Astronomy in-class activity: OBAFGKM poetry slam (NCC)

Astronomy 210, Spring Semester 2010
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA
(North County Campus)

Astronomy 210 In-class activity 14: OBAFGKM Poetry Slam

Students were instructed to use at least OBAFGKM, and/or part or all of the additional OBAFGKMRNSC or OBAFGKMLT extensions to individually write an original, coherent and an appropriate (nothing worse than "PG-13" rated!) mnemonic, and to give a rousing reading of their OBAFGKM mnemonic poem for the class.

Original BAWS A Fighting Genghis Khan Manifesting
--P. A.

Obnoxiously Bad Auditions For Global Karaoke Meeting
--R. A.

Old Baboons Are Funky Gross, Kinda Mean
--E. B.

Oh Boy A Fat Gator Killed Men
--K. B.

Ozzy Became A Fire Gun Killer Man
--P. B.

Obsessive Ball-Munching Archaic Feminist Girls Kill Men (Like the Terminator)
--A. B.

One Big Asteroid Fought Giant Killer Meteor Right Near Sun's Corona
--E. B.

Octopi Bully Animals From Great Kelp Mounds
--N. C.

Oysters Bearing A Fine Gem Kill Monkeys
--I. C.

Oh Baby A Fiesty Gorilla Kissed Me Like This
--A. C.

Only Boys Accepting Feminism Get Kissed Meaningfully
--B. D.

Overall, Boys Are Foolish, Girls Keep Movin'!
--J. E.

Oh Boy A Fat Giant Kicked Me
--J. G.

Ollie Busted Alex for Ganging on Kind Molly
--P. G.

(N.B.: Like that thing from "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.")
--K. H.

Old Baseball-Players Are Forgetful Gubbers Killing Munchies
--B. H.

Old Bananas Are Freaking Good Killing Machines
--D. J.

One Boy Ate Fish (and) Got Killer Malaria
--W. L.

Oreos are Best After Finding a Glass of Kitchen Milk
--A. M.

Only Babes And Fancy Girls Kiss Men Like Tiger [Woods]
--J. M.

Officially Bored As Fudge Generating Killer Mnemonics
--T. M.

Oh Beer And Friends Greatly Kick My Little Toosh!
--R. M.

Official BAWS: A Figurative God, Keen-sighted Men
--R. M.

Our Baby, A Fine Girl, Kissed Me Lovingly Today
--B. M.

Oh Brother! Another "F" Grade?!? Killin' Me!!!
--B. N.

Oh Brother A Flamingo Got Kicked Miraculously
--J. P.

Orange Bananas Are Fruity Good Kid Meals
--B. R.

Oh Baby! A Freakin' Gorilla Kicked Me!
--L. R.

One Black Audi Full of Gas Kills Mercedes
--J. R.

Oh Bother A Ferocious Gnome Kicked My Little Toe
--M. S.

OBAma ForGot Kaucasian Males
--N. S.

Outrageously Bootilicious Asses Find Getting "Klothes" Monotonous
--T. S.

Old Butter Attracts Flies. Good Kitchen Masters Really Need Sinks Clean
--J. V.

Only Bad Annoying Friends Give Kooks Massive Raunchy No-good Sloppy Closeouts
--M. V.

"Our Brother, Aristotle, Fends Geocentric Knowledge Most...Ringing Nerves!" States Copernicus.
--K. W.

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