Astronomy in-class activity: OBAFGKM poetry slam (SLO)

Astronomy 210, Fall Semester 2010
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA
(San Luis Obispo Campus)

Astronomy 210 In-class activity 14: OBAFGKM Poetry Slam

Students were instructed to use at least OBAFGKM, and/or part or all of the additional OBAFGKMRNSC or OBAFGKMLT extensions to individually write an original, coherent and an appropriate (nothing worse than "PG-13" rated!) mnemonic, and to give a rousing reading of their OBAFGKM mnemonic poem for the class.

Ooo Baby A Fat Girl Kissed Me
--I. A.

Oh Bummer A Frog Got Killed Monday
--C. B.

Ooompa-Loompas Broke A Fat Guys Knees Murderously
--M. B.

Only Buy Another Foul Generic K-Mart Meat
Oppenheimer's Bomb Apparently Forged God's Killing Machine
--T. B.

Only Bright Astronomers Find Great Knowledge Meaningful
Only Bad Ass Friends Get Kinky Mistresses
--P. B.

Orange Baboons Always Flick Goobers Kindly My way
--J. C.

Orion's Belt Already Fell, Grab Khakis Man
--C. C.

Overly Bouncy Aliens Frequently Guarantee Kissable Martians
--B. D.

Oranges, Bananas and Figs Give Kyle Major Liquid Troubles
--A. F.

Oh Bummer, A Fat Guy Kicked Me
--J. F.

Oakland Breeds Awareness For Guns, Killing, Mugging; Love This town
--C. G.

Mickey Killed Goofy For A Body Organ
--J. H.

Officer Bob Almost Found George's Killer Machete
--M. H.

Our Belugas Are Friendly Giants, Keep in Mind
--L. H.

Oh, Boyfriends Always Forget Good Kissing Memories
--H. H.

Other Brothers Are From Graciously Kind Mothers Really Nursing Smelly Covers
--N. H.

Obviously Big Ants Feeding Generously Kills Mood
--E. H.

Oranges Believe Apples Feel Gorgeous Knowing Magic
--M. J.

Only Big American Farmers Go Killing Monsters
--N. K.

Oh Boy, Another Fun Game of Kicking Midget Lemurs Tomorrow
--M. L.

Obama Bears Arms For Greatly Killing Mutant Rhinos Near South Carolina
--K. M.

Only Bang's Astral Finish Grabs/Kicks Monstrous, Real Nail. So Cool!
--B. M.

Or Before Actually Failing Geometry go Kick your Maestro
--L. M.

Only Big And Furious Giants Kill Men
--J. R. P.

Our Brilliant Astronomers Find Giant Killer Mr. Len...Terrible
--J. K. P.

Oh Bears Are Freakin' Great Killer Musicians
--J. R.

Only Bad Asses Fight Giant Killing Monsters
--L. S.

Oh Boy, Adulthood Feels Great Knowing My Romantic Ninja Steals Crap
--J. S.

Oranges Bite Apples, Fight Grapes, Kick Mangos, Run, No Student Comments
--J. T.

Oddly Bananas Are From Green Killing Machines
--N. T.

Obese Babysitters Are Firmly Groping Kindly Midgets
--D. U.

Oh Boy! Are Freaks Going Kind, Madly Renting New Space Cars
--B. W.

Oh Be A Friend Grading Katherine's Midterm
--K. W.

Odd Bats And Flaming Guano Killed Me
--E. W.

Oh Boy, Another Funny Glee Keeps Me Loving Television
--B. Z.

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