Online reading assignment question: keep, quit, start

Astronomy 210 Keep-Quit-Start Reading Assignment, Fall Semester 2010
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "start" resolutions generated by responses from Astronomy 210 students at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA (http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/2710322/Untitled).

Students were asked to answer a "keep-quit-start" online reflection (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com) on their studying strategies/pitfalls (Mubayiwa, 2009).
Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to keep doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to keep doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to quit doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to quit doing to study for this class).

Enter a word or brief phrase that describes what you intend to start doing to study for this class. Explain your answer to the above question (what you intend to start doing to study for this class).
[Word tags have been edited to consolidate related common subjects; student explanations are verbatim.]

Student responses
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Keep word tags:
for help from smart science people.

I remember things better if i focus on studying right before the test.

flashcardquestions ("peer instruction," "think-pair-share")
Review the flashcard questions that have to do with the quiz and review notes and keep up with reading.
I plan on keep reviewing the flash card questions online.
At first I didnot do the falsh card questions and now I have been doing them and my last quis I got a 36. so it was a big jump form 22.
I want to keep studying the flashcard questions and quiz questions to better prepare me.
Complete all flashcard questions and check over answers from the text
By printing the flashcard questions and bringing them to class to get answers to some of them helps me to study for the quizes and midterms

Keep up with the normal homework online/ extra credit: it helps a lot with remembering things over the week break. Going to class keeps my participation points and understanding up.
I feel like coming to class is the best way to learn for this particular course. Since I don't really understand any of this material on my own, I need to help from the ever-wise P-Dog to learn it.
I learn the most during lecture and in-class activities. I don't study very effectively from the book.
just need to keep going to class that way i get the main points out if you and then follow it up with the bok and studying
Coming to class gives you everything you need to know. As long as you pay attention to lectures and do in class activities, the rest should come pretty easy.

Having my friends explain things to me helps.
Its always better to have two brains than one.

inclassactivities ("lecture-tutorials")
I think that the powerpoints are really good at giving us the tools we need to do the work, and the inclass assignments are what help us to apply those tools.
it helps refresh my mind. I look back on my notes more and remeber the leture.

I will keep going to the library to study for the class

it really helps
listen, notes
i remember things easily if i wrote down what the teacher was saying.

cuz im so busy with two jobs i have to maintain a good schedule an sleep pattern an make alot of time to study

Because it helps me get most of the questions right.
When I take notes in class it helps me to listen to what is being taught and write it down.
I intend to keep studying notes that we take in lecture and during flashcard questions, because most of those concepts are on the quizzes.
I always look at my notes before the test, and try to compare them to the book. So I am going to continue to take notes in class.
I try to take in depth notes on the things gone over in class and try to make the flash card questions into notes as well
i take good notes:)
Its important to take good notes during the lecture, and also for the book. It helps a lot when it comes to quiz/exam time!
taking thourough notes in class really helps with my studying.
notes, flashcardquestions
The notes that I take in class, and the flashcard questions that we go over in class have been helpful for me in studying for this class.

notes, inclassactivities
It helps you remember what actually happened in the lecture because sometime notes aren't good enough and you need the power points

onlinereadingassignments ("reading quizzes")
What I mean by this is keeping up with the work. Completing the online assignments and in-class activities.

onlinereadingassignments, gotoclass
being in class is key and reading the book is interesrting and provides everything i need to know

The book really hasnt been necessary for me in this class so far because the assignments and lectures have been able to carry me through pretty well.

This has helped me a lot for studying for all the quizes and tests.
When I study I look at the previous quizzes from older semesters. This gives me a good idea of what to expect on the quiz
I think that going over the quizes and flash card questions really help me to grasp the material and types of questions that will be on the test and thus help me to study so that I can retain the knowledge and score well on quizes.
I think it is pretty self explanatory.
i like to study and practice the practice tests
Looking at quizzes from past years helps me study for each quiz because they give me the best idea as to what things I have to know to do well on the quizzes.
The old quizzes cover a lot of questions that are or are similar to those on the actual quiz. I generally get most of my answers right because of the old quizzes.
Look at older quizes and tests to help me get a feel for what I need to go over.
I'm going to keep taking the previous quizzes that are posted online and looking up the answers that I don't know.
Keep going over old quiz's. I just wish the answer key for them could be online.
They provide a good clue as to what I should be studying.
Keeping the the quizes to study really helps when it comes time to take the midterms
I'll keep the old quizzes he turns back in because they have a lot of similar questions as on the test.
I have found it useful to study my own old quizzes as well as the quizzes posted online from other classes.

practiceexams, flashcardquestions
By using older versions of quizes coupled with the flashcard questions I can more effectively extract pertinent information from the book, lecture notes, and in class activities.

