Education research: post- feedback on think-pair-share attitudes (Astronomy 210, Cuesta College, Fall Semester 2010)

Cuesta College students taking Astronomy 210 (introductory astronomy) at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA used flashcards to engage in peer-interaction ("think-pair-share") discussion questions during lecture.

During the last week of instruction, students were given the opportunity to evaluate the use of clickers in implementing peer-instruction in an online "Think-Pair-Share Survey" hosted by SurveyMonkey.com.

These are the complete survey results. Analysis will be forthcoming after more data has been compiled from future semesters. Values for the mean and standard deviations are given next to the modal response category for each question.

Cuesta College
Astronomy 210 Fall Semester 2010 sections 70158, 70160
(N = 64)

I. In order to receive credit for completing this survey,
first enter your first and last name below:

II. Recall that for this semester that flashcards are used in a think-pair-share
system, where students think and answer individually, and if there is a lack of
consensus, then students pair off and share explanations with each other before
answering again. Answer the following statements which may or may not describe
your beliefs about think-pair-share in this class.

II.1 I feel comfortable engaging with think-pair-share with other students.
1. Strongly disagree 0 :
2. Disagree 6 : ******
3. Neutral 10 : **********
4. Agree 35 : *********************************** [3.8 +/- 0.8]
5. Strongly agree 11 : ***********

II.2 I explain more often than I listen to other students during
1. Strongly disagree 0 :
2. Disagree 14 : **************
3. Neutral 33 : ********************************* [3.0 +/- 0.7]
4. Agree 15 : ***************
5. Strongly agree 0 :

II.3 I change answers more often than I keep the same answer after
1. Strongly disagree 0 :
2. Disagree 17 : *****************
3. Neutral 27 : *************************** [3.0 +/- 0.8]
4. Agree 16 : ****************
5. Strongly agree 2 : **

III. (Optional.) Please type in any comments you may have regarding the use of
think-pair-share flashcard use in this class.
The following are all of the student responses to this question, verbatim and unedited (with a few editorial context clarifications in [brackets]).
"I think you should let the students make the questions and ask their classmates"

"it seems to work fairly well for our setting."

"I think it's a pretty good way of gaining more understanding and being able to come up with an explanation, to ensure 'you' actually know why."

"Its ok"

"flash card questions are fine, but i really wish our tests/quizzes were visibly graded when handed back to us"

"great job!"

"I liked it because usually another students explanation of the answer is easier to understand and makes more sense to "

"I think flashcards are a good idea, it helps me better undertand the topics we cover in class"

"Is good."

"I think think-pair-share is beneficial because it is useful to learn from your peers"

"Hi :)"

"The think-pair-share flashcard use in class is very helpful also, it is fun to quiz yourself."

"its a great technique for students an many schools should use it more often"

"I didn't find the use of think-pair-share to be very beneficial to me in this class. I rarely had someone that could explain their answer to me in a way to make me change my answer, or to help me come to a decision if I was unclear."

"Its cool to have different insights on subjects. I like being able to discuise"

"I think the idea is great. I really appreciate the chance to explain it to somebody else because if I can do that it means I really know it. I think the idea would be even better if all the people who were in class said something during this time. Quite a few times, I am in a group and I have to do this, and I am the only one who talks, so I just assume that since nobody proved me wrong my answer must be right."

"I think the think-pair-share flashcard system is great, although, it is lacking something very important. Once we are finished sharing and are answering for the second time (actually, even if we only answer once) as a student I need to here the answer from you, the instructor. Even if my partner during the flashcard activities is right and explains it, I am speaking from a student in your class, I would like you to clearly state the correct answer and give a thorough explination about why that is the correct choice."

"I think it's a good way to learn because you get to learn it another way that may help you mote than the way the instructor did????"

"I think it's a really good way to find out where the class is for certain topics and allows people to discuss and really talk things out."

"They are a good way to figure out the answer as a class and a good change of pace from the lecture"

"I really enjoy doing think-pair-share because I am able to learn more than I would by just sitting listening to a lecture."

"I like the think pair share method. I love being able to hear the explanations that other students have. A lot of the time they explain it in simple terms ;3"

"I really learned a lot from listening to others explain as well as the teacher."

"I thought it was a great way of letting everyone think about concepts for themselves."

"I think this is a good way to learn but I think if the teacher were also to participate and explain each flashcard question afterward it would help a lot"

"Flashcard questions are a good tool. Keep using them P~DAWG."

"i think it is a good system. very helpful"

"I think its a pretty good system... a bit time consuming though"

"I like it because If you know you have the correct answer you can help other students also get the right answer and if you are uncertain you can get help from your fellow students when they are willing to share."

"If Im following along with lecture, which I usually am when I am present, I can answer most flashcard questions."

"I'm neutral for the second one b/c how i feel depends on who i am engaging with."

"Very useful. When you can explain in your own words, or you get explained the point by a peer, it is easier to grasp the material."

"I think its a good idea, but it would be nice if we went through all of the falsh card questions"

"I liked them except I wish that all correct answers were available to the students before the quizzes and tests."

"Good system, but I wish the teacher would explain the answers more than relying on other students to do it becaus a lot of the time nobody around me knows the answer."

"i wish he would go over the answer more"

"I enjoy think-pair-share because it gives me an opportunity to engage with the people around me and it either reinforces or makes me rethink my answers"

"I like using flashcards, if I know I'm right, I like convincing other people. If I am unsure, it is helpful to listen to the explanation of another student instead of just getting it wrong. It helps me remember."

"I think it is helpful but i still usually chose E because i rarely know how to explain it."

"they're grrrrrreat!"

"Time to print out a few new ones... Some are falling apart!"

"It often confuses me more. I have my own idea for the answer and they might have a different point, which gives me conflicted feelings and I'm forced to choose 'I'm lost.'"

"I think the flashcards are a great learning style"

"I think it's good."

"i think it is a helpful tool because sometimes its easier to understand from someone else."

"The use of think-pair-share flashcards is definitely beneficial because it enables the student to think for themselves and converse with other students to figure out the answwr instead of being given it."

"i like it even though its common for both me and the people i am talking to to have guessed at the answer."

"I like being able to discuss the answers with different classmates so i can get an understanding on the answer, but sometimes I feel that I don't get very good answers the questions and its hard to know why the answer is right"

"i like the thought of answering individually and if i get it wrong then seeing what everyone else got"

"I like this system because students can usually explain an outcome or event in ways that we can better understand."

"Using flashcards has helped me personally, and I would recommend this instruction technique be used for future semesters."

"Think-pair-share is usually helpful. Sometimes it is confusing when people are arguing their answers, but it is always eventually explained."

"I really like this method. We not only get to see someone elses point of view of why you may be wrong but also we get to know our classmates a little better."

"The flashcard questions help me for quizzes.. but i can never answer them in class"
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