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Physics 205A, fall semester 2012
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "keep" resolutions generated by responses from Physics 205A students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, spring semester 2012 (www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/5961314/Untitled).

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "quit" resolutions generated by responses from Physics 205A students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2012 (www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/5961322/Untitled).

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "start" resolutions generated by responses from Physics 205A students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA, fall semester 2012 (www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/5961424/Untitled).

Students were asked to answer a "keep-quit-start" online reflection (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com) on their studying strategies/pitfalls (Mubayiwa, 2009).
Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to keep doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to keep doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to quit doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to quit doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to start doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to start doing to study for this class).
[Word tags have been edited to consolidate related common subjects; student explanations are verbatim.]

Student responses
Sections 70854, 70855

Keep word tags:
      Asking more questions is very important to keep doing so that I know for sure what the answers area, than just accepting it for the answer and not being able to explain why it is the answer.

      i seem to be doing well, grasping and understanding concepts with very little confusion.
      To be successful in this course, I plan to continue to take advantage of given resources, hopefully even taking FULL advantage. Such resources include textbook resources (I have found the end-of-chapter master the concepts and conceptual question sections partucularly enhancing to my understanding of the material), chapter flash cards, archived quizzes, blog posts, and information given in lectures and labs.
      I plan on exceeding in turning my homework on time, as well as practicing material in which I am struggling to do. I also plan on getting help through tutoring by the physics club and also taking advantage of office hours. Thats what I plan to do to be awesome and getting a good grade in this class.
      I intend to keep paying attention in class and doing all of the reading assignment.

go to class
      Showing up to class on time, every time really helps because there are a lot of good worked out problems in class.
      I cannot afford to miss a day of class, the book is so cryptic that if I didn't get the explanations from Dr. Len I would be completely lost.
      pretty self-explanatory.
      Seeing problems worked out and explained really helps me to grasp the ideas and applications of each chapter.
      Most of the material starts to make sense to me during class time and flash card questions. The reading is like a bucket of water in which all the knew concepts are floating around and the time spent in class helps the concepts sink to the bottom and I can see through the proverbial bucket that is physics
      I always feel like not going but I go anyways because I know any bit of lecture will help.

      when I finish all my homeworks on time, that gives me enough time to spend extra time reading over material and when material is gone over in class, i will already have a better understanding of it and be able to perform better on quizes.
      i need to keep doing my homework on a regular basis so i can keep a passing grade in the class, AND so i can understand what I'm doing when i take a quiz or test.
      I need to start completing the homework entirely as well as prepping from quizzes and exams earlier.
      homework increases success
      I will continue to read the assigned sections from each chapter and complete and answer the surveys to the best of my ability. I will continue to attempt each homework problem assigned and if I do not understand the problem I will make sure it is explained to me.
      I will also complete the surveys. I will continue taking notes from the blog presentation, so I am prepared for the lecture the following day and can add in comments that you speak.
      I need to do all the problems that are assigned, for that is the best way to prepare for quizes and understand the material.
      I need to keep turning it labs and homeworks
      I need to keep doing the homework in this class to succeed in this class, because the homework is directly connected to what we do on the quizzes and what we do on the midterms. I also need to spend more time on this class in general.
      i intend to keep reading assignments on time and work on flash card questions on each chapter. also working the example problems on the reading really does help me understand the material.
      By staying up to date on the assigned reading and homework I am able to get the most out of class. In addition, I am able to maximize my ability to learn the concepts in time to do well on the quizzes and tests.
      I intend to keep doing the assigned homework on time. These points help keep my grade up; however I need to review the homework before quizzes or tests if I want to do better.
      The homework is great, hands-on practice of the material we're studying, so if I continue to do it, I can keep doing well in the class.
      In order to pass the class, to pass the tests, i must know the information, and therefore must do the homework more consistently.
      I'm really busy and have been skirting through the homework and not reading or doing the questions as thouroughly as I should have.
      Just in case of low scores(test/quizzes), I will make sure that have as much credit as possible in all other areas.

      I have kept up on my labs steadily throughout this class, and I have score a 100% or better on every lab so far. This shows what my favorite part of any science class is, since I always devote plenty of time and energy to labs.
office hours
      I'm probably going to go to office hours even if I think I understand the material. A few times, on quizzes, I thought I did well and I did horrible... so it doesn't hurt to double check.