practiceexams, inclassactivities
it is really important to review these things because the activities we work in groups and it helps me understand things better and the quizzes help because it is a fast review of a lot of things that we should have learned

open the book and try to comprehend what i am reading
i need to read the book more to understand the chapter
I plan on keeping on reading my textbook for studying because it contains information that I can process and retain. This really helps me study
well ive been reading the book so i'd figure i should keep doing that.
Read the chapters
I intend to keepp reading from the textbook
If I read ahead, I'll know what to expect in class/will already have an idea of the material.
reading helps me understand something better than just listening to it.
read the textbook

read, flashcardquestions
reading covers most of what we talk about in class, and the flashcards are very knowledgeable and help because they are similar to test questions.

read, listen
I intend to read my notes and book and pay attention in class, also i plan to read the flash card questions

Review flash card questions and old tests posted online.
I review a lot of my notes. I go over all the flashcard questions that were asked and their answers.

I need to begin to study more seriously for this class. I have not done that very much

I Gotta Keep On Truckin' haha

Quit word tags:
Maybe study a little and not play so much Halo Reach

cutting up fresh tomatoes, chopping onions and slicing avocados takes way too much time

Study at least 4 days in advance before the quiz

Astronomy is killing my K/D
well it's hard to care about a class when you read the chapters, go to class, and study with a good partner and still do poorly...
cuz i always intend to study an do hwk but i always end up playing video games
Pretty self explanatory but in order to study I'll have to cut back on the time I spend with my friends.
It's distracting!
i watch tv while studying.
Distractions = poor grades.

There's nothing that I really need to quit doing,

it distracts me from everything.
its to addicting!
i need to quit distracting myself

Although the flash card questions are very helpful, they are very time consuming and I have other work that I have to do aswell. The powerpoints and inclass activities are really all I need to go over.

forgettingonlinereadingassignments ("reading quizzes")Sometimes I make a habit of forgetting to write down homework, therefore I don't do it.
I sometimes tend to forget to do them. So I should stop that.

Sometimes when I am reading my mind wanders about pointless things and I stop reading for awhile until I can get my mind back on track.

I need to quit expecting lectures to teach me what I need to know because there's a lot we don't cover in class

When I rely on my memory to answer quetstions on the tests and quizzes, I don't do very well.

i need to take better notes

I find when i finally just ask the question i wanted to, its not always as dumb of a question as i thought it would be
i need to stop not asking questions and start asking more so that i can get a better understanding of everything that we have learned for the day

I have been doing everything I need to do. I just need to do it.
i don't do anything unnecessary when studying
Nothing. I'm doing good
I don't intend to quit anything, because no study habit at the moment is inhibiting quiz grades.
i don't intend to quit doing anything...
i want to do more than i have been and finish off the semester strong, not quit doing anything
i feel that everything i do benefits me in some way.
If anything I need to spend more time doing the things I am already doing
I'm not going to quit anything.
I'm satisfied with my performance in the class so far so I need to maintain rather than quit.

I have realized that flashcard questions are actually very important and usually show up again on quizzes and tests.

At first I was only reading the book, now I know that I also need to use the flashcard questions and In class activities to study for this class.
I need to go through the book a lot more when I study and read through everything thoroughly so I better understand the material.
i dont read all the chapter let alone all of it so i miss out on alot
I find that I only read parts of the chapters, and not the entire chapter. So I need to make sure I am not only reading parts of the chapters.
I need to use the book a bit more probably
i only do a quick read of the book
Sometimes I don't always read the chapters in the book and I need to spend more time doing that.

The online flashcard questions are almost exactly the same as quiz questions.

studying half way only helps you with part of the test
Studying is essential for this class!

I need to stop procrastinating when it comes to studying for a test.
I need to stop waiting until the last minute to study!
Have to stop neglecting questions that don't make sense and ask for help.
I usually end up studying on the day of the quiz which is not a good formula for success.
quit putting off studying till the last second
study, yo!
It's fairly self explanatory
Cramming information in a couple of hours is usually lost right after the test.
I'm going to stop waiting so long to study and start doing that earlier.
If i quit waiting until the last minute to study then maybe I would have time to email P dawg my answers to the practice quiz's.
Waiting for the last minute to do things such as study for a quiz or do the online reading assignments does not help at all
procrasinating in any class is not a good idea
quit procrastinating on the reading
cramming for me, i find, only works for English classes for some reason.
I intend to study for tests and quizes a week before they are given.
I need to sometimes stop putting things off and just do it.
I need to quit being lazy, start studying and taking this course more seriously

Reviewing or re-reading the book only makes me more confused when I'm trying to study for a quiz. There is too much information to remember, and a lot of it isn't on the quiz anyway.

