying on my own too to make sure I have the concepts down and also because they may be wrong about some things.
      I usually don't study for the quizzes and just take them. I haven't been doing very well so I think I need to start studying.
      I plan on starting a program where I start to review Astronomy 5 or 6 days a week versus the 3 or 4 I do now. I am driven to succeed in this class and my goal is to earn enough points after the second mid-term for an "A" grade & avoid taking the final.
      if i start reviewing everyday it'll make reviewing for the tests and quizzes easier because i'll already know alot of the answers
      if i study more in advance, my test scores should improve

take notes
      I noticed another student taking good notes. I don't take notes well, but I'll do what it takes for a good grade. A good understanding is what the teacher wants. That I have. A good grade is what I want. That I don't have
      i am very good at skimming the readings and then remembering little things but i should start taking notes and read the material a second time to ensure that i am retaining the information to long term and not just short term memory. That and notes would help me to clarify things as i do the study guides and practice quizzes

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