      I like this phrase cause it helps me in a lot of situations that i feel like giving up because its hard or time consuming, because of its simple power and message to just keep going, and not implying a specific goal but to keep doing what you are doing and not give up, just get the job done. Thats all the accomplishment i need.
      I do my best to always do my work and attempt to understand the concepts. Although I may not be the best, I won't quit.
      I intend to keep trying as hard as i have for midterms and homework assignments.
      As long as you keep pushing forward, (chugging along like a tired old train) success will continue to follow.
      I need to keep trying as much as possible even if i dont get the grade i want i need to get the grade that will let me get to the next step.
      Make myself confident in my skills in knowledge. When I go to take a quiz or a midterm, I will be able to have confidence in my performance, and remain focused.
      Must always have physics in mind. In order to succeed in class I need to keep focusing on the subject so that whenever I come with question, I can ask and hopefully get an answer.

practice exams
      Working practice problems prepares me better for things on the quiz and exam than only reading about them or taking notes.

      Because reading the book over and over again will help me grasp the concepts that we are going over in class at the time better than if i solely relied on the class lectures.
      in addition to reading the assigned reading, I also read the corresponding section in "Physics for Dummies"
      making sure i understand the reading is obviously very important because without that all i would depend on is the homework and lectures to prepare me for tests
      Reading the textbook before lecture makes it easier to understand the concepts in them

study group
      I am part of a group of people that all get together to study on weekends and sometimes before class. We do problems together and sort out confusing material. It really helps studying with others because sometimes I get stuck on certain concepts when I am alone, and having other people around can help you get through those ruts. We all bring different knowledge and perspectives to the groups, so together, we create a more complete knowledge base on physics. Plus, studying with friends can be more fun sometimes!

      I've been completing all the homework (or attempting to!) and doing all of the reading ahead of time to make sure I'm prepared for all lectures and tests as much as I possibly can be. I've even seen a tutor a few times. It's gotta pay off sometime! : )
      Studying hard for quizzes and tests.
      well i put about an hour a day just for physics trying to understand the concepts but now i think i need to put an extra hour into doing the problems
      I am going to keep studying the way that I have bbwn because it seems to be working and I felt very confident on the last quiz.

tutor sessions
      I have been attending tutor sessions and it has been very helpful in helping me understand how to do some of the equations.
     What do I need to find in order to succeed in class.
Quit word tags:
being sick
      I've had a really hard time with getting a good night's rest, and along with other personal issues, have fallen victim to colds and flus allll semester long. I'm sick of it! I've been trying to fix this problem and I am doing everything possible to make it happen (without over-doing it). Because I KNOW how rest and positive thinking help anyone succeed at school. And without rest, it's hard to feel positive. : )

      I am going to quit day dreaming during lecture because I think I would find the information much more interesting if I tried doing this. I just have a hard time sometimes because I liked physics so much better when it was magic, but other people understood it.

      I just throw all my papers in a binder and forget about them, that needs to change.

      life is full of distractions.

      i feel like i put enough time necessary i just need to work on my studying.

not participating
      I usually don't interact with the other students too much, do so would probably help me understand better.

other classes
      I do insane amounts of work in one class and dont really pay attention to the work in another. This puts me behind apparently.
      i am going to try and devote more time to physics but its hard with my other classes one i love and that requires tons of time (architecture) and one i struggle with and so need to study more ( calculus)
      I focus so much on statics I barely have time for physics. I really need to drop that statics class, at least I have a teacher for Physics.

      sometimes when I see an equation and do few examples, I think it's easy and skip it. But then later I realize that all of them or not the same kind of question therefore, I panic in the test.

      Focus more on concepts and less on the computations.