I have been staying up late studying and I am not getting the grades I want, maybe if I get more sleep and a better rest I will do better.

it is a big time waster. and distracts from study time.

Start word tags:
it really helps!
Its always nicer to have something explained by the teacher, or even other students rather than researching it later when you have to go digging for the answer.
Asking for help when I don't understand
sometimes its scary to ask questions but at times its what really helps.

just trying to be like p-dog

I intend to start doing outreach activities for bonus points, to get as many as possible because I'd like an A in the class.

flashcardquestions ("peer instruction," "think-pair-share")
There are a few flashcard questions on quizzes that surprise me because I've never seen them before in my life. That's probably not a good thing...
The flash card questions help me understand topics like star luminosity or ones that don't have answers that we can memorize. They help me learn to figure out answers for these kind of questions easier.
I think looking at both the older quizes and the flash card questions will help give me even more practice.
Looking over more flashcard questions.
every single question that gets posted make sure you get the answer too.
Starting writing down the flash card questions and answers
the flashcards are the most helpful part

i need to focus more on taking more time to study and get a good grip on things so that when i get home i understand things

I need to send my flashcard Q answers to Mr Len ahead of time

Start participating in more group studying.

i need to study more for midterm one and ace the last couple tests
If I email my teacher my answers to previous quizzes he will give me the correct answers or give me a better explanation to help me figure the answer out. now i will know what i am answering wrong and right
I have yet to study old tests so I can obtain information that I have lost or stored somewhere in my memory that prepares me for the final and midterm tests.
Practice is a good idea.

practiceexams, flashcardquestions
Utilizing old quiz versions and flashcard questions as study guides has helped me so I need to start thinking about looking at the relevant material for the next exam.

I feel that if I do this I will be better prepared for the class and understand things more easily.

I need to start reading the chapters more in depth. I ususally just skim them I need to really deeply read them.
I feel like those might give me that little bit more info that helps everything sink in after going over it.
i haven't been reading the book before quizzes.
If I read all of the chapters that we study, i should be able to also look at the notes and hopefully be able to raise my grade in the class.
More in depth reading of the book. I think that I'm reading it too quickly and not fully understanding the material.
I intend to read the book more!!
reading the book
I want to read all the sections that we will cover in class, and that will be on the tests and quizzes. I really want to get a better grade on my quizzes.
read the book more in depth
I do look at the book, but there are certain sets of pages that actually help quite a bit for the quizzes.
I want to start reading the chapter in the book before we go over it in class because I think it will help me better understand the topics
I don't usually read the full chapters, I just read the parts I find the most needed for the reading assignments and the quizzes.
I have found that the summary at the end of each chapter is very useful and I intend to start doing that every week.
Same as number one
i intend to read the book and the chapters
I plan to read the chapters more carefully and ask questions for things I don't understand.

go over more of the previous quizzes to help prepare for the next quiz
I missed a question because of a small detail that i didn't pick up in class, but i probably had it in my notes if i had looked close enough.
I'm going to go over the chapters in the book more than once.
i'm going to review my notes more often and before quizzes.

I intend to start taking Ritalin haha

I basically need to start doing it.

Starting a little earlier cant hurt
I need to give myself time to take in all the information so I can learn it better
I would like to study a good three days before the test to be EXTRA prepared!!!
Study more and study sooner!!
I leave studying to the very last minute.

Studying with a couple friends in the class
Studying in a group will not only insure that I do well on quizzes and tests, but that other people will too.
It helps to have someone to explain the material too and have explained to you if you're unsure.

I need to start studying earlier than the week of a test or quiz. I want to start studying a week before.
With my busy schedule I don't think that I spend enough time studying so I am going to plan more time into my schedule for studying for this class.
i need to study much more than i do i really dont study all that much so i need to start looking back at the old quizzes
cuz i dont study hard enough to get the grades i set for my self
I have never really had a class where I can take advantage of online work, so I am going to use the online work given.
sometimes the quiz questions aren't basic information questions, you need to have a full understanding to answer the question correctly
Before quizzes, I need to start studying more. That'll help alot.

studymore, prepare
Print out all flash cards and old quizzes and study the answers to those questions.

I definitely slacked on notes early in the semester for this class, so I need to start taking much better ones from now on.
i need to take notes as i read so that i can look back on the key points.

By that i mean, i'll leave more time to study for this class than doing other classes' homework.

harder than i do now.

Asking a neighbor any questions so everything is clear in my head before I study at home.

Bruce Tendai Mubayiwa, "KQS!", http://journeysinlife.com/2009/10/kqs/.

Acknowledgement to Peter Newbury (@polarisdotca), University of British Columbia, for the keep-quit-start inspiration:

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