Astronomy in-class activity: OBAFGKM poetry slam (NCC)

Astronomy 210, Fall Semester 2010
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA
(North County Campus)

Astronomy 210 In-class activity 14: OBAFGKM Poetry Slam

Students were instructed to use at least OBAFGKM, and/or part or all of the additional OBAFGKMRNSC or OBAFGKMLT extensions to individually write an original, coherent and an appropriate (nothing worse than "PG-13" rated!) mnemonic, and to give a rousing reading of their OBAFGKM mnemonic poem for the class.

Oh Boy Angie Fights Greatly Killing Monsters
--I. A.

Our Baby's A Greak! God Kill Me!
--C. B.

Odysseus Begged Athena For Guidance in Killing Many Lusty Trojans
--B. B.

Oh Boy, Another Fat Gator Kills Man Right Near Sand Creek
--T. B.

Once Bound, Assisted Free, Gallant Knight, My Rescuer, Now Swooning Comes
--K. C.

Only Bad Asses Fight Giant Killer Monsters
--S. C.

On Bears Angry Fear Goes Kilometers or Miles
--C. C.

Oh Boy Ask For Good Karma this Morning
--K. C.

Our Brilliant Astronomers Failed Gauging Kelvin, Man
--R. C.

Oozing Boots Are Freakin' Great for Kicking Monkeys
--M. G.

Odin's Breakfast Always Features German Kick-@$$ Muffins
--J. G.

Obama Beat A Fierce Giant Killer Midget
--S. H.

Obey Behemoth Ants For Great Killing Madness
--D. J.

Our Brother Aragorn Found Goblins Killing Men
--A. L.

Orion Begged And Fled Gorilla Killing Monkeys
--P. M.

Only Bad Apricots Ferment, Giving Kind Mellowness
--L. M.

Only Batman Avenges For Good, Killing Many Newborn Seals
--K. M.

Oblivious Boisterous Apes Forever Gone Krazy Mad
--T. P.

Ostriches Battle A Fierce Gorilla KarateMaster
--H. P.

Our Baseball-Appropriate Fans Get Killer Monkeys--So Rally, Not Clap
--A. R.

Odd Black Ants Fight Giants Kicking Men
--R. R.

Odd Beavers Acting Fancy Get Kicked Madly
--B. R.

Oh Beauty, Always Fading, Growing Keenly Morose
--K. R.

Oh Bobby Ate Flying Gorillas' Killer Mangoes
--B. S.

Oh Boy, All Flower Girls Kiss Monsters!
--K. S.

Odd Brazilian Attacks Fatal Giant Killing Machine
--D. S.

One Brutal Astronomer Fought Gnarly Karate Masters
--D. S.

On Board A Friggin' Giant Kayak, Man
--T. S.

Obnoxious Baboons Ate Fred's Giant Koala Meat
--C. S.

Ostrich Babies Always Feel Good Kissing Monkeys
--J. V.

Oh Bother, Another Fox Gone Kinda Maniac
--S. W.

On Big African Field, Gators Kill Monkeys
--J. W.

Orange Birds All Flying Go Killing Mammals
--M. W.

Only Beer And Fishing Give Killer Moods
--N. Z.

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