      get the homework done sooner, not wait until the last min to get things done
      Because I underestimate the work load and put it off until later. Then when I come back to it later I find that I do not have enough time to adequately get myself prepared for the upcoming quiz, exam etc.
      do my homework earlier in the week
      Procrastination has repeatedly proved detrimental to my ability to utilize the resources given to be to be successful in this course. To resolve this, I have recently implemented a strict study schedule with sessions devoted to readings, homework, test prep, lab work, and personal exploration (aka watching physics videos on YouTube) and reflection to enhance my understanding and application of the material, which is already improving my course preformance.
      Taking too long to study or do homework makes it harder to complete
      I have a problem on leaving things to the last minute to do. So I just bought a planner to start recording what to do every weekend. That is the biggest dilemma that I have this semester.
      I need to quit procrastinating to study for quizzes and exams. I need to do the homework thoroughly so that I fully understand how to answer the problems.
      I dont think procrastinating is my top answer but is a good one, I dont really know what i want to quit doing cause im not doing anything to hinder my learning, I just don't understand this stuff, just like some people can't understand the functions of Sine, Cosine, Tangent, and their reciprocals in Trigonometry. Or just like people don't understand English and writing. Not everyone is good at everything.
      I want to quit saving my reading and homework assignments for the last minute. I want to quit passing over concepts I do not FULLY understand and "saving it for later" to study and teach myself the problems I did not understand.
      I hold of on the problems and before I know it i dont have enough time to understand the problem.
      Since I have 4 classes that add up to 18 credits sometimes it is hard to keep up with everything and sometimes I hol off on some stuff to finish others and just work on time management
      I am going to quit putting work off till the last moment and start doing it earlier in the week when i have more free time so i am not rushed.
      I find myself procrastinating a lot because this isn't my only hard class, and you don't always want to do the work.
      I have a problem with waiting tell the last day to do the homework, or wait tell the last day to study for the quiz. Part of that has to do with my lack of time with work and school. I am working towards less hours for work so I have more time for all of my classes, not just this one. But in order for me to succeed I need to spend more time on this class, and really strive to understand this material, will make this class easier for me; I hope.
      read material before going to class so that way i can ask questions or go to office hrs. i have being reading the material after the class is over and is not working good for me ...
      I need to just push myself without giving myself some kind of excuse to make up for what i did wrong
      Instead of waiting until the day before to do the homework and reading I plan to do homework, reading, and lab reports while they are fresh in my mind instead of right before they are due.
      I need to quit waiting until the last minute to study for quizzes and tests. It has hurt my grade significantly and I need to change things if I want to get a good grade in the class.
      I will try my best to not do homework or study at the last minute.
      This a lot of material that I just seem to not be naturally good at, the material just does not seem to click with me so I just procrastinate doing it and then I really dont have enough time. I end up memorizing how to do things but dont have the time to step back and ask myself "why use this formula or why is this the answer."
      I usually wait to do my lab write ups the day before, or even the morning that they are due, so they often are rushed or not complete to my standards. If I quit procrastinating and do them earlier I can be more satisfied with the quality of my work.
      I tend to put physics of to the last minute, and i end up not doing the homework before the survey deadline.
      Putting off reading, homework or studying til the las minute makes it so that I can't get any help with anything if I'm having a hard time understanding it
      I am currently taking a few other classes besides Physics, including Chem 201B, which is an extremely demanding class. Sometimes I find myself putting off studying or homework for physics if I have work to do in my chemistry class.When I do that, I find myself scrambling before a quiz to understand the material better. Instead of planning out my homework schedule a week ahead of time, I need to sort out my assignments/tests/etc. two or three weeks ahead of time. If I do that, I can better balance studying/doing homework for physics and chemistry!

      I usually don't try to hard on homework problems because they are hard and I don't get them very easily. I thin that if I stick with them I might be able to "own" the material much better than when I give up on the problems.

      when i get nervous I start to rush problems.
      I give up too fast when doing homework problems and i dont ask for help when i need it.

      occasionally when i get to lazy i read an assigned reading assignment but mostly I'm glossing over it and don't fully comprehend the examples or the subject matter. when I set aside alot of time so that i can read and reread important sections I tend to understand the material alot better

skip class
      Since this is my last class of the day, I often want to go home and relax rather than sit in a lecture, thinking that I will go back and read the notes online later. I need to buckle down and stop leaving class early.

skip examples
      During the reading I usually skipped the examples and just read the text. The examples seem to be difficult but I think that if I try to understand them, I will understand the material more thoroughly.

skip homework
      Occasionally I forget to complete my reading, and question surveys.
      I haven't done a single homework problem at home this whole semester but I have an A in the class. I have done all of the reading assignments though.
     I take risks when I skip homework assignments that I am initially confident about. It is better to play it safe and do them anyway, rather than be overconfident.
     What do I need to stop doing with my homework?

      I need to study harder for quizzes and not think I can drop the grade.

sleeping in class
      Sleeping in class to be precise. I'm honestly embarrassed it's so easy to fall asleep sometimes, but again, I just need to eat and sleep more appropriately.
Start word tags:
      I know a few people that are really good at physics... I'm going to ask them questions until they get sick of it.
      It seems like there is never enough time to get my questions answered until its too late. Even if I get them answered I still end up doing bad on a quiz? It doesnt make sense.
      I find getting help to be very beneficial so I will get more.
      I need to think of questions to ask, that way so that my understanding of the material is reinforced and/or corrected.

      I would do well to collaborate with classmates in doing homework and studying for quizzes and midterms.

      If I can "think" like a physicist whenever I read or approach the problems we address in this class, I feel like I will be more able to draw on the correct tools (ie: equations) that will lead me to an answer that is just and works well within the physical world of Science! It sounds funny...but I'm not kidding. I'm going to start thinking like a physicist, so I can succed, and have fun again, in school.
      Draw pics of the problems and put in more work on the conceptual and equational aspects of this class.
      In order for me to do well in the rest of this class. I need to actually understand the material. I feel like most of the time, I am just barely understanding the concepts, and then I get to a quiz, or a midterm, and realize I actually do not know what I thought I knew.

