Online reading assignment question: Venus, Mars tags (Astrolrner@CAE readers, August 2010)

(Analysis of results reported in "Old Ideas, New Technologies--Harnessing the Power of Web 2.0 Resources for the Weary Instructor" workshop given at the Astronomy Society of the Pacific Cosmos in the Classroom National Symposium on Teaching Astronomy for Non-Science Majors, August 2, 2010, 3:15-4:15 PM, Session A in Eaton 1B80, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.)

Readers of the Center for Astronomy Education: Improving Astronomy Education Astrolrner@CAE listserv were asked to complete a pre-workshop assignment (hosted by SurveyMonkey.com).

[Responses have been edited to consolidate common related subjects.]

Write down five words or phrases (separated by commas) that describe or are associated with "Venus." Keep words in phrases together with no spaces between them (e.g., "veryhot").

Astrolrner@CAE reader responses
August 2010
hot, denseatmosphere, lavaflows, acid, exploration
cloudy, hotterthanapizzaoven, sulfuricacidclouds, sisterplanet, goddessoflove
planet, hotatmosphere, craters, sulfuricacidclouds, likeearth
CO2, greenhouseeffect, hot, molten, Venera
greenhouseeffect, CO2, sulfuricacidclouds, volcanoes, watervapor
hot, sulfur, thickatmosphere, Earthsized, oppositerotation
greenhouseeffect, radarviews, Earthstwin, volcanoes, extremetemperatures
greenhouseeffect, denseatmosphere, singleplate, hotspots, gasses
hellish, greenhouseeffect, thickatmosphere, volcanic, cloudy
hot, sulfurclouds, Earthstwin, rotatesbackwards, nomoons
hot, CO2, sisterplanet, goddessoflove, morningstar, eveningstar
hot, melting, dangerous, awful, sisterplanet
greenhouseeffect, sisterplanet, terrestrial
greenhouseffect, poisonous, sisterplanet, thickatmosphere, corrosive
love, eveningstar, morningstar, provedsuncenterofsolarsystem, bright
hot, sulfur, Venera, cloudy, greenhouseeffect
anatmospheretodiefor, volcanoes, longlavachannel, Earthseviltwin, hot, hot, hot
hottestinsolarsystem, greenhouseeffect, atmosphere, Venera, eveningstar
hot, denseatmosphere, cloudy, Earthstwin, squishedvolcanoes
hot, dry, CO2, volcanoes, highpressure
hot, toxic, yellow, cloudy, greenhouseeffect
hot, rotatesbackwards, slowrotation, sulfuricacidclouds, lifeinclouds?
hot, acid, volcanic, windy, onecrust
volcanicbutthickcrust, noplatetectonics?, thickatmosphere, willitsolidify, overturningsurface
hot, dry, hellish, reflective, volcanic
toxic, hot, Earthsized, shortdays, sulfuricacidclouds
innerplanet, cloudy, eveningstar, morningstar, phaseslikethemoon
hot, sulfuric, cloudy, Earthtwin, waterless
venutians, womenarefrom, greenhouseeffect, plasticrocks, greenhousegases
sulfuricacidclouds, extremetemperatures, greenhouseeffect, Venera, Magellan
hot, atmosphere, tesserae, fewcraters, Earthsized
greenhouseeffect, Earthsized, thickatmosphere, hot, rocky
terrestrial, cloudy, hot, rocky, planet
hot, cloudy, sulfuricacidclouds, lightning, bright
bright, beautiful, eveningstar, sexy, heliocentricsystem
Write down five words or short phrases (separated by commas) that describe or are associated with "Mars." Keep words in phrases together with no spaces between them (e.g., "redplanet").

Astrolrner@CAE reader responses
August 2010
red, life?, fourthplanetfromSun, Spirit, Rover, polaricecaps
polaricecaps, climate, atmosphere, canals, redplanet
searchforlife, rovers, orbiters, redplanet, littleatmosphere, humanspacetravel
red, rocky, small, explored, possiblepastwater
terrestrial, red, verylittleatmosphere, remoteexploration, water
redplanet, godofwar, lifeonmars, martianwinds, polaricecaps
planet, poles, iron, craters, rovers
terrestrial, canyons, volcanoes, nolife, desert
red, water, geology, polaricecaps, future
aurora, noatmosphere, cold, red, rovers
volcanoes, desert, ice, dryice, searchforlife, usedtobemorelikeEarth
dust, extremetemperatures, coldpoles, rovers, volcanoes
formerlywet, red, Earthlikegeology, tallestvolcano, biggestvalley
red, cold, bigvolcanoes, rovers, VallesMarineris
Marshoax, martians, redplanet, rovers, possiblewater
red, war, rovers, water, life
redplanet, rovers, searchforlife
volcanoes, water, polaricecaps, windstorms, landers
red, war, rovers, Lowell, canals
red, iron, volcanic, channels, craters
retrograde, small, ancientatmosphee, formerlywet, red, sand, sciencefiction
red, wewillvisit, rovers, outreach, exploration
redplanet, rovers, bigvolcanoes, VallesMarineris, mostsimilartoEarth
craters, volcanoes, water, life?, Viking
water, barren, rovers, red, probe
water, life?, missions, largestvolcano, methane
dry, ancientvolcanoes, salty, windy, small
red, waste, cold, snow, craters
red, small, canals, life, colonization
red, maybewater, rocks, martians, nolife
duststorms, Viking, polaricecaps, largestvolcano, Mariner
red, highestvolcano, thinatmosphere, oncewatery, exploration
martians, littlegreenmen, menarefrommars, MissiontoMars, redplanet
oxidation, climatechange, waterice, Phoenixmission, geologicallyinactive
sedimentology, dust, rovers, Tharsis, CO2icecap
redplanet, subsurfacewater, thinatmosphere, rovers, OlympusMons
terrestrial, red, small, rocky, planet
red, polaricecaps, duststorms, OlympusMons, dryice, snow
red, mysterious, Spirit, spaceprobes, smallinthetelescope

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Wordle.net tag cloud for "Mars" generated by responses from CAE@astrolrner listserv readers (http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/2258687/Untitled).

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