      I plan on doing everything the day it is assigned. I end class right after physics, so doing homework on the material just learned would make understanding the material. What ever material I am struggling on, I can get help through office hours or physics club tutoring.

get tutoring
      I will start to get a tutor to help me with this class.

      I haven't been keeping up on the homework as much as I should so I just need to do a couple of problems a night i have not keeping track of the reading materials that are due online and i am loosing a lot of point. due to my work schedule it is really hard for me to stay on top of the online work. but i will try my best to turn in every hw and reading assignment.
      I have an A but it is a low A. I need to maintain that so I would like to raise my grade so i have a bit of room for error down the road.
      I need to keep up on the homework problems.
      I am going to start doing the assigned problems earlier because they seem very much like the ones on the tests and quizes and I need to get help on some of them sooner than I do.

more problems
      Due to time restrictions, hopefully resolved by my study schedule, I have not been completing any practice problems other than those assigned. The assigned ones are very beneficial and I hope to amplify the benefits by completing additional ones. This may also enable me to begin experiencing the benefits of office hours.
      Doing this would refresh my memory about certain topics to make sure I still understand them
      I am going to start doing extra practice problems in the book so that I fully know how to do the problems.
      i should start studying flashcard questions more since i dont really do that now. it would be more helpful if at least some of them had answers besides the ones in classes to make sure im doing them right
      I need to do more problems, attend physics club and office hours with my questions.
      The amount of homework can be a lot and is sometimes enough to understand some of the topics. However, some of the topics that I know I just kind of get means I need to practice more and have more diverse applications of the concepts so that I really really know how, when, and why to apply certain formulas or laws. I feel like the tests and quizzes really challenges the concepts of the material but the homework has trained me to do the calculations so also doing flashcard questions would be helpful.
      I need to start practicing physics more. Either by doing more problem or reading the book more in depth. If I practice solving problems more, I will have a wider base of knowledge going into a quiz or exam. Also, I find myself rarely understand the material from the textbook the first time I read it. Before a quiz or exam, I need to be more diligent about re reading the assigned sections. I have done this once or twice already, and it improved my understanding tremendously!
      In order to remember the way it's done and definition of the movements, I must practice. Multiple times if possible because I have bad times in remembering stuff. Also to have more practice time, I must manage my time well so that I solve the problems that I found.

office hours
      When i talked to you one-on-one in class, you gave me a much better perspective of looking at a problem to understand it than you do up in front of the class.
      I want to begin my study sessions for a quiz or test three days in advance. I want to visit during office hours more frequently and ask questions about concepts I did not understand.

practice exams
      I should do extra practice problems.
      I haven't been printing out the quizzes from the last semester and I think that if I start to print those out and go through them more thoroughly, I could increase my quiz scores. I also want to study more thoroughly for the midterm and final.

practice problems
      "Practice makes perfect"... I plan on practicing the flashcard questions more, because I feel I need to do more practice to get a better grade.

      hard schedule gives a lot of homework in each class.

      I need to get as much information possible from what i have in front of me.

review notes
      While I have been studying a considerable amount before quizzes and tests I think it will be more beneficial to me to review notes after class and study more frequently in smaller increments in order to enhance my ability to maintain my knowledge.
      I believe that if I review my notes every day, then the information will stay in my brain better. I also need to seek out help instead of struggling and never understanding what is going on.

      Because studying just before quizzes will not cut it for this class. I need to start studying in between lectures and on the weekends to start becoming more familiar with the material.
      I hope that I can spend more time and the time that i spend more efficently when I read or do practice problems before a quiz. I want to spend more time reading the material and practicing example problems so that I can score better and achieve the grade I hope I can earn
      I need to do more examples, practice problems from the book and from class.
      I've never had to study for anything before, so i never did. Now i NEED to study so i can get good grades and pass my classes.
      Something I need to work on is have study groups before all the test and quizzes to help me work out a problem that way when I get stuck there is other input that may help.
      I will start studying for my quizes like they are an upcoming midterm so i can get better scores on them.
      I need to keep on the material, and not take a day off from at least reviewing the material.
      I don't study as much ass I should before quizzes and exams which lead to me missing easy points. I intend to start studying more before tests.
      I need to start doing what instead of just reading the assigned material
      I am not a studier, i never have been, but with this class, im going to have to put some study time into those subjects in it im strugging with.
      I need to study more than usual. like i said i really need to spend less time in statics.

take notes
      Perhaps I should start taking notes. Usually I find them distracting from the lecture, but maybe this might help for some of the formulas.

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